Why I stopped following Seattle Education Blog on WordPress.

Teacher’s unions all over the continent have an unspoken agenda that they tout between the lines- it is one of human trafficking and exploitation that masquerades as racial segregation. This particular blog was filled with such language. The word, “start”, for example, contains the word, “tart” and the letter “s” on either side suggests an agenda to systematically disadvantage those teacher’s unions perceive as “tarts” (frequently anyone younger and more attractive than the average teacher’s college graduate, kids from disadvantaged backgrounds and blond kids in my experience).

Obviously a victim of crime himself, this young man most likely is being driven to crime because politicians and police chiefs in the area wish to have sexual relations with him.

I would like to thank HRPS Burlington for posting this bulletin this morning about a young man who is wanted by Hamilton Police. This young man could be my son if hr were a product of the public school system. Parents have no control over what their kids are exposed to and these teachers who run the unions and complain their salaries are insufficient have no right to complain so long as they turn a blind eye to those in their group with such politics that result in kids being marginalized and preyed sexually upon by the political class.

This boy shows all the signs of extreme and debilitating stress and undernourishment- his complexion, his demeanor, his mode of dress all point at systemic abuse, whether through his family or the school system or both. Italian judges in the family court system habitually exchange children’s freedom for sexual favors in judge’s chambers if parents agree to do so and anyone who does not find this appalling has no business in education! I know there are those who might call my disgust for sexual practices handed down since the fall of Rome, “racism” yet the reality is this is going on all over the continent and noting can be done about it if we do not acknowledge it as the behavior of a racial group. Fact is, those who employ them are well aware what they are doing and unless this awareness goes mainstream, nothing can be done to shatter this insidious taboo that allows it to continue.

Whenever the heat starts to close in on Melinda she posts pictures of her poorly brought up, sorely neglected, blond-haired progeny to inflame her pedophile base. She claims she is better at science education while her girls are Barbie enthusiasts and clearly her son relies on his dad for his science education. She has insinuated in the past in articles that she beats and sexually abuses her kids and feels I am too permissive, thereby securing the vote of the most ardent and violent rednecks who beat their wives and murder prostitutes. We kind of missed the boat when we began to hold secret votes among ourselves that completely ignore the law, have we not?!

Anti-bullying programs these women, many of them chronic alcoholics and closet pedophiles, users of sex trade workers, (what do you call the female ones, Janes?!) have set up are tokenism and based on Melinda Gates’ economic agenda so they are ineffectual; none of the programs managed under this regime are wholesome or have integrity because these women are fundamentally flawed people who cannot cease to prey on the student body.  Hundreds of angry, balding Italian men threaten to kill them if they do, yet this is no excuse because we have a police force and military who far outnumber the Mafia. They leverage economic threats against the crown as a means to milk higher salaries out of our tax monies, they played a key role in the kidnapping and torture of my son on numerous occasions for political reasons. They see our kids as dicks and vaginas- they are sociopaths because the alcohol has eaten through their frontal lobes- the part of their brains that manages empathy and social behavior.

Make no mistake- Melinda Gates is the woman who issues orders to this group and she profits from this child and others like him being disadvantaged, driven to substance abuse and sexual exploitation. We all saw her pay bribes to Harper in the guise of charitable donations while I endured that harrowing experience with Hamilton, Ontario child protective services. Here is a long list of interactions between PM Harper and these people that have taken place in lieu of attentions the PM ought to have paid my family in resolving this terrorism agenda.

It has been under Melinda Gates’ watch that the Catholic Church’s pornography investments have grown disproportionate and she has ensured that every stratum of society is plagued with this scourge that is enabled by her proteges, Tim Burton and his sex doll, Pamela Anderson. MTV was coined from the initial of her given name and also Tim’s combined with the letter V and that symbolizes the number 5 in numerology, which basically suggests the form of a hand and all its fingers. The suggestion of the five-fingered hand is frequently a hostile one as it implies physical violence. Think of the phrase, “unhand him”, for example.

We have seen repeatedly that members of this group have racist ideologies but they victimize blond kids enthusiastically and employ foreigners with poor language skills in our bureaucracies as little more than drug mules. They hide behind racism, making statements about shutting out colored people as a form of political cover because they are guaranteed support from red neck drunk males like the ones who raised them so long as they wave the racism card. They know the men in their clan have rifles and eagerly support any political agenda that encourages child sodomy because they themselves were sexually assaulted at home.

They’ve normalized sexual abuse from a very young age; they see little wrong with forcing it on other people because they survived it and turned the corner into predator behavior. They have pushed steroid culture onto our law enforcement and military to ensure those of us who are law-abiding and do not believe in child abuse are not able to reach their brothers because this drug that is frequently taken by males who are, themselves victims of this heinous sodomy agenda, causes these men behavior problems such as aggression and ADD.

Here I am after my Confirmation, a ritual that took place at Saint Monica’s Roman Catholic Church in Montreal when I was 12. In that little blue box is a white leather-bound New Testament Bible and 14 ct gold crucifix and chain. That Bible was stolen by my previous landlord along with $50,000.00 worth of my family’s property, this process of wealth re-distribution enthusiastically promoted by the Hamilton, Ontario Sheriff’s office. That chain was sold for a fraction of its value to a foreign-owned pawn shop in Downtown Hamilton, Ontario so my kids could eat that day.

