Pamela Anderson implicated in carding scandal.

Celina resumed her poison vapour not 10 minutes ago as I began to view Pamela Anderson’s Twitter account. I almost have the impression she is using these highly toxic gases as a sort of smoke signal to try and draw focus on these issues so that I will cover them here on my blog. I would like to propose that we limit ourselves to rapping on the walls instead as this poses no danger to the collective health of others in the building. I will never discuss the particulars of the source of these odors, so her point is moot.

Also, our building manager has been refusing to repair our toilet, which can barely flush for over 2 weeks now, and decided to shut the entire building out of the laundry room yesterday. I understand these women have threatened to have his granddaughter kidnapped if he fails to tamper with weed my husband buys from him occasionally.

I am asking neighbors who are being terrorized by these women to please cease and desist these activities that sicken and hassle my family!

These women are not getting public support- they may have chosen our police chief, but he is under heavy surveillance and has very little power to enforce for these women what with the  massive amount of public awareness on these issues. My readership is significant and in recent weeks I have appropriated new readers via comments I left on the local newspaper’s web site.

Here is one local who clearly reads my blog- she alludes in this tweet to the involvement of the local Landlord & Tenant Board Chair, Lillian Ma, in organized crime through the LCBO- our liquor board here in Ontario. Melinda Gates exploits her knowledge of UN affiliates’ organized crime activities as a means to isolate and victimize those of lower economic stature whom she simultaneously slanders throughout the banking industry, in order to lock us into a heavily compromised and corrupt rental system filled with sex predators and the like.

For the record, allegations circulate that Pamela Anderson has built her entire career on threats to rat out Hamilton Police Service Marine Unit’s involvement in the narcotics operations along our waterfront. This is the reason she starred on a show called, “Baywatch”. One pseudonym online that she uses to terrorize people- her stalking victims- is Map, because, like Melinda Gates, who is more or less her life partner, she has been exploiting classified NASA intelligence as a means to extort jobs in the entertainment field.

You’ll see here on her main Twitter presence a mish-mash of class-warfare incitement against bluebloods and people of fair skin. She has slept her way through Buckingham Palace and loves to threaten Queen Elizabeth with disclosures to the tabloids. She made an enthusiastic living from the proceeds of DoFasco’s Hamilton pollution agenda, as well as the introduction of consumer goods that are deliberately tested in foreign countries to poison Westerners.

She owned a golden retriever because she thought it witty to joke that Israeli-financed laboratories run by hostile foreigners were duping the unwashed masses who were victims of her so-called “golden fleece” agenda. This agenda was designed to “weed out” undesirables and “trash”- basically anyone who responds to her favorably is perceived by her people as disposable. And yes, she judges people on the most superficial things such as a spoiled rotten child with a princess complex might be expected to do. She says fans of hers deserve to die of the cancer and AIDS agenda.

I understand she is also employed as a lesbian sex trade worker, and has endeavored to sleep with numerous high-level diplomats in the political arena as a means to blackmail others to deny my family services. Her thing is class warfare, however she comes from an upper middle-class Jewish family, and she deliberately presents the image of a woman from the lower classes as a means to fleece people into buying her cancer agenda.

Ms.Anderson is also implicated in this “carding” scandal. I’ve heard rumors that she sexually assaulted a child of hers with blunt objects and drowned it in a bathtub. There are press releases from her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, that hint at the scandal repeatedly, and frame allegations around a drowning event that took place at his house during a child’s birthday party. This woman is heavily invested in an agenda to institutionalize all women who are not active in the sex trade industry; she is adamantly opposed to other women and children’s sexual consent rights and believes all young males ought to be victims of sodomy in early childhood because it makes them subservient.

It is for this reason Ms.Anderson has the support of the Catholic Church. She is politically inclined to support genocidal acts; she has been instrumental in the orchestration of violent sex crimes against Asian exchange students in the area. Japan is frequently a victim of nuclear submarine attacks as well, and she uses these as code for the discussion of attacks against the Prince of Wales.

Melinda Gates’ reaction to this blog entry is evident in this statement the woman made on Twitter not long after I published this blog post while it was still in progress:

The time stamp is clearly visible here in this screenshot of the Tweet that I grabbed as I was finishing up this entry:


These people are vile- they bribed Church officials in Washington State to disregard federal marijuana enforcement laws by promising to grant pot shop owners a right to open near elementary schools because they see child pornography as a growth industry. Meanwhile they still threaten to have the drug dealer in our building arrested for the sale of marijuana. That’s just never going to happen. He’s a nice guy, never hurt anybody.

We wouldn’t even be having this discussion in our governments if I had not proposed we simply decriminalize marijuana and make it accessible to those who use it for medicinal purposes. I would find it impossible to do this volume of intense investigative reporting without the use of pot to enhance my energy-level and treat sleep deprivation. I also require it occasionally to sooth the symptoms of extreme stress that result from dealing with the stalking and terror perpetrated by these women. That is why it’s classified as medical usage-not recreational use or drug abuse.

Here is a dialogue we are having presently on the subject of corruption in philanthropy, and I feel that is a far more potent, profitable line of investigation.

These women are advising me to poison and ignore my ex-husband while I am forced to live with him, which would of course triple my stress-level- because they have a much greater capacity to cope with the sort of environment that creates- judging from how well their own kids turned out.

I’m not being unreasonable when I say Celina Wragg has no reason to poison my family through the floor with whatever that horrible stink is. She’s started again in the last hour and because of her our kittens must stay in their cage in the main room when they ought to get the free run of the bedroom so they can be litter box trained.

Celina still at it-please, God- make it stop.

blazerOur family enjoyed a little bit of reprieve from the cancer suffocation agenda for most of the day, after being forced to drag the bed into the living room at 4:00 last night to escape the deadly vapors. Celina Wragg, the downstairs neighbor who allegedly knocked off her own 4 year old daughter so her family could collect tax benefits without the expense of caring for the child, appears to claim she is being pressured by Melinda Gates to release these toxic gasses into our apartment. I am hearing that she left a 4 year-old child- the product of violent sexual assault, home alone while she attended parties, and once, when her daughter fell down the stairs in her absence, she was then gotten rid of for the purpose of this white collar crime agenda. I am not clear on the events surrounding these murder allegations.

