PM Trudeau thinks we have time to quibble while we die.

Hi everybody- the kids and I are sitting around on our computers eating pink grapefruit at 2:57AM, suffocating and bad-tripping because our lives have grown to strongly resemble an episode of the X-Flies.

Just so everyone understands how I feel- IMHO, Justin is largely responsible for the illegal emissions of DoFasco against my highly chemically sensitive family- whom evidently he and his friends wish to kill and rob. Christine Lagarde, IMF Chief- indicated just last week that she could opt to flick the switch on my finances any time it suits her. I have already made significant commitments to this group and nothing seems to suffice- they wish to have all the resources without sharing. They argue that others are unworthy because they lack knowledge while profiting from this deliberately orchestrated disparity.

Trudeau has exuded no pressure whatsoever on those responsible for these events that are likely to kill us if his team continue to block my access to to court services, tax returns, credit, and Ontario Disability benefits- forcing us to remain in an area where these fumes are extremely strong due to the wind direction- knowing how expensive it is to move. I have been only generous with the French community but evidently I’m too much of a prude to qualify for human rights in this country they own. They’ve got everyone else doing their dirty work for them so they can ride their high horse and that in itself is a crime against humanity.

I have a right to know if his entire team got their license to kill from a Bidet College gift shop cracker-jack-box.

Seeing how the bulk of atrocities my family suffered since fleeing Nazi persecution in Hungary, were since their arrival in Quebec, and given my heredity- one might think the Quebecois would feel some reasoned amount of reserve and compassion for our very urgent circumstances. Instead I see the same degree of stonewalling and callous disregard displayed by Harper- who condescended like a goody-2-shoes while the entire future economy floated on the sale of cocaine and heroin to kindergarten-aged transcendentalists.

No- the time to negotiate is no longer with us. It went South when you gave them permission to launch these chemical attacks against us over the Easter holidays this year.

Never in the History of Canada has there been an elected leader who showed such distant regard for the health and safety of the people he serves, and no matter how gradually you sneak up behind our backs with that knife, this will not change the history books, and what amounts to your open support of a genocidal agenda against communities who reside in Southern Ontario.

2009_CHSorry if I’m not eloquent or well-dressed enough to play by your rules these days, but try not to forget that you can’t expect people to have a great time while you kill and rob them with that boogie-board smile on your face. I’m the one who got laughed out of family court because I didn’t wear a leather jacket and jeans- so that makes you look insane when you condescend due to my recent appearance after being kicked in the teeth so many times by your compatriots.

You just don’t care if Canadian citizens live or die and we’ve got that message loud and clear. The fact that I even have to ask you after all you’ve got from us shows you’re no gentleman.

Trudeau says Ottawa continues to negotiate with Bombardier

MONTREAL – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised Bombardier’s CSeries as an “exceptional airplane” on Saturday but would not hint whether his government plans to invest federal money in the Montreal-based aerospace giant.

Trudeau said his government recognizes the importance of Canada’s aerospace industry and the jobs it creates.

“That’s why we’re engaged in negotiations and discussions with Bombardier, and have been for quite a while, around the right business case for Canada to invest,” Trudeau told reporters in Montreal, where he was attending the biennial convention of the federal Liberal party’s Quebec wing.

Still struggling with DoFasco Nazi agenda.

I’ve been very active since the last post here, on my daughter’s Twitter account, that I’ve hijacked since these chemical attacks started. I have been too stressed out for lengthy blog posts. I find tweeting better suits the sense of panic and emergency we are presently living since last Friday at 7:30 when Kathleen Wynne made DoFasco resume with this medical fraud and stock market manipulation scheme by threatening to divulge drug trafficking on the lake using DoFasco-owned vessels. I have the distinct impression these women in government wish to silence me and hope I will die from these emissions because I am chemically sensitive! Informants in the region certainly are supplying me with sufficient means to warrant such attacks.

My kidneys and liver are painfully inflamed, all my arteries are swollen to the point where I cannot bend my arms and legs without throbbing and pain! My kids are having heart symptoms like flutters and stops- all of us are lethargic, irritable and deeply frightened, given the information circulating about the motives behind these emissions. They are clearly deliberate because since Easter week-end, these emissions are several times the intensity they have ever been since we first moved into the area downwind from DoFasco.

