No other way to perceive this terrorist scenario- the evidence is irrefutable and denial cannot change that.

Self-portrait I took this evening. I’ve been recuperating from lengthy, debilitating inflammation of the kidneys that kept me indoors for most of the summer so far.

Summer has so far been a mixed bag of simple pleasures such as container gardening and fruit salad on the one hand; and the other hand there is the discomfort one gets with chemical sensitivity when one eats things one is allergic to— most recently the heat wave in our region making the latter a little bit more intense. I ventured out twice this week to do errands and I was able to get around fairly well, but anyone who paid attention could see me stop and cringe, grab my back in agony, or even let out a shrill squawk of pain every so often if I moved the wrong way. No, that wasn’t a new dance move, folks…

The reason my kidneys are troubling me this summer is due to a lack of Vitamin D3, which can lead to health problems such as kidney inflammation, high blood pressure and lethargy. Chemical sensitivity makes eating things like pesticide-laden fresh produce a bit tricky at times even when you are in optimal health and circumstance has made that impossible for us. I did not have the inclination to go anywhere near lawyers to challenge the decision when my application for ODSP was denied last summer and I think the legal community kind of dug their own grave there. This is due to the profoundly negative experience we had trying to get representation while a member of our family’s rights were severely infringed upon. We never found a lawyer, which was an ongoing problem for a variety of critical matters since our arrival in this province.

As a result, I am well-versed at legalese and I’ve had quite the schooling in the field, not that this was justified by any means, as I was already able to manage sans lawyer in a variety of areas ranging from divorce applications to securing copyright protection prior to this repeated legal immersion trauma. People encouraged me to attend area legal clinics in order to secure provincial disability payments and I have little doubt it may have gone well in lieu of the caliber of those who encouraged me, but there was a process of avoidance I had to chew through; a natural result of acute psychological trauma that even the most mentally healthy people must go through before they are able to resume day-to-day life on normal terms.

The irony of this, of course, is that stress on my psyche is no doubt compounded by the lack of this essential vitamin which the local municipal and provincial governments are directly responsible for depriving us of all these years. One cannot be at the beach with no vehicle, and they stole ours for malicious reasons in complete breech of municipal bylaws; one cannot be at one’s desktop computer night and day, fighting for one’s family’s very lives, and also at the beach, in the park, soaking up the sun.

I now own a relatively competitive laptop computer model, however prior to this lucky new acquisition, I owned a clunky, outmoded desktop model that tied me down and was nowhere near portable. The financial strain those involved in this persecution saw fit to reign down on us made the acquisition of such a thing impossible, much less regular meals, which I am sure exacerbated any illness and emotional grief we suffered. I understand certain suckles on the public purse are collecting all the monies owed us and living quite well on the interest it earns from their offshore investments, though. I would like the thank them for their ingenuity and creative maths skills.

Last summer we went out a little in the neighborhood to run errands but we were fighting through some serious residual grief from what happened the year before when Hamilton child protective services helped themselves to my son without his consent in complete disregard for his legal rights and the law. None of us got anything resembling a tan, and the year before that, with Daemon in captivity, there was no leisure time for any of us either. That is why we all look like we had a bath in phosphorescent paint and we don’t feel our best these days.

In retrospect, Hamilton, Ontario was the city I reigned in; it was the first place we moved to where I was able to fully decipher the insidious means by which my reputation was dismantled. The local government felt it was their right to use force and break the law as a means to determine whether these rumors were true and I know they deeply regret it now that everyone can see who we are.

For many years previous to the last three years of hell, I was drowned in red tape from child protection and malicious attacks from landlords by massive mounds of court documents so nobody got much sun then either. For many years before that, I was stalked by malicious parties on the Internet who took great pleasure in tying my hands with malicious libel that resulted in extremely stressful problems with the municipal governments of every city we moved to. That’s the reason we have never been able to go on vacation, not to mention the expense made it impossible.

Our lives were a series of unwarranted emergencies from out of the blue that required an enormous amount of free labor and this tied us down to our place of residence. I juggled that between painstaking devotion to projects that I hoped would result in economic stability; my comic book project, “The Purple Planet”, for instance. I devoted many all-nighters to my commercial arts projects while my kids slept and then I gave them full-time home care during the day. It was a tremendous work load and this had an impact on my health, of course, because it was beyond cruel and there was no discussing the matter with those who hurt us because since hid in the shadows, invading our privacy with impunity and spreading malicious falsehoods about our private business that only further and more extensive privacy invasion from others could refute. (Evidently people these days are sorely lacking in common sense or else they take far too much pleasure in minding other’s private business.)

Due to the malicious gossip, nobody would hire me to do contract work and my projects were shunned while others were encouraged to help themselves to my intellectual property, and then that of my children as they matured into productive people. You must understand I had no idea I was being defamed because those responsible pretend to this day that I do not exist! Our persecutors, who shall not be named here, think by ignoring people they can steal with impunity and nobody will call them on it. At first, when my kids were young, it felt like a curse hung over us. If someone had tried to tell us there was a conspiracy to ruin our lives and impede our worldly success I’d have thought them incredulous! Now I see to what lengths some people will go to secure their own positions, and I fully understand the technology at their disposal; the intricacy and scale of their social networks, their invisible reach within our institutions of domesticity, learning, health, leisure, faith, work and law, and how that transcends our common perception of human rights and justice.

