Further gas attacks since last night.

Regular readers know that I have been dealing with intense gas leaks over a number of months, seeping through the floor of our rental accommodations. A few weeks ago, I began to exchange information with a private detective. Not long afterwards, the gas shut off, or was lowered to levels I could no longer detect.

The natural gas vapours went on at midnight last night and continued to intensify until 5 AM when we passed out in our clothes. It has been on and off all day. Someone stole Daemon’s bike from the fire escape the night before last and we have notified Hamilton Police Service.

Here is our proof of purchase- the only reason we did not buy second hand is it is impossible to find his size. We starved so we could pay for this and the look on his face yesterday when we told him it was gone- broke my heart.


Strega’s birthing nest completed.


It’s pretty self-explanatory, I was lucky enough to get a box that was exactly the proper width for our birthing cage. I just made a few simple alterations with another box of similar thickness and taped up all the sharp ends. I left space in front of the door for her to leap out. I included a viewing area that will go beside my head as I slumber, so I can see if she needs help without getting out of bed in the middle of the night.


We just use thin foam pillows at the bottom covered in a clean pillow case that we launder with a bit of bleach. We change these every few days and shake any dander out of the box. We wash foam pillows by hand so they don’t lose their shape. The cheap, thin ones dry nice and fast, just be sure to fold the…

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Gas leak investigation news.

Still smelling gas coming up from the basement, folks, and another realtor backed out on us, refusing to rent a house to us because I disclosed the toxic insulation we lived with in another rented house. I am having cardiac and lung pains, I have yet to sleep and it’s nearly 7:30AM- the gas causes me so much anxiety that my body is pumping out a ton of adrenaline into my system, making restorative sleep difficult and rare.

Kathleen was angry at me because I ruined her wedding to her second husband, Greg Hilton, when I allowed my daughter to appear this “disheveled and poorly styled”. She’s still telling her sisters and everyone else that I am a liar and she was always reasonable, never did anything to hurt us. She’s been ignoring my emails with cries for help to get out of here, but insists we give her large sums of money when we make it big.

My ex-husband’s mother, Kathleen, a closet anti-monarchist, has more or less washed her hands of us, not so much as bothered to ask the landlord to handle this gas leak that’s slowly killing her grandkids- with greater priority. It’s been that way from the get-go, ever since they were born. Always harshly criticised for having no money when nothing was done to alleviate our financial stress. If these people were poor I could understand but this woman earned at least $60G her whole life- for a single woman- she spent all of it on herself and on gifts for her wealthy friends so they let her hang out with them.

Now she’s pulling in $4G a month and $300 of this goes to keep her alive because she never bothered to eat properly on her comfortable government salary. My grandmother and I ate much better on half that income and now we’re lucky most months if we get to eat. His father was a multi-millionaire and we had no clue before he died that he didn’t earn a modest salary.

A photo I keep in a locket my ex-husband bought me for my birthday when the kids were very young. Their pet dog featured in there as a puppy.

We scrape by below the poverty line and evidently we are the trash who deserve to rot in the Nazi ovens even though her friends in government pull in millions on our backs. Apparently, we deserve it not because we have done anything wrong, but because it’s time people like her showed people like us what it’s like to suffer. (We can’t have uppity snobs who don’t cave to immoral government pressure getting ahead.) A friend of hers who works high up at University of Toronto “hates children and animals”- she’s never going to understand our interests and business pursuits, and doesn’t have a creative bone in her body from what I can see.

Not sure why Kathleen cut up these old family photos the way she did before she sent copies to me through Aaron.

It is noteworthy that Kathleen went out and bought herself a silver “Tucson” brand hatchback while my son was going through the whole CAS fraud campaign they tried to write off as a police investigation- a foster mother who held him was a retired police officer- and meanwhile Kathleen tried to steal custody of him, and now she is presently talking about “selling her car” while there is pressure on him by people online to work as a male prostitute. Make of that what you will- my kid, like myself and my daughter, was always an excellent student and wonderful, loyal son.

Only after repeated apprehensions, largely because of Kathleen’s compulsive need to control and lies, and due to off-the charts slander, did he get a little bit moody and yet he is still better behaved than most of the kids who suffer through the public school system. I am sorry but my son will never sell his ass to make you feel superior, Grandma. I realize you hate people like us because we’re not degenerates, and you feel you and your ilk get off on watching us get our due, and I realize it’s taboo to discuss this stuff but then you need to realize that if nobody talks about it, they could start just grabbing people off the street and slaughtering them for their organs like the Chinese are known to do. Not everyone can live the lifestyle you became accustomed to in college- or harbor Spartan ideals. Not everyone is ignorant enough to justify the use of blond people for target practice.

Back when my son was first born and I walked around town with a recalled baby stroller I bought second-hand because I “had no friends to throw me a baby shower”. Never mind the fact that none of my artist or intellectual friends had kids or money. We don’t get funding if we don’t tow the line on this wretched child-trafficking agenda thrust on us by these Boomer-aged management professionals.

All the health problems Faera developed could have been averted with a simple co-signature on a mortgage. The painful scoliosis, for one. Then she accuses me of “subjecting my children to all this”. We get a bit of money here and there because she feels guilty and she worries I could sue her but back then not even a penny, and Kathleen won’t stoop to ask her husband to intervene for us. I can’t imagine ever not sharing with my kids so I could live the lie of perfection and please peers who couldn’t care less if I died.