The impression I get is Mrs.Gates threatens to imprison her for this alleged crime if she does not agree to poison us to death through the floor while others in the area lock us out of the rental market. I have seen evidence that Mrs.Gates has tried numerous times to persuade Celina to assault and stab us in the back alley, and to shove us down the fire escape stairwell. I also understand the large Italian man who moved in next door has been summoned there due to his involvement in organized crime- so that he might sneak into our home in the dead of night and hack us to death in our sleep, and frame it as a robbery.

It’s not easy to sleep when one hears rumors such as this, and so we rarely sleep at night these days, although it is mostly due to the vapors coming up through the floor from Celina’s apartment, as they cause us a great deal of anxiety, physical pain and anguish. I describe the symptoms we suffer extensively in recent posts. Efforts to reason with the woman downstairs have resulted in hysterics and calls to local authorities in an effort to turn tables so she will not be held responsible for her very hostile actions towards us that are otherwise inexplicable. Others in the community who appear to use the woman for prostitution services have positioned themselves around her in an effort to provide her with an air of credibility when her behavior ought to make this impossible by normal standards.

It is my understanding that Melinda Gates runs a sort of prostitution and white collar fraud racket that requires as a sort of initiation rite, this manner of child sacrifice and subsequent white collar crime committed by mentally ill incest and rape victims, enabled by doctors and lawyers who are involved in this underground crime ring. Once she has these girls and or their families reliant on this fraudulent revenue, she is able to persuade them to do her bidding- to kill and spy on others in the same manner this downstairs neighbor has been doing to us while we are trapped in this small apartment for 5 years now and systematically locked out of the rental market by enablers of this unspeakable agenda.

Celina is well aware we are extremely chemically sensitive and liable to fall mortally ill due to the vapors she is releasing in her residence that come up through our floor night and day, frequently for weeks without reprieve- ever since the Easter long weekend of 2016. The commencement of this behavior was synced up with all those prominently featured arsonist news events across Canada, and several in the Hamilton area as well. It’s been an absolute nightmare!

I spent the day collecting data on what has been termed this “carding” phenomenon, and informants tell me its proponents are women from all walks of life who are enabled by pediatricians, family doctors, child protection workers and lawyers, corrupt police and coroners to keep their deceased children alive on paper, and collect tax benefits and other gratuities ordinarily reserved for those who live.

I am told the children- often tiny infants, by and large the product of sexual violence, and thus victims of parental neglect- are frequently still alive when the men involved with these women sexually brutalize them, causing them to hemorrhage and die while they are injured or diseased from chronic maternal negligence. I understand, much to my absolute horror, that the Mafia have been using the local steel mill to incinerate corpses (and evidence of foul play) from across Lake Ontario and surrounding regions, including NYC and Buffalo, in accordance with this agenda, and as a result there are frequently aberrations buried in these childs’ coffins.

The unique location, salary and political structure of Hamilton’s ArcelorMittal DoFasco, and its failure to unionize with other steelworkers across the country; its extraordinarily generous employee benefits packages, including shareholder benefits- something highly irregular for blue collar employees- would suggest something shady is amiss there. So would press releases from the company filled with obvious scientific fraud such as this one that appeared on the 5th of May on CBC News:

Of course, I have no evidence outside of information given by dozens of people I interact with online who claim they have been proponents of this genda. This does not, however, change the incredulous behavior of the people downstairs, who show criminal disregard for our health and safety- engage in threats of violent murder even when politely approached, and likelihood that something at least as strange must be transpiring if they are motivated to behave as they do. Celina’s uncle, Henry, who lives downstairs with her, did inform us his family “is very active in the foster care community”.

It has been rumored for some time that children and infants are frequently neglected and or abused to death by those in the foster care system as a means to collect insurance money illegally; that this is an organized agenda, promoted by head bureaucrats- in particular accountants through various government and corporate offices who work under Mrs.Gates in the intelligence community. We have used computers to manage our collective books for decades now, and her predominance in the field of financial management tools through Microsoft would enable her to blackmail those whom she simultaneously pressures into participation with this sordid agenda.

I understand there are backdoors built into Microsoft account management softwares that enable the collection of data for such purposes. This is, of course, illegal on her part, especially as she is simultaneously forcing her hand in others’ participation in these crimes through various criminal means not the least of which is illegal surveillance and coercion. It is not in the interests of national security to abuse intelligence as a means to breach competition law.

Today, I endeavored, through my son’s Twitter account, to draw Prince Charles into a discussion on the subject of my family’s political woes in the Province of Ontario, and this was the result:

As I understand my family’s hereditary connection to the British Throne though the Saxe Coburg Gotha line that birthed Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother, is largely the motive behind these political attacks, I felt it only proper that Charles make some sort of statement regarding the attacks my family suffers through no fault of our own. It is due to the Crown’s activities and former British colonization of India, that so many East Indians are embroiled in medical fraud in the area. It’s easy to brush it all off as an accident of birth, and yet there is the matter of accountability and the ever elusive responsibility one has as Monarch, to reign in corrupting influences that compromise the quality of life of one’s subjects to such a dire extent.

I feel as though I carry all of the weight of the Crown- all of its responsibilities and expectations, while Charles’ branch of the family simply collects all the gratuities and gifts- I feel I carry all the risk. Not what you’d call an equitable arrangement. It’s no secret that Canada’s well being is not a high priority on the British Parliament’s agenda. How we contend with that is not something it is safe to discuss while all of these economic activities fly in the face of our justice system.

We are heavily compromised by an encroaching array of foreign economic interests- parties who threaten to expose the “carding” agenda and a massive trade in narcotics that spans the globe, its profits laundered by bankers to the elite. Ontario is vulnerable due to the presence of nuclear power plants in the area and I understand there have been threats to attack such facilities should foreign encroachment be addressed.