Information is, theoretically, dependent on a certain degree of moral judgment if one is to employ it as a means to destroy others’ prospects and reputation. The word reputation carries in itself a certain implicit suggestion of morality, as you will see from the following Merriam Webster definition:

Full Definition of REPUTATION

a :  overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general
b :  recognition by other people of some characteristic or ability <has the reputation of being clever>

a:  a place in public esteem or regard :  good name <trying to protect his reputation>

In order for one to have a “good name or reputation”, it is understood that it is, likewise, possible for one to have a “bad name or reputation”, or else this definition would not make sense in the greater context of society and its projected behavior norms.

I raise this matter because those responsible for the defamatory acts, privacy invasion and stalking that targets my family to this day in the name of national security have, themselves, transcended the definition of disreputable, as one might assume the notion of trustworthiness would carry with it some degree of respect for the law, if not a certain degree of moral fiber and regard at least for one’s peers rather than guile and turpitude exclusively. Our collective perception of morality does tie itself to the customs of the day, and it is not carved in stone because our customs follow trends, however, when one claims to live a life of “charity” and to act with “concern for women’s rights”, morality and good character is a hard sell when one simultaneously profits from the sexual and psychological exploitation of children.

I’ve heard it all thousands of times during my travails in big business and government; how my “naiveté” makes it impossible for me to earn a living wage in modern society and I may as well compromise my value system in order to compete in this climate, but that’s not the story you told all those people who shut me out of the job and housing market, is it. You saddled me, a disabled woman from a poor neighborhood who had enough pain and disadvantage in her life, with all your own transgressions while you played the lily white virgin, then you censored all our news outlets to reflect this twisted deception. My outstanding academic achievements never once lead to pause in your harsh treatment of me either, because you saw it as an opportunity to enrich yourself at my expense while you lied to everyone around you and said I was worthless in your estimation, and deserved to be locked out of society. To this day you can not admit I am anything but disposable while you build your massive fortunes around my intellect! What would happen to you if others were to say you had vilified the woman who made you what you are and in doing so, made yourself a pitiful fraud, only because nobody ever taught you the value of sharing?

There is no room for morality in this discussion, much less merit, therefore you are in no position to judge anyone! If you truly believe your morality to be superior to mine, and you genuinely think young children are not deserving of rights unless they are sexually active as toddlers, and you invade people’s privacy with intent to enforce such a moral outlook because you truly believe it is just, then why did you tell people I hurt my kids while you pretended you had no sexuality to speak of? If you are so certain this perspective is worthy of enforcement with fascist subterfuge of the very fabric of civilization, why do you not lobby the government to change the laws to reflect this? We all know the answer to this question: you know full well you are rotten and sick in the head, you are in denial and your urge to manifest this agenda on society is one of retribution or for some demented sense of entitlement based on fantasy and projection.

I don’t argue that certain social problems are entrenched since the dawn of time and it is impossible to eliminate corruption on a global scale, which is the excuse we get from purveyors of this agenda. My beef is this: you use other people’s bad behavior as an excuse to not even try to act like civilized people- a moral judgment of them, then use the law that others designed to protect the general population from human rights atrocities- hard won through various civil wars and uprisings which is no insignificant thing- as a means to penalize and expel those who are able to follow it far better than you ever did. You do this not from a place of deprivation and suffering, but from a perspective of middle class privilege! You have never wanted for anything; never gone hungry, and yet you are so flip in deciding who gets to bloody well eat, aren’t you?!

It’s not enough for you any more that we turn a blind eye to your corruption, you force law-abiding people to break the law; to victimize their own children for your economic gain- you wish to use the law enforcement community, whose salaries are paid from our tax dollars, as your own private fascist militia to enforce rape and theft for your own competitive advantage. You fly around the globe on “business”, liaison after hotel liaison as tax deductions to pay for your sexual extravagance that you only need to buy because you are so utterly horrible that nobody would otherwise touch you, then you peer down onto our dinner plates to inform us our servings of meat are not frugal enough for your taste!?

There are no words to describe the utter vulgarity of your excess and complete disregard for other people. With every positive gain through your business comes a cesspool of exorbitant negatives that far outweigh your accomplishments, because when you steal our identity as a means to legitimize yourself, you take with you only a fragment of the knowledge necessary to achieve balanced results. Everything else- all your energy goes into indulging your disproportionate appetites and nobody could behave with such overindulgence while doing their jobs properly.

The station that you are fit for; your rightful place in life is one you falsely branded me with, and as a result, I still feel the sting of others’ profound disgust for you and make no mistake, it is massive. My kids have done without, and suffered so you could have all that at their expense while your own feeble kids were beaten silly because you had no idea how to raise them even when I set such a strong, loving example for you to emulate. As a result I have carried your cross all my life and so have my children. They are sick because you have never known mercy, you get pleasure from watching others suffer and you try to blame it on me when you know full well they would be dead had I not been so competent, as you intended.

