Hillary Clinton Sent Unsecured Emails Revealing Location Of Ambassador Chris Stevens and NATO Fighter Jets, Reveals Judge Napolitano.

“If that is not classified, if she didn’t think that was classified, she has no business being in public office,” Napolitano said of Hillary Clinton.

By Taylor Tyler | Aug 06, 2015 05:01 PM EDT

By using the private server and unilaterally deleting some 30,000 emails without independent third-party oversight, Napolitano said he thinks Clinton was trying “to whitewash part of her tenure as secretary of state, something that the statutes were written to prevent her from doing.” (Photo : Twitter Photo Section)

Judge Andrew Napolitano said Wednesday on Fox News’ “Hannity” that several emails he read from Hillary Clinton’s private server cache show that the former secretary of state revealed the location of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya, as well as the location of fighter jets during NATO bombing runs.

“She denied that there were any classified documents on her email system or server,” host Sean Hannity said, to which Napolitano responded, “Well she cannot deny that any longer.”

Hannity noted that investigators recently examined 40 of Clinton’s emails and found that four were classified at the time Clinton sent them. “That in and of itself, is that not a violation of the law, or is it?” Hannity asked.

“It absolutely is,” Napolitano responded, “but it’s worse than that.”

“I saw emails, not the ones that the inspectors general saw, I saw emails that have been revealed under the Freedom of Information Act. And in them, she is discussing the location of French fighter jets during the NATO bombardment of Libya, how big the no fly zone is, where the no fly zones are, and are you ready for this? – the location of Ambassador Stevens, who of course was murdered, in Libya.”

“If that is not classified, if she didn’t think that was classified, she has no business being in public office,” he said.

It was recently revealed that the FBI is conducting a criminal probe into Clinton’s exclusive use of an unsecured private email account and home-based server during her tenure as secretary of state. The bureau hopes to find to what extent the Democratic 2016 presidential front-runner relied on the system to send and store classified documents,reported The New York Post.

A number of security experts, and even former CIA Director Michael Morell, have said that Clinton’s server was almost certainly compromised by hackers and numerous foreign government, as HNGN reported.

“I think that foreign intelligence services, the good ones, have everything on any unclassified network that the government uses,” Morell said.

Napolitano continued: “What Mrs. Clinton did, by transferring and moving classified information through a non-classified venue, that’s a felony for each piece of information she passed through.”

By using the private server and unilaterally deleting some 30,000 emails without independent third-party oversight, Napolitano said he thinks Clinton was trying “to whitewash part of her tenure as secretary of state, something that the statutes were written to prevent her from doing.”

Watch the full interview here: https://youtu.be/1pBuQ7xcoiA

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How does everybody like my homeless Jackie Kennedy look?

I have no idea why this post appeared in my WordPress stream today, but I decided to run with it because that’s the sort of mood I’m in these days after spending the bulk of the summer curled in a fetal position in bed so I would not move and experience what can only be described as the sensation of daggers in the base of my spine. (A word to my neighbors- no, Uncle Fester of the Adams Family is not in town, that’s not his shrill voice echoing through the streets- that’s just me shifting position on the mattress.)

I left a comment there that is awaiting moderation:

First of all, LOVE your illustrations! They show an immense level of professionalism and aesthetic sense. I know what you mean, though, about tact. I struggle with that all the time; you know, how not to be a total psychotic bitch when complaining to others that their perfume at the library makes me want to end my life with a paper cut right there so I can escape the throbbing, choking sensation that makes me wish I were never born. You can’t complain to the person wearing the scent- you can’t complain to the store that sells it or even its manufacturer because you might hurt someone’s little itsy bitsy feelings! Then they might cry, and accidentally nuke a small foreign country off the coast of Japan. Lately, however, the chronic pain has made me impervious to the feelings of others so I use plain language and then I duck so the aftermath will hit the people in line behind me instead.

It’s just very important that we all remember only child rapists have feelings, and those feelings include an intense need for approval whether or not they achieve anything other than child rape in whatever their peripheral field of endeavor happens to be. The rest of us can choke on their farts for all eternity for having the audacity to be so insensitive to their needs.

Source: Guest post: Louise Shaxson on advising governments… and ugly babies

Comments on: Seattle opt out numbers for 2014-2015. It’s on!