Here is a tweet from the Ontario Power Generation authority that alludes to the use of Lake Ontario as a destination for drug traffickers, for example, as a means to leverage management employee’s stranglehold in the salary and benefits negotiations process while my family simply does without the bare essentials- the security of the entire country riding on my work while I wait for over a decade for acknowledgment and pay from our government.

Now that I have your attention, it’s noteworthy that our salinization problem in Lake Ontario is the direct cause of large blocks of salt that drug traffickers use to deposit their wares into the lake’s bottom. We have half of India’s salt mines diluted in our lake! I understand these cubes of sodium crystals are fitted with flotation devices that are timed to rise to the surface when the salt dissolves so these packages can be retrieved hours later and never detected by Hamilton Police Service Marine Unit, who are too busy screwing around with our police chief to bother with that sort of thing.

I further understand these narcotics are trafficked across the North of Europe, then the entire North West- up and down the St.Lawrence River region, from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia, to Quebec and Ontario, then Buffalo and New York City, and as a result, our First Nations communities are under inordinate pressure to enable this economy from remote outposts without proper housing, heating and running water, that are callously referred to as, “reservations” throughout our legislature.

Because our very newspapers are entwined in this underground economy I describe in general terms in this entry, it is impossible to expect mainstream or even alternative news sources, to cover this rather compromising material you see here in this blog. It is drained from me like so much life blood by the veritable dregs of society who are perhaps most heavily compromised by the lower elements who seek to profit by the increasing ruthlessness by which this system slowly evolves into an ever-spiralling sea of deprivation. They are, surprisingly enough, not willing subjects to this revenue stream. One wonders whether they see a better life for themselves, should escape be possible from this nightmare of infanticide and scandal that follows them like a shadow of a ghost for all eternity.

If only Mummy had prepared me for the inevitability of my role in the vast unwinding of this insidious socialist disease we presently call an economy, I might have prepared myself for the inevitable backlash I faced from its proponents when I first endeavored to launch the Glass Mountain LLC publishing enterprise. I am hardly what you’d call a “Cleopatra”, or “Mona Lisa”, so this whole thing has been extraordinarily taxing on my constitution!

s-l500All things considered, it looks as though the French Canadians would endeavor to breed my mother with a member of their community as though she were little more than some errant farm animal, while systematically locking my newly immigrated, traumatized WWII-survivor, European grandparents out of the housing market their entire lives. To deliberately starve my mother while she is in her early stages of pregnancy as a means to cause deliberate birth defects in my neck area- much like these fabled, carved swans from European heraldic lore– well, suffice to say it is a barbaric practice to orchestrate birth defects in your intelligentsia so that a member of your inebriated bourgeoisie can then ride me like a weakened, sickly ostrich into the upper echelons of high society- surely it does not come as a surprise that I am not thrilled to be part of this scenario!


Ultimately, I remain disgusted with the moral depravity of this would-be diegesis from the coffee-infused bowels of Purgatory. It was not an economy designed around my appetites so there was no possible way I could derive advantage from its promotion. (I tried a single snort of cocaine once with some friends at a Montreal tavern and I was stunned to find that I am naturally on cocaine, so it made little difference in my state of mind- I was already supremely focused and driven to succeed without stimulants.) If they made sugar illegal, and began to drop large cubes of it into Lake Ontario in the middle of the night, that would be an entirely different story, especially if there were cupcake cravings.

It becomes painfully obvious that if I were not compromised by this folate-deficiency induced birth defect, I would overpower those who exploit me to such an extent that there would never be a contest of wits to begin with. Not that it was ever a contest of wits. It was more of a brutish grab at whatever sticks by people who saw no other way- perhaps due to a lack of imagination.

Mummy made the mistake of marrying another sensitive artist type, because when adversity hit, there was nobody sensible to look out for their interests. My grandfather, Szandor, was brutalized by people with class envy- that’s how he met with his demise. Someone like Bill Gates learned at a young age that he must tow the line of crass commercialism as a means to evade the most brutish sort of persecution. If only my grandparents’ social conditioning had not been an obstacle in their assimilation into North American culture, Szandor might still be alive, as might my father, Yves Dusseault, who died prematurely of a heroin overdose, it is alleged, when I was 5 years old.

Mummy taught me to be keenly aware of things that smell funny, and it is due to this influence that I was able to sniff my way to the source of this surreptitious agenda to sicken and poison North American consumers. Some of us take for granted that everyone enjoys our density of constitution and complete disregard for other people’s health. I am certain I was not completely aware just how painful severe blood poisoning might be until my economic competitors saw fit to repeatedly poison my entire family in a bid to continue this free access to our intellectual property. Not because others had any use for it, but due to the fact that they felt an irresistible pressure to bastardize it so the population would be unable to derive any sense of fulfillment from the work.


The sad fact is those of us who never learn joy as children will inevitably try to drag everyone else down the path of misery. Our only weapon against that brand of incursion into our collective quality of life is our joie de vivre. Some basic grasp of public relations, media perception and emotional intelligence don’t hurt, either.








Celina resumed chemical attacks noon today.

DSCF3021.JPGThe nasty, suffocating odor seemed to abate at around 4:30 AM and we managed to get some sleep-it had been over 48 hours since we had last slept. We awoke this morning at around 11:30 and the air was clear. Then the landlord emailed Aaron out of the blue- he has been absent through this entire ordeal- asking if he could come over and smell the odor we are complaining about. He told Aaron he never replied because he was on vacation, however his secretary said he was in town and she had given him the message. We asked him to focus on repairs and to go sniff around Henry’s place if he’s serious about getting to the source of the problem. So far he hasn’t written back.

We’ve been through this numerous times with the fire department- one cannot easily detect the odor as one might detect cigarette smoke, incense or some other obvious thing like a gas or carbon monoxide leak. Their equipment was not designed to detect every chemical on the periodic table of elements. One  would have to swab the walls or take a hair sample to determine what chemicals are causing the problem. Celina is masking the toxic vapor with artificially scented products such as air freshener and that’s what the fire department smelled when they went to her door. That, and cat odor.