These are the women who run our labor unions and they do not give a good god damn about our kids, about the future or even our economic horizons, are nihilistic to the point where they no longer care about paper trails and obvious criminal evidence against them. What comes out of their mouths has absolutely nothing to do with the truth, all of it calculated to maintain the upper hand for their own select group at the expense of all else.

For example, Melinda suggested yesterday that I am only competent at Arts education when my kids are more academically competent than the vast majority of their public school educated kids. I am also far more competent at science than Melinda Gates according to other scientists who are not in line with this agenda, and I cannot see why it is even an issue when these criminals ought to be rounded up and imprisoned for life for crimes against humanity, chemical warfare against the North American people, genocide, and running the largest human trafficking and child porn network in the world.

At the end of the day, all of this criminal insanity takes a back seat to the reality my family must live in while this narcissistic psychopath throws around money that is not hers to spend because she ought to be isolated in a padded cell somewhere for mass-murderers. Presently, my kids and I await the arrival of Aaron’s mother, Kathleen MacDonald, who happens to be an enthusiastic member of this group. We have had nothing to eat for breakfast and there is nothing for our lunch. She is taking her son out to a restaurant for lunch while we go hungry. My throat aches because her son bought our fruit yesterday from the discount shelf and it was a bit moldy, but it was all there was to eat so I didn’t complain. Aaron ate breakfast because the eggs that we can’t eat don’t make him sick- so that’s not an issue.

She did the same thing to herself, spending all of her $60,000.00 annual government salary on vacations, clothes and shoes while eating nothing but fig newtons, potato chips and wine so she could live like a jet-setter- and that’s how she gave herself colitis, which is basically chronic diarrhea. She doesn’t have to worry about that because her insurance covers the expense of keeping her alive while she continues to eat without any regard for her own health- so why on earth should she care about ours?! It’s safe to assume she wanted sexual favors from the kids and I and as a result nothing else was good enough. I don’t pretend to get where she is coming from; her son insists she is nuts but feels a need to parent her and protect her from her own folly so I am not interested in examining the matter any further.

All we want is a home of our own where we do not have to clean up after her son whom she never bothered to teach the most fundamental life skills because, presumably, she was always drunk on the couch with her legs spread, or else high fallutin’ her way around the globe on liaisons. It’s only a guess, and I could be wrong. All I know for sure is it wouldn’t surprise me and her son is not honest enough to admit if there was sexual abuse between them.

Aaron would sacrifice his own wife and kids’ lives to shield her if this were the case and no woman ought ever to have to marry into such a sordid mess. After the way I was treated all these years and the disgusting lies that passed for truth simply because I refused to take orders from someone who did not know what she was doing, I feel no shame in exposing this group for what they are- the dregs of society, nothing more, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of balls to call them on that now does it. It certainly never was an issue prior to the introduction of MTV.

I am attempting to resume the Ontario disability application process:

For the record, I awoke this morning at 9 after suffering another painful bout of insomnia last night because we have no idea where our grocery money is coming from this week. I began work on this letter and also made phone calls, making that close to 5 hours of labor I was forced to do today in addition to all the other tens of thousands of hours of non-compensated volunteer work squashed out of me over the last 15 years.

I am still recovering from the bout of crippling nerve inflammation that kept me bedridden for close to 2 months this summer. My tailbone radiates pain like I was kicked in the butt with steel toe boots. That’s from not getting enough sun exposure the last few years. It’s a challenge to sit for long like this, and just as painful to be on my feet for very long. How sexy is that?!

All we hear are complaints from Kathleen, my ex-husband’s mother, about how broke she is while she blows money on gas to drive over here several times a month and indulge herself and her son on restaurant meals, frequently while the kids and I go without breakfast and lunch. She just shelled out $400 on a mover to bring a used desk and armchair here that her friend in Toronto is getting rid of. (Her husband is too angry to help because he thinks we do not deserve to have furniture so he refused to lend us his truck.) The chair and other stuff has a resale value well under the cost of the mover, who charged them a total of $800 to drop off a few pieces of furniture to a few houses. Nice to have money to throw around, what you’d do if you had to live on our income I have no idea!

We are presently crammed in here with Sue’s old furniture (thanks, Sue), and thankfully my son now has a desk to work at. We threw out our old dining table and chairs yesterday because there is no space in here for it. We are now looking for maple chairs to place around the small round maple table someone across the street discarded last month and trying to decide what to do with the massive armchairs and ottomans they brought us when what we needed was that large clothing wardrobe they gave someone else.

September 17th, 2015.


c/o: MaryAnn Farenech, Manager, Client Services & Support

Phone: 416-326-5079 Fax: 416-326-6913
Address:  PO Box B18, Toronto ON, M7A 1R3

Dear Ms. Farenech,

I decided to wait a few months before pursuing my ODSP Internal Review process due to some issues I was dealing with online that appear to have died down.  I wish to resume the application process for myself and my daughter, Faera Lane.  I would greatly appreciate if you could expedite this process and pick up where we left off in view of delays we suffered due to activities of third parties that have nothing whatsoever to do with my family’s finances and disability status.