CaptureThis city of fools we call Seattle does nothing while their greedy, borderline-retarded Catholic Church affiliated pornography magnets take over education for the entire USA, then they publish articles like this:


We’re chillin’ up here in Canada waiting for these troglodytes to introduce condoms and marijuana baggies to American kindergartners and my bet is Melinda will be rolling those out by 2015. They’ve already got the e-cigarettes in bubble-gum flavor with added cancer fumes targeting your sexy little tweens and you do nothing. My comment on the site is awaiting moderation and these people like to censor those who do not approve of child pornography and foster care snuff films so I’ll post it here in case it is never released on the site:

Can’t imagine why you would send your kids to a school that is there to teach them how to do drugs and have promiscuous sex, and then encourage them to avoid the tests government designed to determine which of them would be targeted by CIA for free intelligence exploitation. May as well go the whole hog if you are going to let them use Facebook and watch TV because it’s all any of us are good for after all that insidious brainwashing.

picture147-11I suppose a dead child is happier than a miserable, sexually exploited, brainwashed, borderline illiterate one so you can’t say Melinda and her brown-nosing half-wit of a husband don’t have their priorities straight. We’re still not sure what flavor we like to kill first- the jury’s still out on that one but we definitely like the color pink a whole lot.

This is what happens to stupid Americans who mess with Christina Halasz-Lane: Microsoft, IRS back in court this week

WIN_20150730_204335For those who are not familiar with our history with the Microsoft Corporation, here is a very strange and unprofessional letter I received from them on August 12th, 2009, shortly before a series of (presumably bribed or blackmailed) municipal and provincial government employees began to circle in for the kill.

Ever since, our lives have been a non-stop joy-ride of human rights abuses and service denial in all levels of government. Thankfully our reputation is cleared, and it is them who are scrutinized now for breeches in tax evasion, to name only one of the offenses I allege against its owners. My list includes anti-competitive business tactics, money laundering, threats and human trafficking of members of our family through bribe monies paid to Canadian public officials, and that’s just the short list.

My son was still a little kid when this whole thing started- here is a picture of my home office at the time of the written exchange with Microsoft Corporation. I initially approached them with a reprimand for Internet stalking and accompanying request for advertising money for my business venture.

For many years, I have been subject to empty promises from these people- everything ranging from marriage to business partnership has been proposed to me over the Internet by parties directly associated with this company. Excuse after excuse was provided as to why they could not yet fulfill their end of the deal. Meanwhile, vicious falsehoods were alleged through public message boards about my credentials and character that were so far-fetched it is a wonder anyone could take them seriously, and in perpetuating these lies, company heads managed to keep my hands tied with red tape and corruption blackmail of local officials.

Picture 17
Here is an illustration from the proprietary children’s book I wrote and designed from that same home office in Grimsby, Ontario while I raised my kids; this project never made it to print because of Melinda’s rumor mill and resulting calls to child protection with lies about my parental qualifications. I was poisoned, physically assaulted and harassed by locals she and her friends lie to about us on the Internet on a daily basis since using code names and insinuation so they could say they had no idea I exist to evade accountability.

That is all over now as their superiors have given orders to cease and desist, and to pay their debt to my family in full. I am curious to see how far they will take the fight, knowing they have caused us undue illness and suffering while I made them extremely rich. I am owed not only a decade’s worth of top executive salary, but a lifetime’s worth of damages as these people have been riding the disadvantage they cause through illegal channels since I was in high school and as a result they systematically destroyed my prospects, causing me to suffer in poverty despite an outstanding academic performance and many significant achievements that ought to be celebrated. I have a legitimate argument in favor of attempted homicide charges against these people as they placed the lives of my son and I in peril on numerous occasions and that ought to be factored into settlement talks, provided criminal charges do not ensue.

After being postponed last month, a hearing in federal court on Microsoft’s battle with the Internal Revenue Service is set to take place Tuesday.

Gates visits Harper numerous times to make secret deals that limit my family's freedoms.
Gates visits Harper numerous times to make secret deals that limit my family’s freedoms.

Originally published August 23, 2015 at 9:00 pm Updated August 24, 2015 at 6:54 am
Seattle Times technology reporter

Microsoft and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are set to takeTO OPENcourt this week after a monthlong delay to argue over a longtime tax dispute.

At issue at the hearing, scheduled for Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Seattle, is whether some of the methods the tax agency used in its nine-year audit of the software giant are worthy of further investigation.