Our apartment also smells like unneutered male cats. Fact is no matter how clean one is, some of them will mark their territory- their spray is malodorous, and that is why people get them neutered. Anyone who doesn’t have cats will smell only cats here. Cat smell won’t be a problem at our house much longer because we’re looking at resources to cover the expense of surgery for the offending males. Our cats don’t wander all over the neighborhood impregnating other people’s cats and spreading disease. Celina’s cats do. I saw one of them on the street yesterday and it was very diseased looking, presumably from neglect.

It’s an insidious sort of vapor that has a barely detectable odor and very strong effects. For instance, I am feeling faint, have chest pain, and breathing shallowly right now since she resumed the activity after we said how relieved we were that she had stopped. She managed to release this vapor into our apartment 24/7, for weeks on end so it must be some sort of electric apparatus or else she would have to devote her entire life to lighting incense sticks with a lighter and never sleep.

It’s as though someone who is hacking my laptop mic is telling her to resume this activity- whatever it is- whenever we say we are no longer in respiratory distress. NASA would know what she’s doing because they can see through walls with infra-red technology. I have yet to see them disclose information on the source of the pain and anguish my family suffers at her hand.  Here is what they published while I typed this entry. They can read here even before I hit publish on this entry.

I’ve had problems with NASA employees, including astronauts, because they abuse their access to classified information as a means to commit stock market fraud and engage in aggressive sexual misconduct. I understand the Crown profits from this activity so this would explain Queen Elizabeth’s inclination  to avoid the matter. The Crown also profits from child pornography, evidently. The activity is tolerated because Jewish bankers use them to oversee the distribution of class A substances all over the planet.

Government affiliates and people with access to whatever software enables these people to hack other people’s computer use and broadcast it to others online, will know what I’m talking about in regards to severe breaches in privacy law. These guys are quite amused by my family’s suffering because they have witnessed countless murders very similar to this one, and many others that are extremely brutal, and they really don’t care about anyone but themselves.

I suspect many of these NASA guys are closet homosexuals who are more interested in my son, yet feign to sexually harass his mother as a means to economically disadvantage me so I cannot complete his education to my own high standard. These guys like ’em stupid because then they can justify preying sexually on our kids, saying they don’t qualify for other jobs. (I don’t know who is screening employees but I’m sure there are many decent people out there who give a damn about other people, and would love to have their jobs.) They’re feigning allegiance to my work because they are worried about prison time, but as I said, their failure to disclose particulars as to Celina’s poison activities speaks loudly as to their motives.

The fact is that while my son was illegally detained by child protection, Henry, Celina and Rick leveled violent threats against my family. They hurled profanities at the top of their lungs, threatened to ax murder us in our beds, they dragged the subject of our landlord, Augie, and the DoFasco furnace and other things into a dispute that was basically just me asking them not to gossip cruelly about me all day long on the front lawn under my windows. There’s nothing to gossip about so they call me a “chicken” and spend most of the discussion trying to navigate the politics that keep us down.

Now, NASA has released a tweet that vaguely threatens to disclose the fraudulent travel expenses and illicit, secret sexual activities of women in management who work for Queen Elizabeth, as a shield to protect themselves from prosecution. All I have to say about that is good luck, you lousy hypocrites. I don’t see you leveling threats against men who do this.

Nothing will change the fact that our downstairs neighbors are trying to kill us because they can, and because they hate anyone who is better educated than themselves with a burning passion. The truth doesn’t enter into this game of Russian Roulette because this entire economy is founded in the trafficking of illicit hard drugs. Our former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, tried to spin his position on medical marijuana usage in such a light as to smear us- as though he could afford to look down his nose at us while he engages high class prostitutes on the taxpayer’s dime to service him in the official residence, and all his earnings ride on the sale of cocaine and heroin.

He said he couldn’t smoke pot because he had asthma, but that certainly never stopped him, or these ridiculous goons at NASA, from snorting blow in their leisure time with sex trade workers. I’m not judging johns, per se- but it appears this economy has gotten far out of control to the point where Prince Charles feels it ought to be illegal to be a strong maternal role model. I will show you all why my account was cancelled by Facebook- here is a record of my efforts to deflect vulgar, sexually profane attacks from the Crown’s business affiliates, while I fended of child protection claims made by Celina and Henry, the downstairs neighbors who are currently trying to kill us with God knows what kind of poison vapors they are releasing down there.

I was raised a lady, yes- absolutely.  And it must be said, however, my definition of what a lady is might differ from that of the average john. People who are so rude and uncouth that they cannot get a woman to date them without first forcibly impoverishing her, then beating, starving, poisoning and torturing her into submission, will never agree with my definition of what a lady might be.

As for the men who pretend to date a woman so they can get down the pants of her underaged children, I’d say it’s a given they do not want the average mother to be aware of these intentions. Strong maternal role models know how to circumvent such predators using any and all means. If I am dealing with vulgar sexual predators, I am not above using vulgarity as a means to deflect them if that is what it takes to keep my kids safe from sexual predators and rapists until they have come of age and are able to defend themselves. It does take a certain amount of intelligence to recognize this, though. While we are on the subject, here is material I found under Melinda Gates’ Twitter account in recent weeks- she made no effort to remove or censor it. I’ve frequently seen such materials under her tweets whenever she feels it’s politically viable to curry favor with johns and sex offenders.

I have taken pains to blur it out of respect for my readers:


There will always be people out there with poor judgment who are easily led astray. The handful of rubberneckers in our immediate area who goad Henry and Celina on while they make sport of trying to ruin our lives, are a primary example of this social phenomenon. These sorts were the original justification for this economic system, no doubt. The only problem is they are in the vast minority, even here in this area. I believe Melinda Gates keeps a database of child pornography enthusiasts in the rental market and strategically shuts my family out of areas with people who share our views, because she knows she can rely on these sorts to gang-bully people at her bidding.