Nothing in our medical file substantiates statements employees made such as what was written on a letter addressed to my home on March 14th, 2014:

“… [Your] impairment is not expected to last one year or more.”

Yet this is the excuse given in paragraph three of letters written that deny us services we are more than entitled to.

We provided x-rays that clearly show we have painful spinal curvatures. It took a great deal of effort to procure these to have forms filled out. It would not be reasonable to request that we repeat this exercise when the information we submitted is still relevant. Our disfigurement is permanent, we have stated repeatedly that our ability to work is compromised by intense chronic back, hip and neck pain.   To deny us access to ODSP is to impede our means to lessen physical distress.  As a result of decisions made by this office we have suffered far longer than necessary.

My daughter’s scrapbooking hobby on the Internet is no excuse to deny her application for innocent leisure activities. She surfs the Internet for under 2 hours a day and that is less than many full-time students spend on far less productive habits.  She does not make money either for this, she is not responsible for what is accessible to her on the Internet and promotes other photographers’ and fashion designers’ work for free, yet I understand many ODSP recipients use this provision to supplement full time employment income. Therefore it makes little sense why anyone argues her capacity to do professional-level graphic design work as her hobby in a limited capacity is grounds to discriminate against her.  People have to do something to stay sane while they deal with all these abuses, you know!  The fact that this was an issue in denying her application suggests ODSP employees are abusing access to privileged information online as a means to discriminate against applicants and I am not sure this is legal.

There is also the peripheral issue of chemical sensitivity due to exposure to federally banned substances in previous rentals in the region. Our grocery expenses are significantly elevated because we cannot eat most of what the average person eats.  In other words, it is a full time job just to acquire and prepare nourishment that does not cause us crippling pain.  Meal preparation is arduous and so is grocery shopping due to our disabilities.  Everything must be baked and prepared from scratch and the burden of this is on my daughter who then has to deal with insensitive people who suggest she is lazy and ought to be in school.  She converts everything to dairy and gluten-free recipes, manages the family’s pre-diabetes symptoms as well and it is no small task to do what many professional chefs could find challenging.

On top of that she does the bulk of home maintenance while I handle bureaucracy so it is a crime to suggest she doesn’t deserve her check!  She is a very well read, talented, educated and competent young lady who deserves to have her work acknowledged as she is also my caregiver when I have nerve inflammation and I am bedridden, frequently waits hand and foot on her mother for many days at a time if I am forced to go off our costly dietary regimen.  I appreciate her help greatly and I am extremely apprehensive of those who would denigrate her due to my informal approach to education in this family, especially given the low standards we have seen in schools in the area.  She doesn’t drink or do drugs, she is obedient and loyal to her family.  Make no mistake, Faera deserves her ODSP check absolutely and without question, as do I.

To add insult to injury our car was stolen by a City of Hamilton contractor, forcing us to shop on foot for groceries for the last 2 years.  Our 1999 Mercedes SUV had a resale value of $10,000.00 so the theft was grand larceny.  It is painful and exhausting to lug home heavy produce in carts on foot. I was encouraged by police to file criminal charges against the towing company responsible but avoided this as well due to Internet harassment and problems with police bureaucracy.  The same crowd responsible for the theft of our vehicle is responsible for tampering that occurred on our ODSP files.  They abuse their Internet privileges and have very poor judgment, favoring those with equally poor standards.

We may have also inadvertently exposed a fencing racket between the Sherriff’s office and the LTB Tribunal, and a human trafficking operation at Hamilton CAS office, the investigation of which nearly cost my son his life!  We never volunteered for this and feel it is not our place to do jobs of police in this town.  The MPs who allegedly organize criminal subversions of the Ontario legal system will be investigated if there is any further issue with our access to services!  All of you ought to be worried because food in the area is increasingly contaminated as a result of these same corrupt officials.  The least you could do is make sure we have enough for food and shelter while we await resolution in these matters!  I spoke with the Mayor’s office this morning about prioritizing our applications and there is increased Federal pressure on those responsible to cease and desist so I feel this is an opportune time to address our files.

This ought to be sufficient information to complete the applications process without further delay.  There is nothing in the law that says we are not qualified and we have never done anything to hurt anyone who works there that might warrant discriminatory treatment.  I make full and proper use of my freedom of speech rights online and this must be respected.  I will furthermore not allow any member of this family to be propositioned by city officials as a condition of fair treatment and any further advances will be reported to the appropriate officials as sexual harassment, as is my right in this age of so-called feminism.  If other women intend to continue to enjoy the privilege of access to divorce in this country, there can be no justification in forcing me to reside with an ex-husband with whom I am no longer happy.  People must be forced to shelve their prejudices, misconceptions, comprehension issues and political beliefs when processing our applications, end of story

Management must intervene where appropriate.

Sincerely and without prejudice,

Christina Claire Marie Halasz-Lane

Faera Theresa Molly Lane

Written by the plaintiff, Mrs.Christina Halasz-Lane, for duty council, Linda Graham, in lieu of Ontario Legislative Assembly failure to provide legal representation.

My son was forced to share a room with this boy for 7 long months while the Ontario Legislative Assembly twiddled their thumbs. He was a cadet and his career ambition in life was to be a police man.