Failures of your own parents that result in this obscene abuse of those who enable your lavish existence that you feel justify your persecution of us are telling, and your family will bear the shame of your assault on us if it’s the last thing I do. Photographs of you and your mother with pretty hairdos do not absolve you of your appalling crimes against us. I am not a vindictive person but you do not know when to stop and I have already lived half my life in this misery you saw fit to saddle me with to punish me for something I never did to you- that I could never do to another living soul because I really do believe “all lives have equal value”.

Christina Halasz-Lane thoughts on the Feminist movement

Second publishing on Jul 11, 2015- originally published on Twitter over 2 years ago.

I recorded this lecture on “Feminism” after a long series of political attacks by Canadian politicians and reporters who claim to stand for women’s rights, yet incline to traffic heterosexual women as a means for economic competition.

Notice the stats read “8” on my Youtube views, yet everyone I talk to on Twitter is talking about it today and there are nearly 200 people there. That qualifies as a form of human trafficking because it prevents us from capitalizing from the web traffic we generate. That right there is proof these women, who manage the sites that target us by publishing fraudulent visitor traffic numbers, do engage in human trafficking to suit a greater economic agenda— which is, in fact, discrimination.

Here is the definition of human trafficking for those who have a false notion of what that is and how destructive it is:

While smuggling requires travel, trafficking does not. Trafficked people are held against their will through acts of coercion, and forced to work for or provide services to the trafficker or others. The work or services may include anything from bonded or forced labor to commercial sexual exploitation.[1][2] The arrangement may be structured as a work contract, but with no or low payment, or on terms which are highly exploitative. Sometimes the arrangement is structured as debt bondage, with the victim not being permitted or able to pay off the debt.

Forced labor is a situation in which victims are forced to work against their own will under the threat of violence or some other form of punishment; their freedom is restricted and a degree of ownership is exerted. Men are at risk of being trafficked for unskilled work, which globally generates 31 billion USD according to the International Labor Organization.[21] Forms of forced labor can include domestic servitude, agricultural labor, sweatshop factory labor, janitorial, food service and other service industry labor, and begging.[20] Some of the products produced by forced labor are: clothing, cocoa, bricks, coffee, cotton, and gold, among others.[22]

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), the single largest global provider of services to victims of trafficking, reports receiving an increasing number of cases in which victims were subjected to forced labour. A 2012 study observes that “…2010 was particularly notable as the first year in which IOM assisted more victims of labour trafficking than those who had been trafficked for purposes of sexual exploitation.”[23]

Child labour is a form of work that is likely to be hazardous to the physical, mental, spiritual, moral, or social development of children and can interfere with their education. According to the International Labor Organization, the global number of children involved in child labour has fallen down during the past decade – it has declined by one third, from 246 million in 2000 to 168 million children in 2012.[24] Sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the highest incidence of child labour, while the largest numbers of child-workers are found in Asia and the Pacific.[24]

Here is some recent activity surrounding the human trafficking debate that follows my family beneath the subtext of political players for some time now:


Senator John Cornyn, center, the trafficking bill’s main sponsor, worked with Senator Patty Murray to work out changes. Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a stalled bill to fight human trafficking, freeing members to consider the nomination of Loretta E. Lynch to be the next attorney general.

The 99-to-0 vote moved the chamber past legislation that had been delayed for about six weeks, since Democrats withdrew their support for the bipartisan bill over an anti-abortion provision. Senators finally reached a compromise on that provision on Tuesday.

Though not related, the fate of the trafficking bill became entwined with Ms. Lynch’s nomination when Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, said he would not schedule a confirmation vote on the attorney general nominee until the Senate finished the trafficking bill.

The Senate is scheduled to vote to move forward on Ms. Lynch’s nomination on Thursday morning, with a confirmation vote expected to follow in the afternoon.

In other Senate action, the Finance Committee late Wednesday approved a bill to give President Obama special authority to finish negotiating a huge trade accord with Pacific Rim nations. The debate on the “fast track” legislation, which is opposed by many liberal lawmakers and labor groups, will shift to the House on Thursday.

The Senate trafficking bill, which was intended to increase penalties for perpetrators and support for victims, particularly the preadolescent girls who are targeted, would also strengthen the ability of law enforcement to investigate trafficking, including through the expanded authority to intercept communications. It would also make patrons of traffickers equally responsible for the crimes, imposing harsher punishments on the so-called johns.

“This has been a long, strange journey here to final passage, but here we are, and we’ve kept our focus all along on the victims,” Senator John Cornyn, Republican of Texas and the bill’s main sponsor, said on the floor shortly before the final vote.

Senator Ted Cruz, also a Texas Republican, was not present for the vote.

The bill will now need to be worked out with the House, which passed another version of the legislation that did not include a victims’ fund, among other differences.

As senators voted on amendments to the trafficking bill, about two dozen black men showed up at the office of Mr. Cornyn, who is the Republican whip, demanding to speak to him about the delay in the confirmation vote on Ms. Lynch. Now the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Ms. Lynch would become the first black woman to serve as attorney general. With the stated support of at least five Republican senators, she is expected to be confirmed, ending her more than five-month wait since being nominated — the longest of any cabinet secretary in the past three administrations.