Here is a ‘selfie’ I snapped after the 4-day-long exposure to sulfur dioxide over the Easter holidays. You can see the facial swelling clearly here. The suffering was immeasurable- it can only be described as severe torture that makes waterboarding seem like a walk in the park.

I provided information on sulfur dioxide- a byproduct of the steel manufacturing process that occurs while using outmoded machinery- in several of my last posts here, but have yet to mention hydrogen sulfide, another dangerous chemical byproduct coming out of DoFasco. It is imperative I also mention here that judging from the language used in their online materials, medical students at McMasters in the area are most likely orchestrating these emissions as a means to use my family as unwitting laboratory animals- with the excuse that we deserve to suffer and perish if we care whether others in the area live or die.

It is this hydrogen sulfide chemical we are bombarded with since Friday, April 22nd without pause for breath. I can tell because the swelling in my face and severe eye pain/bloodshot eyes has stopped and instead, there are other symptoms that are more neurological, behavioral and vascular, some of them, such as vision disturbances, are similar to those caused by sulfur dioxide. My eyesight has deteriorated significantly since we moved to this area and it was always 20/20 before. This is the stuff that’s giving our kids attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders; causing all the violence and crime in the area.

Here is a ‘selfie’ I snapped after several days of extreme hydrogen sulfide exposure from DoFasco. You can see the swelling has passed and the symptoms are largely neurological. we have found everyday tasks increasingly arduous to perform such as hair-styling and daily chores while we are gassed with this substance. It would be the reason so many people in the area are slovenly after inhaling this gas for many years as these substances will build up in the body’s lymphatic tissue and leak through cell walls.
My regular readers understand that I do not look unkept ordinarily. However the evidence is there of my profound distress in navigating the political mire of local politics since our arrival.

It is noteworthy that we are in the midst of doing feline behavioral studies in our home and as a result we have pregnant cats during these horrible chemical attacks. Here is a video I filmed of our cat, Nanny and her premature kittens whose birth was induced by these fumes on Thursday the 28th of April. (It’s very informal because frankly, we’re not doing very well these days. I weep daily because I fear for our lives and we are increasingly ill!) Nanny could not carry her kittens to full term due to the lack of oxygen in our home from having to keep windows shut 24/7 to try and minimize exposure to these fumes. They still seep in through gaps in older windows like the ones in our apartment building. I am sad to report that the 2 remaining preemies passed on within a few hours after their birth.

I placed an ad on Kijiji last night but it was blocked for some reason so I’ll just post it here. We are eager to leave the area while we resume coverage of Hamilton Waterfront.

Looking for platonic female companions with driver’s license and car to hang out with and go on outings.

Stuck in a small apartment with my ex-husband for over 5 years in Hamilton, Ontario- collecting OW while I recuperate from illness caused by toxic insulation in a former rented house. Ideally I would like to find a roommate with a nice, big, empty house who is willing to tolerate the 3 of us- myself, my kids, ages 22 and 16- we could prepare your meals and do your yard work while we live there. We specialize in holistic meal preparation and we lean towards intellectual. I’m a talented amateur gardener. Just need to get on our feet. You only have to be financially secure and wild about cats. We’re well-adjusted, clean people who don’t drink or smoke. Got no criminal record or psychiatric history. We just need a break from the horrible pollution in Hamilton, Ontario- local steel mill making us very sick. It’s urgent that we leave a.s.a.p. I blog here:

For the record, I am normally very clean and tidy, but there have been 4 of us trapped in a tiny 1 bedroom plus den- my ex-husband included, for over 4 years now due to the political situation in this country. The Ontario Government is denying us disability payments, court services, tax refund monies and child tax payments. Informants tell me government employed bureaucrats are pocketing tens of thousands of monthly checks from deceased and under-served people all across the nation; going so far as to track vagrants, landed immigrants and foreign students down, and kill them while keeping them alive on paper so they can profit this way.

I have been writing mostly from my sick bed for several months now and my kids are also sick- my adolescent son is a cancer-survivor because someone saw fit to use him as live bait in a child protection corruption investigation without our consent or any understanding on our part of what was going on. Here are x-rays my daughter and I had taken many months ago when we applied for Ontario Disability Support Program. We were declined, and they wrote that this was because our medical condition would “last less than a year and clear up on its own without medical intervention”. As a result we are forced to live on meager Ontario Works payments since we moved to our current address. Meanwhile, we are locked out of the rental market by corrupt members of the local landlord association and harassed by a negligent landlord whose Catholic school friend runs the local Protestant child protection office.