Warren Buffet has recommended in the most cowardly possible manner that I post the following letter I wrote for Duty Council here on my blog because, presumably, his cancer diagnosis makes the resolution of these matters somewhat urgent. I can’t imagine being diagnosed with something potentially lethal and sitting idly on the sidelines this way for years while nothing is done. I think it’s ridiculous and people need to stop pandering to empty bluffs and stupidity.

Picture 72
Daemon put on a brave face for the camera but a tumor slowly swelled at the back of his throat as he struggled with his foster mother who kept spraying his room with chemical deodorant, and hid his scent-free laundry detergent, forcing him to use the scented brand she buys.
I helped him carve this pumpkin he designed for Halloween when he returned home because his depression was so pronounced he had completely lost his initiative and creativity. Daemon was so weak from the cancer that he could not read nor draw for months after his return home and still the social worker in charge insisted he attend school full time, saying he lied about his health! Other kids at the schools he attended were covered in suicide scars and tattoos; they did not read, many could not be bothered to attend classes. It was a zoo and people fought to keep it that way because of their stock market investments. We just wanted out!!!

I suppose my own experience as an honor student who spent time locked away with poor and violent youth offenders through no fault of my own gave a certain perspective on this class of people that taught me they are as human as everyone else is taken for granted, yet this avoidance on the part of those who are supposed to be in charge verges on the ridiculous and I am not the only one with thinks so. By and large, they are the same as the rich bullies you suffered in your private schools, and your peers in the corporate world, so enough of the stupidity.

One of the many care packages my daughter and I prepared for my son to bring to meetings at Hamilton Children’s Aid Society. We did this to try and ease the severe depression brought on by systemic psychological abuse and neglect he was forced to suffer while detained under the threat of false arrest, sexual assault and brutality by gang elements according to ex-porn-star Pamela Anderson whose wonderful idea this was in the first place. In fact, the only people who abused him were the adults in charge of his care and he was popular at the local community center and library.

I eagerly point out that the foster parent responsible for the treatment described in this legal document is a registered teacher with the Ontario Catholic School Board; she specializes in teaching special needs students. Her other ward, whose name happened to be Remo, was on psychiatric medication because he suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity. He was the product of an abusive home life, his mother was a crack addict and prostitute from what I understand. My son did his best to accommodate the kid, felt sorry for him yet he should not have been forced into that environment in the first place and the lack of furniture, forcible exposure to chemicals after I said he is allergic is insane. Even convicted felons get proper beds, chairs and desks to work at. I don’t care what the excuse is- if the cops thought they were investigating foster care abuse, they could have used their own kids as bait instead of Daemon. He didn’t deserve this at all.

Picture 3
Even though the foster family collected all of his CTB payments and thousands of dollars to house and feed him, I was forced to buy my son’s school clothes and materials. I also purchased reading materials to help maintain his mental health. My daughter and I- we did not sleep the entire time he was gone. He did not sleep either, and his health deteriorated visibly while we ourselves died of worry. Welfare played games with our checks and we frequently suffered without grocery money, saving the little we had for Daemon on days when we met with him. I did all the paperwork and legal research while blogging and tweeting full time to ensure he was not killed by government employees who tried to enforce a human trafficking agenda on our family by starving us out and torturing us. As usual, his clothes were second hand to save money, same as ours.

Court File #:  C-606/11

ONTARIO Superior Court of Justice Family Court Branch                           

at 55 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 1H4

Case Summary for Duty Council


APPLICANT(S): The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton, 26 Arrowsmith Rd. P.O.Box 1170, Dep.1, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 4B9

APPLICANT(S) LAWYER: Kory Mikalski, Legal Council, same address as Applicant.

RESPONDENT(S): Christina Lane, Aaron Lane, 94 East Ave.North, #13, Hamilton, Ontario, tel: (905)525-2257

RESPONDENT(S) LAWYER: As yet no legal representation.

Friday, May 24, 2013.

The Family: 

Aaron Lane (43) father of Daemon Lane

Christina Lane (42) mother of Daemon Lane

Faera Lane (19) sister of Daemon Lane

Daemon Lane (14) the child

On Tuesday May 7th, 2013, Daemon Lane was apprehended by CAS and placed into a foster home. This is the third time they’ve done this to him for no good reason, as there has been no evidence of abuse.  There have been two court dates concerning this matter and Daemon has yet to meet with his lawyer.  This file began two years ago with false mental health allegations made against Christina Lane by community members who committed criminal acts against us.

Our rights are disregarded; the rules of the court are disregarded, and the CAS mandate is abused throughout the history of this file.  As yet we’ve been unable access the Society’s internal complaints process, despite repeated requests to do so, or find legal representation for ourselves despite making every reasonable effort to do so, having acquired the appropriate Legal Aid certificate.

We fear for the health and safety of Daemon Lane as he is kept day after day in a basement room with no desk, no sunlight or fresh air, foster parents fail to provide sanitary drinking water. The social worker in charge of our file has attempted to obstruct the delivery of essentials to his foster home, such as a change of clothing and academic materials; she has lied on court documents; she has lied about clothing being purchased for Daemon, and about Daemon seeing his lawyer. She penalizes our son for giving reports of negligence by his foster family during family meetings.  She threatens police arrest if I post recordings of anecdotal evidence of abuses to show others in Hamilton who work for the local newspaper.