“More Americans are doing more stuff, but somehow this Senate can’t actually do two things at one time? That makes no sense,” said Roland Martin, a commentator and host on TV One, and an organizer of the demonstration. “It’s not just about if you’re heard. It’s, ‘Dammit, get to work.’ ”

The Obama administration took one last dig at Senate Republicans Wednesday, with Eric Schultz, the deputy White House press secretary, telling reporters that Ms. Lynch had been “waiting longer than it took to write the Constitution to be confirmed by the United States Senate.”

On Wednesday, senators waded into a sea of amendments to the trafficking bill. Among those approved was one that would require the secretary of defense to identify to the attorney general those prosecuted under the military justice system who are required to register as sex offenders, while another would increase grants to states that have laws terminating the parental rights of those who father children through rape.

An amendment introduced by Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, that would have increased protections for homeless children, said to be the most vulnerable to traffickers, ultimately fell short of the 60 votes it needed to pass.

The Senate started its day Wednesday by unanimously approving the changes to the bill, worked out primarily by Mr. Cornyn and Senator Patty Murray, Democrat of Washington.

The deal would address Democrats’ concerns that the legislation would expand the Hyde Amendment, a law that prevents taxpayer dollars from being used to pay for abortions, by essentially splitting in two a victims’ fund created in the bill. Fines collected from trafficking offenders would go toward non-health care services, while federal money for community health centers — subject to the Hyde Amendment — would provide the rest. Many victims would be able to obtain abortions under the laws’ exemption in cases of rape.

“I know that Senator Cornyn and many others agreed with us that an effort to fight back against human trafficking in our country is, without question, no place for gridlock and dysfunction,” Ms. Murray said on the floor. “It certainly shouldn’t have taken this long.”

There is no evidence you can install this substance safely and in our experience the fumes last many years so this CBC series is fraudulent although it does expose the reality of chemical exposure. The Canadian and US Governments banned a similar sprayfoam product called Urea Foam in the 1980’s due to its proven carcinogenic properties and yet nothing was done to prevent it being sold under different labels. Here is an article written October 30th 2013 that acknowledges this:

The Canadian government spent millions of dollars insulating 80,000 to 100,000 homes with this insulation, then spent many more millions uninstalling it when reports of problems emerged. Canada banned the product, as did the Consumer Products Safety Commission in 1982 in the U.S.—though the latter later reversed the ban a year later.

The industry largely disappeared. While there had been 39 manufacturers of UFFI in 1977 and upwards of 1,500 installers, that dropped to just a handful by the early-eighties. Most of us pretty much forgot about the product.

UFFI is still around

The UFFI industry shrank to just seven manufacturers by 1981, then two large producers, Borden and Ciba-Geigy, ceased production. But the remaining five companies have continued to produce UFFI, though under different names. Most of those companies have gone to significant effort to avoid any association with UFFI.

Among the five manufacturers of UFFI today, you will variously see the material referred to as “injection foam,” “amino foam,” “aminoplast foam,” “tri-polymer foam,” “dry-resin foam,” and various combinations thereof. The only reference you’re unlikely to see is “urea-formaldehyde,” and if you ask manufacturers what the stuff is most will go to great lengths to obfuscate their response.

There is extensive coverage by the CBC on this issue and I am the one who brought it to the attention of Marketplace when I sent them an email while I lived at the house in question on Hamilton Mountain.  I had no answer to my email and as a result, I sent another email that alleged the CBC were impervious to the needs of Canadian consumers and complicit in trafficking my family because they fail to cover our story of human rights abuses and post WWII Nazi war crimes— as punishment, Tom Harrington made malicious calls to child protection and alleged I was mentally ill. As a direct result, my son was apprehended in breech of his consent rights ad used as live bait by police without my permission- and sent back 7 months later after a series of Mickey Mouse court hearings presided over by corrupt judges who ignored all my evidence. He came home with throat cancer because the law enforcement community encouraged his foster parents to conduct chemical experiments on him while he was held captive in Oakville, Ontario. :


Sprayfoam test results

Marketplace asked Frank Haverkate of Haverkate & Associates/ to conduct a limited air quality and chemical analysis of the home in Caledon, Ontario.  Over 48 hours, Haverkate collected air samples from the master bedroom, as well as from the main floor.  He also collected foam samples from the attic, directly above the master bedroom.  The homeowner and the manufacturer commissioned their own air analyses and foam inspections (visual, application, thickness).
Air Sample Results
Haverkate & Associates discovered elevated levels of several Volatile Organic Compounds in the Franceschini home, particularly concentrated in the master bedroom on the second floor.

These chemicals included benzene, ethylbenzene (a possible carcinogen) Toulene Diisocyanates (TDI, also possible carcinogens) and Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), the inhalation of which can cause allergic reactions. These chemicals were found at levels considered acceptable for industrial settings, in which solvents, glues and other materials are present.   In his opinion, the levels of these chemicals are too high for a home, but notes that there are currently no limits for chemicals in residential settings.

Haverkate & Associates did not, and cannot, conclusively prove that the above air-borne chemicals originated from the spray foam application, because residential supplies (such as paint, hairspray and aerosols) as well as building materials and/or attached garages can influence air samples.