If you add up the IQ and EQ points of all the offending parties- a core group of maybe 5 or 6 people in my immediate neighborhood who seem to find our suffering a great source of amusement- my guess is their collective score would not be a fraction of the scores of even one member of our household. My impression is everyone else agrees with us- that’s hundreds of other people in our neighborhood who silently witness these events and hide behind their curtains while we are brutalized by this group because they do not wish to be targeted in the same manner.

I like to think my education level and refinement of manner should matter in a court of law. I have been extremely tolerant and patient with these imbeciles. I also think that when I point out my level of education and political influence to the police, I should not then be on the receiving end of a dismissive attitude simply because police are not the most educated people. The police should not take their stance from the mob of enablers that surround the offending parties because it lowers the caliber and perception of the class level of our police force. These are the people who would stand for foster care abuse and murder, simply because they didn’t want to be on the wrong side of the popularity contest. These are the people who would vote to sterilize and lobotomize others in the name of Darwinism.

They should have been ordered to disperse, and not return to our front lawn. The fact is these people are engaging in harassment- they have no reason to gang up on us and spend their days spreading malicious rumors about us in front of my apartment windows. Someone’s education level is not a reason to commit hate crimes, and the fact is my status as a “gypsy scholar” ought to afford some tolerance among the lower academic classes because it took guts to step outside the confines of formal academia.

As for the law community, the idea that people who are advocates of healthy living would be barred from representation because they do not use class A substances, is absurd. I have been propositioned numerous times by doctors and lawyers in exchange for services as though my reputation is ruined because my privacy was invaded in my private domicile while I had relations with my own husband of- it was 14 years at that time, by Crown agents who sought to validate their positions in children’s entertainment.

I feel mothers and families have a right to enjoy the same freedom of expression and privileges of johns and sex-trade workers. I would like to see an honest, open debate on the subject in parliament that does not use code words and shadow votes to decide the fate of people who are not representatives of our group. The idea that we are treated as outsiders and have no say in anything governmental because of the use of these linguistic codes, is a gross and depraved injustice. I would like to see an immediate return of our rights as property owners and family members to defend our lives and our possessions in full force, same as they have in the USA.

It’s absurd how much power Canadian law gives those who would rob us and steal our children for malignant purposes. They’ve got it set up so you get trapped between police and lawyers if ever there is conflict with other tenants- they try to frame even the most depraved criminal acts as “civil code infractions”, because that’s the branch of law that tenancy law falls under, and this is extreme class prejudice, traps people into extremely abusive situations.

Here is what the law says in Melinda Gates’ home state of Washington on the subject of self-defense against criminal acts:

RCW 9A.16.050

Homicide—By other person—When justifiable.

Homicide is also justifiable when committed either:
(1) In the lawful defense of the slayer, or his or her husband, wife, parent, child, brother, or sister, or of any other person in his or her presence or company, when there is reasonable ground to apprehend a design on the part of the person slain to commit a felony or to do some great personal injury to the slayer or to any such person, and there is imminent danger of such design being accomplished; or
(2) In the actual resistance of an attempt to commit a felony upon the slayer, in his or her presence, or upon or in a dwelling, or other place of abode, in which he or she is.

I’m getting this new tweet from NASA as I proofread this entry:

I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean. Pamela Anderson advised me to pour water down the hole leading to their bathroom. This would of course lead to mold growth in the building and it would only escalate the matter. I feel it’s NASA’s responsibility to disclose what exactly is being done by these people to sicken us or else they are merely engaging in political maneuvers at the expense of our health and safety.

Now we have the following tweet from Ottawa Police Service:

Fact is, we have no close friends in the area because we have been under siege, suffering regular terrorist attacks from this group in question, ever since I endeavored to launch Glass Mountain Inc. – that was while we resided in Grimsby, Ontario, where this photo was taken.


Here is a tweet I got now from Toronto litigator Colin Stevenson 50 minutes ago:

This was my son’s entry into the Hamilton Public Library’s bookmark contest prior to child apprehensions that took place in the name of, “education standards”.

BkJqPVjCUAA02-8 (1).jpg


Celina is a serial killer? Now rumors circulate there were other children… God only knows what’s true. She’s telling people I started with her, when she encouraged the local johns to hang around outside my windows and mock me, calling me “chicken” while they block all my postal mail and email and access to services. Celina- why don’t you just drink the stuff and save us the anguish- whatever it is you are sending up through our bedroom windows.

NASA employees are most likely giving her a blow-by-blow of what I do and read and say, then encouraging her to use the smoke stink as some form of Pavlovian behavior modification tool. She doesn’t want me to look at apartments- wants me to stay where she can kill me and has that much influence! Remarkable. She loves being poor and living in this neighborhood… what motivates NASA employees to behave like cocaine and porn-addicted sons of rotten bitches?!s-l1600 (1)



Picture 66

Pixie’s full-term stillborn kittens.

Not much has changed since I last wrote here. Celina called police on us yesterday to retaliate for our call to the fire department. It was a stupid waste of everyone’s time, to be blunt. There is no bylaw to manage burning incense and I have still not found a way to prove she is painting incense sticks with noxious chemicals or stuffing tainted materials into the out-vent of her window-fitted a/c unit.  The only proof is the severity of our symptoms and the sensation of suffocation we feel when she does whatever it is she is doing down there. I feel I have earned sufficient trust given I have been very honest here so far and I’ve maintained this blog for many years now.


I have been attending to Pixie’s birth this morning , having completed her birthing box last night. She delivered three small but well-formed kittens, then she had three normal-sized stillbirths. I can’t say I was surprised after what happened with our cat, Nanny, the other week. Her premature delivery and miscarriage occurred immediately after all those intense vapors coming at us from DoFasco and up through the floors through the ceiling of our downstairs neighbor’s apartment, and into the air outside our windows from being dispersed by her a/c unit, into our bedroom windows.