We dealt with unaccredited social workers and health professionals in the area who had no business anywhere near children because they lacked the proper credentials. Many of them lacked the most basic sensitivity training and comprehension of child psychology. Chemicals were employed as weapons against my son repeatedly by his foster mother, a Catholic school teacher for special needs students. She hid his hypoallergenic laundry soap, forcing him to attend a series of public high-schools wearing filthy clothing just so he would not have to suffer severe migraines, dizziness, nausea. My son asked to change foster homes and was then placed with a retired police woman who failed to impose curfew, and while he stayed there, he just never slept at all because of the laptop she supplied him with in his room. This of course only helped increase the rate of development of his throat cancer. (His cancer went into remission as soon as he returned home and I could monitor his exposure to chemicals.)

We have since learned that local Church officials and government are allegedly embroiled in a massive child-trafficking scandal that includes the unjustified kidnapping, sexual assault and slaughter of infants in foster care for insurance money. Doctors, lawyers and judges involved in the family court system are complicit in ignoring viable court evidence to enable this agenda. This article in today’s Globe & Mail appears to hint at my disclosures but I am locked out by a paywall:

Canada’s unlikely economic sweet spot

The Globe and Mail12 hours ago
Halfway between Alberta’s depressed oil patch and Ontario’s weakened factories …. that need to reach that next level and that’s what’s missing.
In fact it would seem that everyone under the sun has been leveraging themselves through knowledge of these crimes as a means to procure gratuities and promotions, and to evade accountability in their own crimes. I am deeply distressed with this knowledge, yet compelled to reason that others lack the life experience to understand they are more vulnerable to attack if they remain silent.
There are 724,000 hits on Google under, “missing children Ontario” and it is noteworthy I have informants who claim to be involved in this scandal. They say statistics of foster care deaths are fraudulent, and represent only “the tip of the iceberg”. That right there has implications such as coroner and police complicity, if not at least the complicity of those bureaucrats at child protection offices throughout the British Commonwealth- if in fact the remains of these children are incinerated at DoFasco’s furnaces. They do appear to keep those ovens pumping frequently all hours of the night, and recent attacks have transpired 24/7 without cessation. This makes it even more difficult to endure because there is no chance to fill our lungs with oxygen in between these chemical attacks. I am told the ashes of these incinerated remains are then shipped downstream to the Royal Botanical Gardens to evade detection.

There is a lot of grandstanding and hoopla on the part of Canadian politicians but not a whole lot of interest in resolving our corruption-riddled economic mire. I have no clue why they elected me to cover these issues while they busy themselves with profiting at the expense of Canadian taxpayers. I do know we here in Hamilton have abundant natural resources in the immediate area including a brick mill, and a key position in the Great Lakes transportation infrastructure.

I have offered to help re-design the city and consult with local officials about economic alternatives but there remains the immediate need to address these chemical attacks leveraged against the local population before we can get there. I am pleading with everyone in the area to ignore nonsense threats by those who have surreptitiously invaded your privacy. They have done so in violation of your privacy rights and have no means of prosecuting you before they can prove they observed Canadian privacy laws.

It is vital that we get these DoFasco clowns to shut off their furnaces immediately so that no further health emergencies will result. I understand there have been incidents of fathers passing out cold at their children’s hockey games and old age homes filled with heavily compromised residents. I hazard a guess there have been many heart attacks and strokes, miscarriages, asthma attacks and crimes committed as a result of these most recent emissions that are far more focused and concentrated than DoFasco’s already shameful emissions track record. I can’t say that I haven’t fantasized more than once since Easter of shoving those responsible into their own ovens to make them quit poisoning us!

I understand the Crown owns this company that has factories all over the globe, all of them using similar tactics to leverage sub-standard and outmoded machinery to bleed cancer revenue out of the areas where they are built. It’s an environmental outrage, it’s destroying our waterways and natural habitat. Nothing could be more compelling than the safety of our children and the planet! I encourage British citizens who are in direct contact with the Royal Family to apply immediate pressure so they will cease and desist in these chemical attacks today- before we end up in the hospital! 

I have to stop writing now as I keep passing out from an urgent lack of sleep and oxygen. I’ll make any necessary changes to typos and grammar when I’ve had some sleep. I’ve not gotten more than a couple hours of rest a night since Easter on account of this nightmare scenario. I crave fresh air more than anything, however, a crooked city contractor stole our car a while ago and there have been threats by employees of the steel mill to end our lives should we take our bicycles for a spin. As a result, I felt it imprudent to involve police thus far in all this, most regrettably.