Foam Sample Results
Marketplace’s test asked for an analysis of foam samples.   According to Haverkate, the foam samples revealed a number of elevated aldehydes, in particular acetaldehyde and its better known relative, formaldehyde. These are suspected cancer causing agents.   Spray foam is advertised as formaldehyde-free which makes its presence in the insulation surprising.  Haverkate believes that the aldehydes may have been created as a result of improper spray foam application.

Below are excerpts from his summary report:

Haverkate and associates performed a 48 hour TO-15 analysis using a passive diffusion monitor on the main floor (GR4525) as well as a passive dosimeter on the 2nd floor (GR4540). A blank sample was also used for quality control. A bulk sample of the spray foam insulation was removed from the attic and sent for a chamber test for VOC as well as aldehydes including formaldehyde.

The results found benzene levels to be elevated at 5.32  µg/m3; the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standard is 0.31µg/m3.

This study also found Ethylbenzene levels to be elevated at 9.58 µg/m3; the EPA standard is 0.97  µg/m3.

This study found low levels of Methyl ethyl ketone or 2-Butanone otherwise known as MEK. Acute or short term inhalation of MEK, even at low levels, can lead to allergic reactions such as irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat according to the US EPA.

The EPA states that no information is available on developmental, reproductive or carcinogenic effects of MEK in humans but have been shown in animals. Studies are on-going. The New Jersey Department of Health lists MEK as a hazardous substance.

Of special interest in the results of the chamber tests is the result of formaldehyde at 1.47 µg/ This may be the result of a bi product created as a result of the improper installation. In this test MEK was also present at 1.23 µg /

Haverkate and believe that the indoor air quality in the home has been negatively affected by the spray foam installation and recommend the immediate removal of this product.

Haverkate and also do not recommend that the home be occupied until this has been successfully executed and another air quality study has been performed.

Without limitation, this assessment is not a structural or mechanical inspection, pest inspection, or building code compliance inspection. The results of the assessment apply only to conditions at the time and date of the assessment. Environmental pollution levels may be significantly higher or lower at different times other than the date and time of the assessment. This assessment cannot be exhaustive given the limited cost and time devoted to it. Therefore, all problem areas may not be identified and hidden or developing problems may be missed. In many cases the severity of hidden issues such as but not limited to mould growth may be significantly different than observed without a destructive and exhaustive inspection. Absolutely no warranties or guarantees are provided whatsoever and the assessment is not a forecast or an insurance policy. The client hereby releases Haverkate & Associates Inc/, its directors, employees, or contractors from any and all liability.

Any reference to health symptoms or information dealing with health is not meant to serve as medical advice or a medical diagnosis in any way. Should you experience health issues, changes in your health or believe there may be a danger to your health, it is strongly recommended that you leave the building and contact your physician immediately.

We recommend that all work to be performed by carried out by qualified personnel in accordance with all municipal, provincial, and federal laws as well as in accordance with industry accepted water damage and mould remediation guidelines such as but not limited to the IICRC S-500 and IICRC S-520.

No oral representation made by any person shall modify or amend this report. Should conditions become apparent that differ significantly from our understanding and conditions as presented in this report, we request that we be notified immediately to reassess the conclusions provided herein.

The client shall not hold or cause to hold and/or Haverkate & Associates Inc, its directors, employees or contractors liable in any way.

I spoke with a local building contractor last year and he heavily implied that the government is well aware of he problem and also had full knowledge of the dangers of Asbestos prior to its large scale use in North American homes as insulation. My understanding is there are significant profits to be made from the sale of pharmaceuticals to those who fall ill from these substances. I believe a timeline can be drawn between the Urea Foam debate and the AIDS epidemic; there is evidence that many of the so-called viruses we are treated for do not exist, and chemical poisoning is simply not diagnosed by the North American medical community.

Bottom line is I was railroaded into that house, presumably by those who wished to expose the corrupt practices of our present stock market system— and subsequently accused of disloyalty to the legislative branches of government. I am fighting for our lives and if other people happen to be going through the same thing that is an afterthought at this point because people do not seem to comprehend the severity and scale of this issue. The fact that my economic activities are simultaneously suppressed while I am forced to reside with a hostile ex-husband is a side-issue at this point. The fact remains that the only rental accommodations available to us in the area are filled with consumer products that exacerbate our acute sensitivity to certain chemicals and until we have the support of the legal community we will not be able to separate from the psychological effects of an abusive marriage. All that takes a side seat to our immediate physical safety but the ravages of the emotional and psychological abuses of being kept in this environment are significant and anyone who claims to care about women’s issues while this transpires has a lot of explaining to do.

Here we have evidence of stock holders gearing up for the scandal to break in the news. The article is peppered with human trafficking lingo as well as insider trading information to those who understand the linguistics utilized by the criminal underground.

Press Release
High Temperature Insulation Market Will Be Worth $5.14 Billion By 2020: Market Report By Grand View Research, Inc.

Published: July 10, 2015 9:12 a.m. ET

Growing need to conserve energy across various industries and sector is expected to be one of the driving factors for the High Temperature Insulation market.