She and his foster parents inevitably ask us, his family, how to care for Daemon because of no understanding how to do so while simultaneously claiming she knows better what is good for him in order to justify his detainment under false pretexts.  Another social worker said she felt he was intelligent, polite, well-raised but appeared reluctant to assert this due to some unspoken agenda by the family worker to withhold our son contrary to the mandate of the Society.  Society’s lawyer contradicts herself throughout all hearings on the subject of our son’s custody, and was reprimanded for doing so yet still she never ceased to contravene in this manner.

Foster parents complain they have no room for him or his things, and he if forced to share a bedroom with a depressed 15-year-old boy.  They have no time to devote to anything outside of basic meal preparation and have now brought in a volunteer to take him on library outings after allowing him to fester in the house for 3 weeks. He is distressed; he appears sallow, waxen, has difficulty focusing, and has repeatedly expressed his desire to return home, often in tears.  The Society has cut of all contact with him during the week, placing him at risk of negligence and compounding the stress levels of everyone in the family, especially Daemon, whose supposed safety is the purpose of their involvement.

In view of these urgent circumstances, the child’s health being placed at risk due to significant abuses by the Society and its employees, and no evidence of abuse from the family after 2 plus years of intrusion, on the basis that the foster parents have shown an incapacity to provide the basics of proper nursing care in spite of the fact that the doctor who examined him remarked on his possibly having an inflamed kidney, (the family still needs to detoxify from a recent food poisoning they suffered from and Daemon’s organs need to cleanse, doesn’t think it’s fair that these people follow her example while making slanderous mental allegations against her—no woman with the mental health conditions this [evidently] group of collaborators claim she has, could instruct them to such a level so consistently), the parents ask that full custody be returned to them on an urgent basis, and that the file be permanently closed.  Claims by the Society that we have not cooperated with them are false; it is they who refuse to follow their mandate; neither is their need to exercise control over the lives of competent parents an excuse to detain our son.  Any reasonably professional employee of this government ought to have discerned no need for the Society’s involvement by now!

This court filing contains

  1. April 15th, 2011 Order by Justice Lafreniere not signed, not sworn, not stamped by Family Court administration, placing the custody of Daemon Lane in the care of the father under the Society’s supervision— contains false claims the respondent, Christina Halasz-Lane, has “no fixed address” when her home was with her children as Aaron has no problem with her presence in his home and she has always been throughout the file, and, in fact, the children’s lives, supervisor of their care.
  2. Letter dated Sunday, May 15, 2011, signed that same week; submitted by father as evidence of errors made by medical staff in misdiagnosing Daemon’s mother.
  3. Brochure of Children’s Rights provided by the Society.
  4. Email by the Ministry of Family and Youth Services.
  5. Affidavit by Daemon’s mother about unfortunate experiences with the Society.
  6. Unofficial affidavit by Daemon’s mother; CAS affidavit countered and refuted.
  7. Answer and Plan of Care by Daemon’s mother.
  8. Mother’s letters of complaint about Daemon Lane’s treatment, treatment of family.
  9. Letters that evidence censorship abuses by social workers in charge of his file.
  10. Letter depicting legal abuses by CAS council.
  11. Letter in which Aaron Lane refutes any mental health allegations made against Christina Lane that reasonably ought to suffice as proof there is no ascertainable future danger posed to the child by the mother’s presence in his life— alleged yet disproven mental health allegations being the sole basis of this latest apprehension of the child—Justice Pazaratz ruled there was no evidence of mental illness after Lafreniere ordered a release of the mother’s hospital file.
  12. Affidavit of Service.
  13. Letter from CFSRB against the Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton.
  14. Most recent ruling by Judge Brown who entered the scene after repeated complaints by Daemon’s mother about other judges involved to CJC.
  15. List of items Daemon’s family has provided since most recent apprehension.

The respondents claim costs from the court due to significant losses and stress due to the Society’s and Court’s disregard for its mandate to promote Daemon Lane’s rights, the family’s rights throughout the file.

Guest Post: Why the Washington State Supreme Court Ruling Matters: Uncommon Schools ≠ Common Schools

Featured Image -- 7319


Now that we have established the characters of those who freeloaded from us while Mrs.Gates employed terror and torture tactics against us, one might think those with anything resembling a reputation left in business would be wary of taking further advantage of our position. The only appropriate action in this circumstance is to remove the obstruction with enthusiastic determination. Nothing accomplished while my endeavors are suppressed is sustainable because I am not able to offer my expertise to ensure it is done properly and those who behave this way have no clue how to live a stable lifestyle which is crucial for success.

Originally posted on Seattle Education:

The following piece was originally posted on the edushyster website:

“But what the case in Washington underscores most is the elemental choice made by charter proponents all those years ago, as they crafted the Minnesota legislation, variations of which are now on the books in 42 states. The choice was: do we work together as a community to best provide the state-mandated education of all our citizens and do so in a way that continues to be overseen by the electorate, which may mean re-allocating resources and (gasp) raising taxes, or do we just let private groups of folks do their own thing, using our taxes, in the name of education?”

The origins of a surprisingly simple decision that could have major implications…

By Martha Carey
Something unusual happened in Washington state late last week. Charter schools came out on the losing end of a lawsuit. In fact, charter schools…

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Our harrowing experience with Ontario child protective services.