Pixie’s birthing fluid stank of whatever it is I smell coming up through the floor from Celina Wragg’s apartment, and her contractions were very weak. The problems is these endocrine disruptors she breathed in throughout her pregnancy have prevented her body from releasing the proper hormones to sustain the birthing process. I watched the babies drown in utero and there was nothing I could do to help them. Their amniotic sacks were thinned by all the corrosive chemicals in the amniotic fluid around them and the pressure of her contractions caused them to burst before entering the birth canal. Lucy, who was in hysterics during the birth, had to be separated from her during the birth because she wished to eat the newborns for some reason. She calmed down when the babies no longer smelled of afterbirth.

We’re still breathing in toxic fumes even af1ter the police asked her to stop producing the offending odor yesterday afternoon after she called them on us for, “harassment”. Rumors are surfacing of her past that are not favorable. She’s lying to everyone, including the police, and sits on her balcony campaigning for the benefit of other neighbors, telling them what a nice person she is, showing them family photographs so they will not believe us when we say she is psychotic, and trying to kill us with whatever it is she is painting onto those incense sticks she’s burning downstairs. It could be anything- nail polish, drain-cleaner… her behavior is extremely volatile and angry towards us.

She appears to suggest she is driven through blackmail to abuse us. She employed the term, “walking on eggshells”. She called me a “chicken” to the neighbors. The female police officer was oblivious to any suggestion that my neighbor’s reputation might cast an unfavorable light on her credibility when deciding which party to believe. It was not the most pleasant interaction, yet I got her to admit the behavior was not normal after describing the state that young boy was in after she lived with him for a few months.

I recall once in a rare moment of generosity, when Celina described to us events that led up to the apprehension of her daughter. She said that day she was, “trailer trash”; that she came from a very poor “white trash” family. She said that day she thought I was “a stuck up ____”, and I just let it roll off like water. Yesterday, she was boasting to everyone who passed her on the street about her respectable middle-class childhood. Rumors circulate online that she comes from a prominent upper middle-class Hamilton Mountain family. She showed people on the street pictures of herself in a Catholic school uniform as a child yesterday after the police drove away, and pictures of her daughter whom she says is now an adolescent. She claims she is allowed to visit the child now. I don’t recall ever hearing the child’s name.

During that distant conversation about her past, she also informed Faera and I that she had left her 4-year-old daughter “in the care of her mother” while she went out to parties and the child had, “fallen down the stairs and gone to hospital”.  Rumors circulate that she left the child unattended on a regular basis and neglected her until the little girl suffered injury. According to Celina, doctors said the child was covered in bruises and there were signs of physical abuse, so a call was made to Hamilton child protective services, and her daughter was apprehended, then subsequently adopted by wealthy friends of hers.

She claims to be having visits with the girl yet I’ve never once heard her mention this to anyone. It’s only the second time I’ve heard her mention her daughter in the 5 years I’ve lived here and these people talk one helluva lot on our front lawn so that’s strange. They gather frequently throughout the day there, and gossip. I realized yesterday that this group disclose very little of their personal business to one another in spite of the intensive number of hours they pour into enthusiastic public discourse.

I say the behavior is odd because normally, women will show others gifts and things they bring to offer estranged children because it’s sort of a big deal. There is a sort of void here that’s not adding up. I am hearing rumors that her daughter is no longer alive and that, somehow, her family is embroiled in some sort of scandal. I have no idea what to believe. I only know she lies. People are also saying she played a significant hand in the apprehension my son suffered while we resided here and he was 14.

My main concern at this point are rumors she is prostituting herself secretly throughout the neighborhood, and this of course would explain the proliferation of blue-collar, male enthusiasts in our immediate vicinity who lap up her every word, no matter how wretched and transparently conniving the behavior, or how much she terrorizes us. I am also hearing rumors she’s interacted with my ex-husband in back-alleys. Given our meager financial situation, not sure how I feel about this. And then there are the rumors about our landlord and this person. Only God and NASA know the truth.

More troubling than this are rumors she was called to the hospital under the guise of employment as a palliative care provider to service doctors, who have beaten, bloodied and raped her, and that we have women in a variety of professions who are thus exploited by people in their field of employment. They are taken advantage of in Catholic school by teachers and principals, then passed through the school system in spite of failing grades, and filter up into professions of their choosing using falsified credentials, only to renew the cycle of abuse in the professional environment.

This includes police and lawyers, accountants and bureaucrats, from what informants tell me. It is difficult to believe and yet the behavior of some of the police I have interacted with would make it seem plausible. This would of course require complicity through our HR departments and dispatch workers, as well as the men who use these young people. It is whispered Melinda Gates helped established this economy, and that her lesbian cohorts see it as a valuable revenue source and means of infiltrating various key branches of government to force their hand at business. I heard from numerous informants that she has young people locked in the mental health ward until they agree to have sexual relations with their doctors in exchange for their release, and in the process forces psych medication on otherwise healthy kids!

NASA is posting this sort of bizarre material as I type this entry:

Aaron informs me there was a shooting at club 77 last week in Downtown Hamilton. This would be around the time the DoFasco fumes let up and Celina’s fumes got much, much worse. Here is coverage I found on Twitter about it:

I wonder if this could be the reason our landlord refuses to speak to Celina about the problem with the poison vapors. It is a Mafia-owned club from what I understand. All I know, is I am getting migraines and all manner of urgent health complaints whenever she starts burning that stuff down there and it is absolutely impossible that only incense would cause us such a great degree of distress. If it’s causing miscarriages and stillbirths, it’s not just incense! It can’t be! I am having off-cycle menstrual cramps and bleeding today- I already had my menses early, 2 weeks ago and it’s obvious this is caused by the same chemicals that killed 3 of Pixie’s babies this morning.

We are all of us having arthritic pains and nerve inflammation, body aches and headaches, severe insomnia. I’m afraid I shall asphyxiate in my sleep and I worry my son’s throat tumor could return. I feel the police ought to have been more assertive about investigating the interior of Celina’s home, instead of simply assuming it was my hypochondriac word against hers because at some point, credibility should enter this discussion, no? We would not be in this much distress if she were not doing something down there that’s illegal. Buffy’s tumor has doubled in size since Easter, when all this bizarre pyromaniac fanaticism seemed to pop up out of nowhere in the news. She is depressed, he once bright eyes glazed over and very sad looking. No air freshener is that potent after being filtered through the floor of such an old, sturdy brick building- no incense or air-freshener could fill the outdoor air so completely with these vapors!