San Francisco, California, Jul 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) —

The global market for high temperature insulation is expected to reach USD 5.14 billion by 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Growing need to conserve energy across various industries and sector is expected to be one of the driving factors for the market. In addition, stringent regulations imposed on cement, oil & gas and metal producers to reduce green house gases emission has also helped in developing the market for high temperature insulation. However, health risks associated with the carcinogenic content in high temperature insulation materials has been a key issue for industry participants. In order to reduce reliance on synthetic insulation materials, industry has shifted its focus towards developing bio-based alternatives for high temperature materials.

Even those who live with the carcinogens and ill health effects, and have lost family members to cancer and AIDS do not seem to care what propels the stock market as nothing was done to stop the use of these materials even after I made significant efforts to expose it after my family fell ill from its presence in our former rental. Call it mass insanity, or runaway greed— there is something to be said about people with poor scientific knowledge making decisions about how our economic system is structured.

Certainly, nobody who has been permitted to work in North America with respect to labor laws is in any position to understand the profound impact that human trafficking has had on my family. We get the cancer fumes, like everyone else, and on top of that we have the human trafficking ordeal. Those responsible justify these attacks on us, saying because we represent a marginalized group and do not have a large special interest population to back us; say we deserve to suffer without human rights for this reason only. Special interest groups are exploited as a means to leverage these toxic substances into our lives; feminism is used as a means to inflame women and turn them against their own families so that nobody will fend off industry that invades our homes in this manner.

So long as our homes are divided in such a manner as to turn us against one another because of petty things like gender orientation, disability status, that sort of thing, we will be divided and our own government will use that as an excuse to conquer and exploit us. Meanwhile, the “feminist” leaders who devised this predatory system continue to say women deserve to be battered and financially abused if they do not fit within the confines of “feminist” doctrine. Female politicians and business women who spend exorbitant sums of tax dollars on prostitutes will continue to condemn those of us who live quiet middle-class lives. Meanwhile, I am stalked online by a billionaire psychopath who tells my ex-husband I deserve to spend the rest of my life in a mental hospital because I object to his emotional abuses and those financial abuses of my mothers-in-law. I know she says this in a bid to suppress coverage of covert chemical warfare she devised against the entire population of North America. Those “feminists” who condone this instigator’s behavior do not care if they drop dead of cancer because they are filthy stinking rich and I guess they feel it’s a small price to pay for that lifestyle. I think we need to have a dialogue about what constitutes sound judgment and mental health right about now.

Coroners Service denies deleting suicide note from fired health worker

Cindy E. Harnett / Times Colonist
July 7, 2015 02:14 PM
Updated: July 7, 2015 08:33 PM
Rod MacIsaac.jpg
Roderick MacIsaac committed suicide after being fired from his research job. He left a note that was later deleted from his computer. Photograph By Submitted

The sister of a drug researcher, who killed himself after being fired as part of a flawed Health Ministry investigation, says her brother’s suicide note was deleted before it was returned by the B.C. Coroners Service.

However, the Island’s regional coroner is confident nothing was deleted, nor did the police officer tasked with opening the password-protected computer delete anything.

It’s the latest twist in the Health Ministry firings saga that has prompted calls for a public inquiry. On Tuesday night, the family of Roderick MacIsaac was left with more questions.

›› DOWNLOAD a PDF of Linda Kayfish’s letter to the premier

MacIsaac, a PhD student on a co-op term with the Health Ministry, killed himself in December 2012, three months after being fired with seven others amid allegations of health data mismangement and breaches. The provincial government has since apologized for his firing and made settlements with most of the others.

MacIsaac, 46, died from carbon monoxide poisoning by running a gas-powered generator in his small Saanich suite.

On his laptop was a one-page document — what sister Linda Kayfish calls his “suicide note”.

MacIsaac’s last recorded computer access was late Dec. 7, 2012, according to a coroner’s report. He was working on a document “relating to the events that were causing him significant stress,” the report said. The laptop was seized by the B.C. Coroners Service as part of its death investigation.

The document was read to Linda Kayfish and here husband Doug in June 2013; letters of the alphabet were substituted for the people named in the document.

Vancouver Island regional coroner Matthew Brown said the document was evidence and a printed copy could not be shared but that following the investigation, the family could have the electronic file.

The coroners service returned the laptop in October 2013. The Kayfishes said the document was missing and it took going through deleted emails on the laptop’s hard drive to retrieve it.

In an interview, Brown said he spoke with the police officer who examined the password-protected laptop.

“I feel confident in saying the coroner did not delete it, nor did the police delete it at any point, nor would they be asked to, nor would they do that in the course of their investigation,” Brown said. “Was it hidden behind a wall of some sort; was it not available at first glance? Maybe.”

In the document, MacIsaac wrote that he was frustrated that high-level management accused of mishandling and wrongly awarding contracts were the ones conducting the investigation that led to his firing, said Doug Kayfish. MacIsaac named names.

MacIsaac also wrote that there were no substantive allegations against him or the other seven, Linda Kayfish said in an interview.

On Tuesday, in an open letter to Premier Christy Clark, Kayfish questioned whether the government, through the coroners service, deleted the document. “Imagine our disappointment. A man’s last words, meant to be read by family and friends regarding his abrupt departure, were no longer available. . . .

“In my view, Roderick would have wanted those reviewing the matter to see it and for his family to have it,” Kayfish wrote.

The suppression of MacIsaac’s document points to the need for a public inquiry, she wrote.