I’ve got a new image header at the top of this blog. It features my son Daemon Donald Johnathan Lane as a young primary school-aged boy in our Grimsby rental, playing video games on my desktop system. Mostly, my kids used cd roms during their computer time; once a year on his birthday, my son was allowed to play online video games. Some of you will think this is overly strict— yet as an educator with twenty-one years of experience in the field (I successfully raised and taught two literate, reasonably polite, intelligent and capable children at home), I have noted a significant correlation to the use of video games and my son’s ability to focus on academic subjects. That’s how my son was made and it doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. Part of the benefit of small class sizes is you can focus on the individual’s temperament. My son’s schedule looked something like this at the time:


Those of you who are immersed in the school system might find his old schedule a little bit daunting because you are accustomed to kids in the class who are not able to keep themselves busy and stimulated. It seems, however, that Seattle Teacher’s Union agree I deserve recognition for my achievements in the field, as opposed to what has been forced on them by municipal officials in the area, thus the following piece that appeared on my news stream this morning under Onlyjustwords:

How you can support teachers during the Seattle teachers’ strike and other pertinent information #4MyTeacher

You might ask why these angry, picketing teachers fail to speak my name when they wave their protest signs— regretfully, things have transpired that are too shameful for words, and there have been death threats surrounding the controversy of my dispute with Bill and Melinda Gates, who are in the process of meddling aggressively in the American school infrastructure. I personally would be elated to see signs with slogans such as, “Pay Christina you dirty assholes!!!”, and, “Enough is enough how much bloody porn does one country need?!!!”, and, “Tell the Pope to fuck off!!!”.

It certainly would be no less repugnant to read picket signs like these than it is to see what we see on MTV these days so you can’t argue it ought to be R-rated language! I vehemently propose the school board can any teacher who thinks it is inappropriate for me to write that here in this column, in view of the hideous sex trafficking agenda that has been imposed on students between the lines of our school curriculum ever since the dawn of WWI.

Nobody who invests and or indulges heavily in smut that persecutes students for a plethora of politically-motivated reasons that make no bloody logical sense outside our corporate leader’s runaway sexual expenditures, has a right to lecture other people about their use of profane language. To do so is to take away our right to verbalize our disgust at your behavior when we have a right to freedom of speech and expression here in the West!  If students who perform well above average academically are persecuted in these so-called schools, then there can be no logical explanation for the agenda outside our own avarice and inadequacy. The complete disregard we have seen for the underprivileged, for immigrants from different cultures, and victims of sexual and physical abuse at home in these schools is appalling too. They are treated like refuse and there is little hope for their rehabilitation and advancement in that environment. Everyone deserves a chance to reach their full potential in the field that fits their own inbred aptitudes.

Anyhow, back to my son’s primary school schedule. You see, I am fortunate because my kids were equipped with sizable attention spans from an early age. Much of it is hereditary, and yet I am sure decisions I made enabled this outcome as well. What I ate while pregnant, what I did not eat or do, must have made a difference. It was not easy to make sacrifices yet I was motivated to do so because I learned at an early age the value of devotion. I told everybody online that I read, “What To Expect While You’re Expecting”, recommended to me by a Montreal nurse, and they began to sell the books in large quantity beside the checkout counters in our local grocery stores, and Hollywood made a movie with the same title. Surprisingly enough, it made little difference because people lack the attention spans and discipline to apply the knowledge.

I discussed the benefits of breastfeeding with other mothers online, I was attacked, shamed and banned from numerous message boards as a result. Then Melinda Gates began to promote breastfeeding with her “charitable foundation”. We were not able by and large to adopt this practice, however, because we lacked the attention spans necessary to make the correct dietary and lifestyle choices. I had no say in how the information was interpreted or disseminated, you see.

I also found this sort of schedule worked well with my own schedule— one that required an excessive amount of free time donated gratis to complete strangers in the corporate world. I did this so the financial elite could learn how to behave in a civilized manner online to make it hospitable as a mainstream commercial venue, and hopefully stop destroying our natural and human resources. I balanced that charity work with my own business pursuits, frequently investing 14-hour days for over a decade.

My business ventures were viciously blocked when I was ready to go to print after my book venture was completed; that was when the malicious child abuse reports rolled in and our landlord went on the warpath because he felt I failed to do his job properly. I kept a list of expenditures I assumed voluntarily while we lived in that rental on file to show my readers the level of lopsidedness I have to deal with in all my business endeavor since Mrs.Gates made it her personal business to make my life miserable.

No reasonable, fair-minded landlord would attack someone who spent that much money on his house. It turns out that Melinda Gates had dirt on the chair of the Landlord and Tenant Tribunal, making it impossible for us to defend ourselves, even though she herself profited from the woman’s criminal activities. This sort of scenario has transpired since my kids can remember, ever since the birth of my children we have been prevented by unseen forces from obtaining food and housing security. Apparently an entire underground of lawyers who indulge in the trade of young boys agree these tactics are perfectly legitimate, and as a result legal support has been out of reach throughout our ordeal. I was forced to learn the legal trade on my feet while fending off the Mafia if were to survive, and survive we did at great cost to our health and wellbeing.