As there has been a steady encroachment in the medical community on my intellectual property, it does not come as a surprise that I am still having difficulty breaking into the local rental market. I am being sexually harassed by landlords in the area and asked to exchange sexual favors for a new residence. Kind of foolish when you consider how costly that behavior is to the city. We are desperate to live in an area with better ventilation. It is a veritable life or death matter!!! Ordinarily I would never endeavor to discuss my neighbor’s business here, yet because this is an urgent health emergency, and I am advised by others to do so, I feel it is my only option to provide character defense for my family.

I pray every minute of every hour that Celina will come to her senses and cease the burning of these substances that have caused irreparable damage to the health of our poor, dead kittens! Please can others in the community help her to understand that while what she and others like her are going through is horrible, it will not help them to attack my family. It was I who managed the DeCaire situation effectively- and got him replaced within 42-hours. I understand how compromising it must be to be born into families who are engaged in such activities, however if there are solutions then they require our freedom to live without terror and violence.


Introducing our new litter of kittens who are suffering delayed development from DoFasco pollution.

  • 10:30 AM [I’m going to update readers here on the progress with Henry & Celina because it’s extremely urgent that they receive intervention. Rick from across the street exited his apartment to walk his dog at just after 10:00 AM and I heard him chatting laughing with neighbors- there were inferences to this scenario as they are following it closely. To my knowledge, nobody knocked on their door to ask what’s going on because they feel they must continue to pretend they are not reading here. I still smell caustic chemical vapors coming up through the floor. I feel extremely sick from it.]
  • 10:57 AM [My son’s got some interesting links on his Twitter account here that are pertinent to this discussion in terms of providing evidence.]

  • 12:56 PM [Still smelling chemicals from downstairs- 3 telephone messages later, no reply from landlord, Augie Ammendolia.]
  • 3:42 PM [Still no reply from landlord. Celina still releasing toxic fumes into our residence via the floor and out-vent in her a/c unit.]
  • 5:16 PM [Smell from downstairs has intensified and Pixie is showing signs of pre-labor. I worry she will suffer oxygen depletion during her delivery. I haven’t slept in over 48 hours because the amount of anxiety I am experiencing makes sleep impossible.]
  • 8:49 PM [Called fire department about an hour ago to try and get advocacy for burning smell, Celina told them it was incense and they said there was nothing they could do. Crowd gathered around Henry’s veranda after the fire truck left, Celina slandering me to entire neighborhood, calling me a “chicken”. I pleaded with her to please stop and told her how sick it is making me, she mocked me further. Now I’m smelling fumes from DoFasco.]

After further investigation, I have information that suggests Adele Laurie Blue Adkins may have instructed my highly suggestible, mentally ill downstairs neighbors to pour artificial scent and acetone into an electric vapor dispenser. I followed her a little while on Pinterest while she posted under pseudonym, then blocked her as she became increasingly aggressive-why, I do not know. (It is duly noted that she had a large splash campaign at our local music shop while I followed her.) We have promoted this woman’s music extensively and I feel she owes us thanks for this, if anything. As a result of her malice and poor judgment, we are not able to escape the painful poisoning symptoms that have plagued us since Easter long weekend this year.

Since there are no bylaws in the area that govern the use of perfumes and air-freshener products, and our internet-stalking downstairs neighbors have engaged in a long history of psychotic attacks against us for no discernible reason, we suffer horribly. We are hard-pressed to find out how it is we might reason with them to cease and desist these obvious attempts at premeditated homicide. We are experiencing severe headaches, nausea, painful swelling, nerve-inflammation, eyesight disturbances, faintness, neurological and cardio-vascular symptoms from these vapors as they rise through the floor day and night without reprieve in ridiculously excessive quantity!

My kids and I are deathly allergic to the chemicals in these products that Henry ‘tMannetje and Celina Wragg- our downstairs neighbors, are diffusing into our environment, and these substances are most likely also affecting the health of these kittens and others in our immediate vicinity- rising up through the floor into our neighbor, Rachelle’s apartment as well- blowing in excessive volume through the outtake filter on her air conditioning unit into the outdoors where the wind carries it into everyone’s apartment on the front of the building. Our cat, Pumpkin, suffers from asthma because he was born in an area adjacent to the industrial sector where DoFasco steel mill is located.

Here is the testimony of another woman who suffers from the same illness as my children and I. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is an excruciating, debilitating and extremely painful ailment that deserves recognition by the mainstream media so that we have the ability to exert control over our environment if there are chemical triggers used carelessly by others.

We understand these downstairs neighbors have been compromised by Seattle resident, Ina Fried- who has illicit footage of them stolen from their apartment through illegal surveillance methods, enabled by NASA technology; we will not attempt to go into further detail about this provided they cease and desist these chemical attacks. We would also like to express our discontent for her employer, Recode- who have done nothing to discipline the guy no matter how much he terrorizes us by manipulating people in our area via the Internet. Fried’s behavior is highly illegal, he is criminally insane, and he ought to be arrested for being an accessory to criminal activity. He and a small group of sadistic people in the area are terrorizing my family and it must stop IMMEDIATELY.

Once more, I wish to press upon Seattle-area law enforcement that business competition tactics employed by certain parties in their jurisdiction are extremely hostile, and could result in retaliation against the region if something reasonable is not done by your municipal government to reign in the offending parties.

Homicide is defined under the Washington State law as follows:

RCW 9A.16.050

Homicide—By other person—When justifiable.