“It is part of a continuing pattern to cover up mistakes and actions by the powerful, while exposing those, such as Roderick, to the full force of government power,” Kayfish says in her letter. “Rod had rights, they were not respected and continue to be disrespected after his death.”

An all-party legislative committee is scheduled Wednesday to ask provincial ombudsperson Jay Chalke to investigate the health firings scandal.

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Ottawa pensions help thalidomide survivors fulfill most basic of needs

Glenn Lowson photo for The Globe and Mail


HAMILTON — The Globe and Mail
Published Sunday, Jun. 07, 2015 9:04PM EDT
Last updated Monday, Jun. 08, 2015 10:16AM EDT

After the federal government announced lifetime compensation payments to victims of Thalidomide, survivor, Paul Settle is finally going to renovate his Hamilton condo’s kitchen to accommodate his needs. He’s looking to lower his counter and buy a new stove with easy access controls to avoid burning his arms by reaching across the burners to turn them off or on.

It is just a mattress, a few square feet of coils and padding, but for thalidomide survivor Paul Settle it represents the promise of escape and the luxury he could never afford.

Mr. Settle puts down his cane and hoists his 3-foot-8-inch body on the bed, bringing his twisted half-legs up with him. He is in a mattress store near his home in Hamilton doing something he has not done in years: Buying himself a basic necessity of life to alleviate the agony that thalidomide inflicted on his body.

Since Ottawa announced pensions for thalidomide survivors last month, people like Mr. Settle are pondering purchases they had long denied themselves. Mr. Settle, 53, has slept on the same mattress for 25 years, waking up to “ice picks” of pain each morning. A mattress with a tilting back might help him get out of bed in the morning.

“I want to get the pressure off my shoulders and back,” says Mr. Settle, who, along with his twin brother, Peter, also a thalidomide victim, has undergone more than 20 surgeries during his lifetime. “I’ve got used to pain all my life. But I’ve been afraid to spend money on myself.”

The annual pensions of up to $100,000 from the federal government will never undo the devastation that thalidomide brought on its nearly 100 surviving Canadian victims. They were born in broken bodies, some with damage leaving them unable to cry, some with flippers instead of arms, others with missing kidneys – all because their mothers were prescribed a supposedly safe “miracle” drug for morning sickness when they were pregnant in the early 1960s.

No amount of cash will change that, compensate for the years of reflexively putting a deformed hand into a coat pocket to hide it, or being the object of strangers’ cold stares.

“I’ll trade all this money for a healthy body any day,” Mr. Settle says.

Still, the money coming from Ottawa after a hard-fought battle by the Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada is bringing a measure of comfort to the drug’s survivors in both small ways and large.

Mr. Settle, a father of two forced by pain to leave his job as a high-school library clerk more than a year ago, is almost completely deaf in his left ear; thalidomide attacked his internal ear bones while he was in the womb. Now he will get himself fitted with a hearing aid for the first time.

Some survivors are planning home renovations to bring kitchen counters and cupboards within reach. For others, an item such as a Roomba – the puck-shaped cleaner that moves around a room on its own – represents freedom from the pain of pushing a vacuum cleaner through the house.

In Vancouver, Gavin Bamber wants to hire someone to take him grocery shopping instead of having to rely on his friends. He has no arms or hands at all, so is unable to take items off shelves or pull open a door. “It’s very liberating. I can call a friend and say ‘let’s hang out,’ not, ‘Hey can you help me.’”

On a deeper level, Ottawa’s $180-million compensation package symbolizes a form of recognition for a group of Canadians who spent their lives in the shadows, their suffering and the tragedy that caused it largely forgotten by their country.

A thalidomide survivor in the B.C. interior had lived as a virtual shut-in for years, leaving the house only to go to the doctor’s; since Ottawa announced details of its package on May 22, the man opened his curtains for the first time in years and has started to go out, Mr. Bamber says. “The money … has opened things up for some people. We can say there is a future, a happier future than there’s been.”

Ottawa’s package translates into $75,000-a-year pensions for the majority of recipients starting early next year; they can apply to increase the amount to $100,000. They will also have access to a $500,000 a year medical assistance fund.

The impact of the cash is not confined to its primary recipient; in Mr. Settle’s case, it spreads across three generations. For Mr. Settle’s two children, 24-year-old Cassandra and 19-year-old Paul Jr., the money means a future that is not clouded by worries about their father’s health. “I hope he uses it to take care of himself,” Cassandra says. “It’s reassuring to know he has something to fall back on.”

It also offers some relief to his mother, Maxene, whose life was forever altered by the drug she innocently took while she was pregnant. Ms. Settle’s health has been in decline. She suffers from glaucoma, arthritis and high blood pressure. No money will make up for the years of worry, the days spent by her twins’ bedside when they underwent surgery or the guilt of living with the fact she took the medication in the first place.

It will, however, give her some rest.

“I feel they’ll be looked after when I’m gone. That’s what I was staying alive for,” Ms. Settle said of her two boys. “I’ve been waiting all this time for the government to do something, and they finally did. I can go to my grave now.”