Christina in her home office in Grimsby, Ontario.
Christina in her home office in Grimsby, Ontario.

A year of grueling work on my children’s book was sacrificed to the altar of mediocrity. My family’s financial income frequently put off in favor of charity work I was forced to do, and even so, I tried to be fair-minded about it. This work branched out into numerous fields including nutrition, medicine, behavior science, substance abuse awareness and an ongoing discussion on the merits of a shadow economy with an agenda that has decimated our education standards over the last century. I watched, crippled both physically and financially as a direct result of this filth’s meddling in my private business using amoral anti-competitive tactics that belong in a science-fiction novel, as thousands of small businesses were born of my efforts. Not one person credited me or said my name for fear of this freak of nature turning her death ray of Mordor on them instead of us.

My schedule was far from ideal, but I knew my kids could flourish despite my limited resources because they would not have to wade through the red tape of formalized, government-tainted “education”. People who beat and neglect their wayward children clucked their tongues; they were manipulated by unscrupulous gossips on the Internet into making false claims of child abuse against me to Ontario child protective services on numerous occasions because they thought I was a snob. Strange women in grocery stores accused me of beating my children because they equated discipline and literacy with things like residential schools. They were so brainwashed they could not discern the difference between positive and negative reinforcement. Meanwhile, Melinda Gates, the same woman who put these malignant gossips up to the libelous behavior that nearly cost us our lives on numerous occasions, boasted all over the Internet in thinly-veiled linguistics that only the elite could decode, that she beat her children aggressively and thought I was too gentle with my kids. People behind the allegations had billions of dollars to bribe government with, and thus my family suffered an inordinate amount of persecution for doing things properly.

My son was penalized and tormented by a certified Ontario Catholic School instructor of special needs children who held him without his consent in her foster care facility without so much as a chair or desk to study at for 7 long months— because I had the audacity to buy him these groceries when he complained he was weak with insomnia and starvation.

I was villainous because I sacrificed family vacations to feed my kids properly— it was not acknowledged that their wonderful attention spans could well be a direct result of proper nutrition. Meanwhile, the Canada Food Guide was altered and school food programs sprung up across the English Commonwealth and United States of America while other parents struggled to raise well adjusted kids in a sorry excuse of an education system. Kids from the local high schools were unceremoniously dragged out of the classrooms and into the grocery stores to learn comparison shopping and home economics because people knew my kids, male and female, learn that stuff in primary school.

My son was unscrupulously plucked from my home on numerous occasions since the age of 9 without anything resembling evidence of abuse or a fair trial because Melinda Gates’s friend, Ina Fried lords over a group of female hackers who target the cell phone accounts of court officials and police chiefs— people she herself did business with in the illicit drug trade were threatened if my family received fair treatment in tenancy court.

daemon1It happened once when Daemon was 9 in Grimsby- child protection took him from my house because I insisted reports against us were malicious and refused to cooperate with an intrusive investigation that stressed out my kids before they investigated the source of allegations. They said he had no physical education even after I posted this picture online of him wearing his bicycle helmet, and numerous ones of the family outings in parks and trails in the area, then they cut funding to countless phys-ed programs across the country.

They kept him for 3 weeks, the whole while pus pouring out of his face and a very high fever because of severe allergies he had to the carpets in the room they deliberately kept him in even after I told them numerous times it would make him deathly ill. He was dragged around all over the place on outings in that shape because he was being sexually encroached upon by the man of the house and was afraid to leave his bedroom where the rugs were.

They refused repeatedly to move him to a house without rugs while I fought them in court without a lawyer, and in the end they had to return him because he would have died in there and that would have been a media scandal. I was reprimanded during meetings with my son by social workers for enabling my son to express his grief and frustration and the symptoms he suffered so I could help him cope. It turns out there is a huge insurance racket among foster care applicants who willingly endorse conditions among wards that lead to mortality so they can collect millions in insurance dollars, none of which goes to the child’s birth family. The cops do not investigate these deaths because the courts are complicit in profits made selling the children, selling them drugs and pills to cope with the trauma of dealing with this flagrant incompetence. Absolutely disgusting on every level!

It happened again while we lived on Hamilton Mountain- they took my son from me in spite of the fact that there was a court order from Grimsby family court that stipulated the file was to be closed due to malicious allegations. This time, the rumor mill claimed he was being used as an informant in a police investigation when in fact a group of sex trade workers had leveraged themselves against our prime minister by holding my son hostage as a means to pass laws that decriminalized the sex trade for prostitutes and not johns. Once more, my son was placed in a hostile environment filled with allergens that people ought to know would endanger his life because I told them so and so did he.