Homicide is also justifiable when committed either:
(1) In the lawful defense of the slayer, or his or her husband, wife, parent, child, brother, or sister, or of any other person in his or her presence or company, when there is reasonable ground to apprehend a design on the part of the person slain to commit a felony or to do some great personal injury to the slayer or to any such person, and there is imminent danger of such design being accomplished; or
(2) In the actual resistance of an attempt to commit a felony upon the slayer, in his or her presence, or upon or in a dwelling, or other place of abode, in which he or she is.

The reality here is people with mental health issues are attempting to capitalize from attacks against my family as a means to sustain a dialogue in the media on new technology and eco-friendly business practices.

There is no justification for these abuses outside my failure to submit sexually to those with more wealth than I have. I encourage others in the community who share my views about women’s rights, to help us manage Henry and Celina. They are being enabled to persist with these behaviors by those who speak to them every day, namely the building manager from across the street by the first name of Rick, and our neighbors across the street at the halfway house. I am pleading with others in our area to help me reason with these people because it has become evident that they are angry with us due to my views expressed on the dangers of child pornography.

People with underground child porn investments have been exploiting my advise to adjust their stock-market holdings without recognition or compensation because of my refusal to engage in casting-couch style employment practices. They have tried to get at my son since he was a very young child and I have been fending them off since he was an infant! I never volunteered for this position as guinea pig for the elite and I don’t think a day passes that I do not pray all day long for justice. Make no mistake, those people who told you I was only acting when I said I was in an extreme amount of pain due to these actions, were lying to you, and before you justify any malicious, criminal mistreatment of my family, ask yourself if it’s something you would want done to you before you allow people like Ina Fried to influence your behavior.

These people do a whole lot of empty bluffing and would never expose footage of sex acts filmed illegally of private citizens in their own homes without consent, because they would lose their jobs if it came out they abused national defense technology for their own personal amusement and profit. I suspect due to her extreme enthusiasm in gassing us with these horrible vapors- acetone and other chemicals is what people says she is using- (and symptoms we’ve had all week certainly match up with scientific data on this noxious chemical), that Celina doesn’t care all that much about the blackmail, and she’s just a cruel, sadistic person who gets off on attacking people who don’t agree with everything she says, no matter how stupid and ill-informed.

People who are prominent in the public eye are more vulnerable to these blackmail tactics, for example, the Royal Family, and it is for this reason alone that I feel they ought to be able to reign in their sexual appetites and any other excess that knowledge thereof might be leveraged by enemies of the Commonwealth to deprive the Crown of due influence and ultimately, the power to properly govern their massive expanse of territory. I feel let down, if anything, by Queen Elizabeth, because it was she who was supposed to intervene when PM Harper made sport of my son’s consent rights, his privacy and his safety!

As my essay draws to a close, Celina has turned up the machine she is using to disperse these toxic fumes throughout our home and I am contemplating police involvement because I am certain the behavior is quite illegal. I have no idea, given the fact that I just had the previous police chief fired for misconduct, how I will get them to investigate the poisoning attacks, as there is still corruption there with the new police chief because these same people who attack me are meddling in the appointment of these people. At present, I am fending off mental health allegations made by Henry and Celina because they feel they have a right to just kill people without reprisal.

I feel as though I will vomit, or faint- my head is pounding, my body painfully swollen, and I have to face another day like this until someone in the community comes to our defense. I have pets with whom I am conducting highly valuable behavioral research, who are being poisoned as well. One of them miscarried as a result the other week. I am still in discussion with municipal officials about adjusting the bylaws to accommodate my research, and finding more spacious and suitable housing, because my work with these cats stands to bring valuable business into the city, and there are those who have tried to leverage themselves through threats to attack my research subjects. It’s not an easy task while one is on the rental market, and I am looking into various avenues of funding so that we might purchase a mortgage to a house where we can sustain our research more comfortably.

I cannot leave the animals unattended while there are young, vulnerable kittens who need me to make sure they are not suffocated in these vile fumes- I have to keep moving them from room to room when the mother begins to hyperventilate, panics and tries to escape these vapors on a regular basis. When I do, Celina follows me into the next room and brings her poison with her so I have no means to lessen our exposure- she’s that thorough in her homicide agenda. She rarely leaves the house any more because she is obsessed with stalking us, and I believe she is receiving directives over her cell phone.

They planned to have a doctor make a false diagnosis, I’m sure, and to have me apprehended and locked in the local mental hospital like they did a few years ago when I was subject to chemical poisoning by an insulation product that appeared on the market under various different names after it was federally banned in the 1980’s. Although MCS is a medically acknowledged illness, Hamilton, Ontario is chalk-full of corruption and our hospital management are making money for their friends in New York- not terribly concerned with how it affects our local population due to genocidal attitudes towards the population in the area who are predominantly white bread.

I pray this will be the day Celina is apprehended and made to understand others have a right to live and prosper besides her, and two wrongs don’t make a right. I pray this can occur with a minimum of stress to my family as we have a long recovery ahead of us after breathing in all this acetone. Someone lied and told her that this behavior would be a help to us because I would then be able to pin it on Melinda Gates, who has been seen giving thinly-veiled directives to her on Twitter as to the frequency and intensity of these vapors.

In closing, I wish to inform my followers- it has come to my attention that someone is impersonating me on public message boards, using my name, “Chris”, to spread malicious disinformation. Please use due diligence, as always, when reading comments online because we need to know where people are coming from before judgment is passed.

I’ve recorded a piece this morning about the recent history of the corporate poisoning agenda and outlined my urgent need for people in the area to help my family manage our downstairs neighbors. It won’t be long before we suffer brain hemorrhages and begin to cough and vomit blood because we can’t take the poison any further. I am doing my best to search for another apartment but my ex-husband would still be in grave danger when we leave and he is still in denial about the urgency of our circumstances, so I have little choice but to focus on stopping the people downstairs immediately! The fact is Aaron is much larger than the kids and I, with far greater blood volume, and it would take longer before he felt the same severe discomfort we already feel. He has already complained of inflammation and aches, sore throat. Who is to say they would not do the same thing to the next tenants who moved in if we were to leave? Celina simply cannot be permitted to do this to people just because she is from Hamilton!