Reverse Benchslap Of The Day: Judge Posner Smacks Chief Justice Roberts

by: David Lat

28 Comments 2.2k Shares Jun 29, 2015 at 3:01 PM

Judge Richard Posner (Chensiyuan/Wikimedia Commons) Judge Anthony M. Kennedy’s opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges, which just brought marriage equality to the nation, does not once acknowledge any of the four dissents. This shouldn’t come as a shock; longtime Court watchers know that AMK is not one for grappling with dissenters. Littering a majestic opinion for the Court with footnotes sniping at dissenters is like placing cheap plastic flamingos in an English garden: it’s not aesthetically appealing. And if you’re going to be the “first gay justice,” you need to care about aesthetics (and know how to throw shade; pretending that dissenters don’t exist is one great way of doing that). The downside of Justice Kennedy’s (entirely sensible) “above the fray” approach is that we don’t get to see the snarky dissenters get a taste of their own medicine — or, for the more high-minded among you, we don’t get as robust a debate. But have no fear; Judge Richard Posner of the Seventh Circuit is here. Even though Judge Posner, as a “mere” federal appeals court judge, sits below the U.S. Supreme Court on the judicial totem pole, he’s not afraid to sass his “superiors.” See, e.g, his repeated reverse benchslaps of Justice Scalia over the years. Over the weekend, Judge Posner penned a piece for Slate about Obergefell that basically does to the dissenters what Justice Kennedy might have done had he deigned to engage them. But Justice Kennedy probably wouldn’t have been as harsh. From near the top of Posner’s piece:

Unless it can be shown that same-sex marriage harms people who are not gay (or who are gay but don’t want to marry), there is no compelling reason for state intervention, and specifically for banning same-sex marriage. The dissenters in Obergefell missed this rather obvious point.

And Judge Posner is just getting warmed up. From his next paragraph (emphasis added):

[G]ratuitous interference in other people’s lives is bigotry. The fact that it is often religiously motivated does not make it less so. The United States is not a theocracy, and religious disapproval of harmless practices is not a proper basis for prohibiting such practices, especially if the practices are highly valued by their practitioners. Gay couples and the children (mostly straight) that they adopt (or that one of them may have given birth to and the other adopts) derive substantial benefits, both economic and psychological, from marriage. Efforts to deny them those benefits by forbidding same-sex marriage confer no offsetting social benefits….

The substance of this analysis shouldn’t surprise us — recall his Seventh Circuit opinion on gay marriage, issued shortly after he sliced and diced defenders of “traditional” marriage at oral argument — but his dropping the “b” word, “bigotry,” is harsh. It’s just the type of thing that Justice Samuel Alito worried about in his dissent: “the marginalization of the many Americans who have traditional ideas” about marriage. And now Judge Posner pulls out the knives:

The four dissents strike me as very weak, though I’ll discuss just two of them, beginning with the chief justice’s…. The chief justice criticizes the majority for “order[ing] the transformation of a social institution that has formed the basis of human society for millennia, for the Kalahari Bushmen and the Han Chinese, the Carthaginians and the Aztecs. Just who do we think we are?” We’re pretty sure we’re not any of the above. And most of us are not convinced that what’s good enough for the Bushmen, the Carthaginians, and the Aztecs should be good enough for us. Ah, the millennia! Ah, the wisdom of ages! How arrogant it would be to think we knew more than the Aztecs — we who don’t even know how to cut a person’s heart out of his chest while’s he still alive, a maneuver they were experts at.

I disagree with that last sentence. Judge Posner just cut the heart out of the Chief’s dissent while it was still alive. Speaking of heartlessness (emphasis added):

[T]he chief justice’s dissent is heartless. There is of course a long history of persecution of gay people, a history punctuated by such names as Oscar Wilde, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and Alan Turing. Until quite recently, many American gays and lesbians took great pains to conceal their homosexuality in order to avoid discrimination. They value marriage just as straight people do. They want their adopted children to have the psychological and financial advantages of legitimacy. They are hurt by the discrimination that the dissenting justices condone. Prohibiting gay marriage is discrimination.

The super-cerebral Judge Posner, who rose to fame as a proponent of law and economics, is not exactly known for being a bleeding heart. If he calls you “heartless,” you might as well be the Tin Woodman. In fairness to the dissenters, various responses can be made to Judge Posner. For example, over at the Volokh Conspiracy, Professor David Bernstein questions whether Posner’s Slate essay can be reconciled with Posner’s praise of Justice Holmes’s famous dissent in Lochner, a favorite opinion for advocates of judicial restraint. And Professor Jonathan Adler points out an apparent factual error in Posner’s piece. So Judge Posner’s piece might not be perfect. But let’s at least thank him for debating the dissenters in the way that Justice Anthony “Talk to the Hand” Kennedy declined to do. Supreme Court Breakfast Table: The chief justice’s dissent is heartless [Slate] Judge Posner’s take on Holmes and Lochner, and Roberts and Obergefell [Volokh Conspiracy] When a Judge criticizes a Justice [Volokh Conspiracy] Earlier: Judge Posner’s Blistering Benchslaps At The Same-Sex Marriage Arguments Benchslap of the Day: Justice Scalia Pulls Rank on Judge Posner The Benchslap Dispatches: Posner v. Scalia — Is It Personal? Posner Pwns Scalia