This time, he stayed for 7 months and was finally returned to us traumatized and exhausted with a tumor on his throat in the beginning stages of throat cancer. They forced him to attend public school against his own wishes while this growth festered in his system, sick and depleted, longing above all else to return home to his mother and sister- they performed personality tests that were prejudiced against soft-spoken intellectuals, made false mental health allegations against him and said he exhibited delinquent behavior when he refused to be bullied by the special ed teacher who detained him. He had no say in anything at that foster home whereas he was raised in an environment of absolute freedom. It was not the sort of transition any reasonable adult would ask him to make. The law clearly states a child’s beliefs are to be respected when choosing a temporary placement, but that’s not even something I ought to have to discuss because consent laws would forbid the apprehension in the first place, and his consent rights were maliciously disregarded as you will see in this video recording I took during our first meeting after the abduction:

I believe the local school board played a heavy roll in this scandal simply because they wished to see for themselves what sort of kid I had raised. They would never subject a student with peanut allergies to this treatment because they have been properly trained to recognize it as a life-and-death matter, yet the ignorance surrounding chemical sensitivity astounds. It goes to show that as large groups, human beings are dense and ignorant, in need of intervention if they are to function with any degree of sensitivity to the needs of individuals.

[I’ll write more here when I’ve had a break- I am still in a fair bit of pain and I find writing at a keyboard arduous; there are food security issues in our home to this day that make it difficult to manage my illness.]


Thoughts on: From stuffy to selfies: Queen Elizabeth II tries to change with the times

The author, Christina Halasz-Lane, sits at a chair in Toronto’s Osgoode Hall a few years ago while she self-represented in tenancy court due to conflict with an old landlord in Grimsby, Ontario. Christina wears a black Olsen brand suit blazer, a knitted dress from Australia, also black, and hematite earrings & necklace set in silver. The eviction was against the law and Christina fought it all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada without any legal advise or representation. She simultaneously fended off the fallacious advances Grimsby child protective services, who targeted her primary school-aged son with a human trafficking agenda. These attacks were instigated by foreign business interests who sought to obstruct Christina’s business endeavors in children’s edutainment publishing.

It is certainly no simple matter, the Monarchy and it’s trappings. On the one hand we have a mammoth institution that carries with it this gargantuan pre-history rife with inscrutable traditions, most of them not terribly feminist— and on the other hand we have the more recent modernity that plays at opposing many of these so-called old world leadership ideologies.

You have to admire Elizabeth’s tenacity and endurance when you see how anti-intuitive all of this stuff must be for a woman. I imagine just the effort of maintaining an outward appearance of stability is exhausting with such an untenable agenda. Then there is the considerable affluence that comes with such a position; the perks and privileges one might perceive as excessive from the point of view of someone from a different class, but which are little recompense for those thrust into the limelight from such a tender age.

Monarchs and their immediate families are subject to deep-seated class envy, intrigue and the realities of political life even on their off days. Diplomacy becomes a lifestyle and appearances must be cultivated to enable that process; the threat of assassination always looms and there are so many responsibilities that come with maintaining such a lavish lifestyle; it doesn’t just take care of itself. Due to my family’s pedigree, our family having married in morganatically with Elizabeth’s mother’s side, we too were subject to persecution even though we were not titled and had none of the wealth nor influence one typically associates with the foul play of those who covet Royal entitlements.

One must remember these people are there to compete with other dynasties that are ten times more opulent and dictatorial on behalf of the British Commonwealth. It’s easy to lose sight of their purpose when the standard of education has devolved to such an extent and media information dissemination operates largely in soundbites calculated to please the palate of the average Joe.

“The institution has redeemed itself successfully by an expensive but clever use of PR,” said lawmaker Paul Flynn, one of the few self-professed republicans in parliament.

One of the illustrations the author created for a book launch that never was due to interference from all levels of provincial government while nothing was done at the Federal level to reign in illegal abuse of municipal and provincial legislation to curb perfectly legitimate and law-abiding business pursuits.
One illustration the author created for a book launch that never was due to interference from all levels of provincial government while nothing was done at the Federal level to reign in illegal abuse of municipal and provincial legislation to curb perfectly legitimate and law-abiding business pursuits. The entire family was left sick and depleted due to these rogue government activities calculated to expose corruption at the expense of her family, simply by merit of the fact that they are distant relations to the crown by accident of birth— as are thousands of other people.

I wouldn’t put it that way. It was very much a sink or swim proposition and the Internet is a lawless environment governed by the appetites of the masses. I would say I made it possible for the Royals to know how to interact successfully with their subjects through example and yet I never billed them for my services so it was what you might call a free ride in many respects, and that is only to be expected from our most affluent welfare recipients. When one has such a broad spectrum of talents people will incline to marginalize one into whatever profession is convenient for them so as not to acknowledge one’s efforts. I got that a lot growing up— I was the artist to the academics and the academic to the artists. In fact, I am able to bridge many different worlds due to a very well-rounded education, a wide area of professional interests and potentiality which I inherited from my mother.

“They are symbolic, there is a great wave of popularity for the younger royals and clearly the institution is secure for the immediate FUTURE but it is very much thanks to the personality of the queen and her reluctance to get involved in matters that do not concern her.”

What does and does not concern Queen Elizabeth has yet to be defined, as does her reach south of the border. I am an optimist, so I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, only with such high stakes, it is tenable at best to say the Monarchy has financial interests to promote at the cost of all else, given its historic methods and predisposition for dogma.

Ultimately, I fear it will become increasingly arduous for Elizabeth and company to sit on the sidelines while we are still barred entry to services and privileges enjoyed by other Canadians. We have proven ourselves to be resilient and honorable people despite others’ prejudices and inherent dishonestly.

via From stuffy to selfies: Queen Elizabeth II tries to change with the times | The Financial Express.