While the hearing focuses on a narrow issue, the underlying case is significant because it is among the biggest examples of the IRS’ effort to examine whether large companies violated tax law in deals that shifted profits to lower-tax jurisdictions overseas.

The IRS has been looking at Microsoft’s 2004 to 2006 tax years since 2007, interviewing dozens of Microsoft employees and reviewing thousands of documents in that span.

The IRS says its investigation has focused on whether the Redmond company improperly shifted software code worth billions of dollars offshore in a way that illegally evaded its U.S. tax bill.

In December, the IRS sued Microsoft and a slate of former and current executives to force the company to turn over more documents and testimony.MICROSOFT objected to the requests, setting the stage for months of legal wrangling before Tuesday’s hearing.

Melinda Gates addresses the media during a 2010 tour of Hamilton High School in Memphis, Tenn., as her husband Bill Gates and others look on. The tour marked the one-year anniversary of the foundation's award of a $90 million grant to the Memphis district to experiment with teacher hiring, pay, and evaluation. —Mike Maple/The Commercial Appeal/ZUMA-File
The Gates and their tall-tales have become a liability to everyone else in their region and it is high time they had a taste of their own medicine.

U.S. District Judge Ricardo Martinez granted Microsoft’s request for a hearing to determine whether the IRS’HIRING of outside law firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, and a regulation that paved the way for the contract, warrant further investigation. The hearing was originally scheduled for last month before both partiesasked for a postponement.

The IRS in May 2014 hired Quinn Emanuel, a Los Angeles business-litigation law firm, to provide services related to the audit. Microsoft contends that the government’s use of Quinn Emanuel was an improper delegation of a government function. The government says the hiring and its conduct of the audit was within its powers.

Microsoft and the government have both indicated their lawyers plan to questions Eli Hoory, a senior tax adviser with an IRS unit charged with investigating how large businesses transfer property among international subsidiaries.

Microsoft also said it may ask for testimony from a trio of its lawyers on the case, including Daniel Rosen, a former IRS tax attorney who left government work for a private firm last year.

The lawyer doing the questioning for Microsoft will be Philip Beck. The Justice Department brought Beck on as its lead trial lawyer in the waning months of the government’s landmark antitrust case against Microsoft in 2001.

Previously, Beck was a member of the George W. Bush legal team that challenged the Florida presidential-election recounts in state courts, the dispute that ultimately decided the outcome of the 2000 presidential election after it reached the U.S. Supreme Court.

Here is a 2009 repeat for my readers: Introductory video I shot about Glass Mountain LLC and breech of competition law.

Queen Elizabeth has responded in her usual terse manner by posting the following piece to that filthy rag we call The Daily Mail (that has been redesigned to leave a ton of irritating malware on your computer when you visit): “Why you will never, EVER see the Queen fidget” http://dailym.ai/1LgsQ6a

I left comments under the piece that were not published because she can’t handle the truth; the only people on her side remaining are a heap of incompetent Canadian bureaucrats who have left a trail of embarrassingly obvious mathematical errors behind them in their efforts to suppress my advancement.

For the record I never fidgeted on stage in school when I learned how to speak in public and I doubt anyone no matter how wealthy could pull off absolute composure under this much inhumane torture. Even the most resilient psyche must have a release valve in order to function after the stress and pain pass a certain point.

There is no tongue-clicking or head-scratching in this second more recent video (above) because I had a relatively normal day in spite of everything and was able to relax to somewhere close to my natural state, to discuss a topic that does not fill me with apprehension and terror by association. The only thing I would change is the lack of proper reading glasses or contact lenses. You can see me struggle to read the mushroom package and the lighting is not flattering there. (It’s obvious how sick the insulation in that house made us when you see how much younger I looked last year than in 2009.)

All the thankless work I have done gratis for these people to repair their public image has cost me my 20/20 eyesight which was so very dear to me! Any criticisms about my ability to be seen in public under normal circumstances- that means, in a residence of my own choosing with proper, non-impeded access to financial services, in company of my own choosing, etc… are absurd.

I am not an embarrassment to the Royals; if anything they ought to be embarrassed for allowing their employees to harass and oppress me to the point where our lives were at stake! I do not need Queen Elizabeth to backseat drive my career or my marriage prospects; she has shown zero capacity to act in our interests and I would be foolish to let her meddle further in our business after all is said and done.