Here is a comprehensive report that describes many of the government-enabled abuses I have endured since our arrival in Ontario. All the organic meat in the area was poisoned after I posted this entry about our pet cat falling ill from these fumes, I’ve dealt with tampering from post office employees and extensive medial abuse since my arrival, all coordinated by economic rivals who leveraged knowledge of these crimes through the abuse of NASA resources.

Once more I appeal to others to pressure those involved to stop these chemical attacks as we are terrified and exhausted!


Strega’s birthing nest completed.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, I was lucky enough to get a box that was exactly the proper width for our birthing cage. I just made a few simple alterations with another box of similar thickness and taped up all the sharp ends. I left space in front of the door for her to leap out. I included a viewing area that will go beside my head as I slumber, so I can see if she needs help without getting out of bed in the middle of the night.


We just use thin foam pillows at the bottom covered in a clean pillow case that we launder with a bit of bleach. We change these every few days and shake any dander out of the box. We wash foam pillows by hand so they don’t lose their shape. The cheap, thin ones dry nice and fast, just be sure to fold the open end under the pillow and tuck that end against the edge of the box interior so the kittens can’t wriggle into the pillow case and asphyxiate. If you have energy to attach Velcro to seal the pillow case, all the better.


You can’t just leave the mother in there for hours at a time, either. You have to be there when she asks to come out and drink water or use the litter box. Newborn pets and mummies need constant supervision to make sure they are comfortable and safe. It would pose a hazard to the kittens if bowls if food and water or a litter box were left in the cage.  I keep this right beside the head of my bed, away from direct sunlight and things like heaters and air-conditioners. You do have to make sure there is proper air circulation, though.


We lock the little ones in there when she goes out for a break so the other cats can’t jump in and hurt them. I keep an eye on the mother for signs of dehydration, digestive problems, depression, weight-loss and illness. I gently wash her teats every so often with soap and rinse, dry them to prevent bacteria accumulation and infection. It’s an incredibly trying time for any mammalian female. I also wipe the faces of the little ones with clean water and the faintest trace of natural soap to ensure infections do not set in once their eyes begin to open.*


You can tell from her body language Strega knows it’s her nest and she’s inspecting it in these pictures to see what she thinks of it. I can see in her face she’s worried because it’s her first pregnancy. It will go very well for her and she will make a lovely mother. The box just gets dismantled and placed into the recycling bin when the kittens’ heads no longer fit through the bars.

* (All mammalian pets require a wipe with clean water and a minuscule amount of soap every so often as they do not get to swim and shower as they would in the wild-just make sure you do the wiping in the proper order to avoid spreading bacteria around mucous membranes.)

Sulfur-dioxide gassing of Hamilton, Ontario resumed at 11:35 A.M.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit better, then I got on Twitter and the usual crowd greeted me there with information on all manner of atrocities. I am still being pressured by the Government of Ontario to submit my son to some sort of sex-trafficking agenda while Melinda Gates threatens to disclose other people’s involvement in her child-porn snuff-ring.

Here is her latest tweet- and along with it the insinuation that breastfeeding is no different than infant oral sex:

Here she is in all her glory, instructing the parents of the stolen infants who were sodomized until their rectums tore and they hemorrhaged to death, or else had their windpipes blocked by the phallus of their foster-dads, that they enjoyed it, and gladly gave their lives because their lives were worth nothing as they were simple common trash.

I’m getting that information from the address of the venue that Mrs.Gates chose to associate with in light of these serious allegations against her. These are the people who saw fit to stand behind Hitler:

alive & thrive

I’ve also seen Pamela Anderson and Ina Fried instruct the local Mafia to sweep the remainder of the sulfur dust into Lake Ontario. For the record, that would not get rid of the evidence, it would simply force police to dive underwater to collect laboratory samples. It would also create yet another health emergency because the local wildlife would ingest it. Why should they care- we’re all “white trash” in these parts.

The sulfur dust will stay where it is and City Hall will draft a budget for its safe removal.

I got a kick out of this video because I’m just not getting the support I need here from these women. I know their jobs are difficult but I feel like we were thrown to the dogs for giving a damn about others’ health:

I’m going to count to 100, then I’m going to open my God damned windows. There had better be fresh air out there when I do.