Then on top of this, she viciously slanders us to anyone who will listen- lying bold-faced about events that involved a physical assault in her home that she recently admitted took place over the telephone- this selfish behavior further worsening our prospects. She doesn’t want the stress of helping us live out of immediate peril. I feel it only proves what sort of priorities she’s had since the day I met her while she claims to be benevolent. I don’t think you can claim to be able to love someone you can just leave to slowly die in a gas chamber. I am only focusing on this issue because she exploits her ties to the Irish Catholic community to sway political support against us. I don’t want to discredit the Irish Catholics, but if they would act as a group to fulfil the ambitions of such a mother, they can’t be a very reasonable community. Shoving my geriatric grandmother on the floor in her hospital room doesn’t change that, either.

At the end of my wits, on the verge of cardiac arrest and suffocation, I called a private investigator Thursday morning- September 24th, 2016- to inquire as to how I might navigate the situation. I spoke briefly with him and he advised me to call a local supplier of meters to Union Gas and inquire if they knew of any private contractors who might be able to bring in to do some readings.

Here is a selfie I took during the summer- just one of many times I was forced to sleep on our balcony because the effects of the gas were so severe that I feared I would die if I remained inside. You can see evidence of the swelling all over my body, and disfiguring rash I developed on my face as a result. MIL and her friends are saying I look “crazy” for posting these images and complaining of these abuses. She bought me that green hanging basket you see behind me in this picture after I complained privately to my kids in my home that I needed one for my False African Violet.

It is extremely difficult to call for help due to the effects of the gas on top of crippling anxiety from the terrorism associated with this scenario, and various dangerous abuse events we have suffered in the past at the hands of corrupt city officials who allowed local politics to affect their work ethic. There is the sense that so many other people are also cowering in terror- employees of these companies, for instance, are behaving like they fear we will be nuked if they disclose their conspiracy worries. It was a challenge but I bit through it. We make other countries so much money they would never nuke us.

I already knew Union Gas leak detection meters were faulty- the ones I saw were rattling at the seams and looked about 10 years old. It’s easy from the outside- when you are not the one inhaling the gas and suffering the paralysing terror in full knowledge some demented soul dreamed up all of this to “test” you when they themselves would never pass such a test, and nobody has ever been required to pass such a test before no matter how much responsibility is thrust on them. In fact, all the people currently in power are expected to be is degenerate and evidently that’s enough for the general population.

The fact here is these men who are quietly enabling this to play out have never been without their large group and have no idea what isolation is. They go with the flow, they never take risks without backup, but take no issue with thrusting a woman and her kids into that position for them without pay or acknowledgment. The local police show up in droves when you call for a graffiti but want nothing to do with large scale government corruption investigations. I was told to “call a private investigator” when I asked for a Hamilton policeman for help. In any other city, they would have been forced to investigate.

This has been floating around in the newspaper lately and it’s safe to suppose it’s alluding to the gas leak problem because gassing people to death in their homes is sort of a huge deal. It’s not at all paranoid, given what we’ve witnessed, to think maybe there’s an economic motive in this they do not want to disclose because the higher-ups have stock market holdings. I understand many people in the field have been drawn into the stock markets and that is a conflict when it prevents them protecting civilians from homicide. It’s the same conflict that presents when doctors have stocks in pharmaceutical companies.

Most law enforcement officials have no disabilities because then they wouldn’t qualify, and are totally void of compassion towards us, with no understanding how cruel it is to do this to people who are weak from years of torture, much less anyone else for that matter. It would seem some sensitivity training is in order. They are generously compensated even though they are not the best performing students and thus not permitted to attend jury duty due to a pervasive lack of sound judgment in the community. How that plays out during arrests is anyone’s guess. I’ve dealt with frightening behavior from some of these men that suggests they must be sex offenders. It’s not an easy thing to talk about and clearly their female counterparts take very little issue with the culture because you rarely hear anything about it.

What is most disappointing is the fact that a large group of female ministers and police women stood passively by and just let this happen on their watch because they didn’t want to lose their jobs, when I am the only one who has drawn attention to their rights, and the core reason there has been coverage of certain issues in the newspaper. How much do you want to bet a whole bunch of these cops have invested in a company that sells better gas meters? I bet a lot of them also placed bets on whether one of us would die, whether my son would cave to sexual harassment online, whether the building would explode. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me. I’ll leave it to the public to decide how appropriate this behavior is. It makes one wonder who is behind bars…

The representative said he “didn’t feel their meters were strong enough for such investigations”, told me the meters they sold Union Gas didn’t have a specific natural gas detection function…

reed-instruments_c_383_nist_combustible_gas_detectorAnyhow, I called Reed Direct to ask if there is anyone they know of in the area and they said no. The representative said he “didn’t feel their meters were strong enough for such investigations”, told me the meters they sold Union Gas didn’t have a specific natural gas detection function so that even if they were able to detect something they had no way of knowing what sort of gas it might be. He said they just beep when there’s a flammable gas leak of any sort and do not tell you what the leak is.

I did a search for Natural Gas on their site and came up with this meter termed a,“C-383 Combustible Gas Detector”. Sure enough, it doesn’t specify what “combustible gas” it’s detecting. The meters these guys had were also much older than this model and possibly not reliable. The last guy who came over and went into the basement after I called to report strong natural gas odors was beeping a whole lot, then reported zero emissions to his boss at Union Gas.

And I was surprised because he also told me he sells to Union Gas and other gas companies in the area. Those of you following this story understand how suspiciously Union Gas employees and other government- affiliated employees have been behaving throughout this nightmare. That would be because some group of fervent anti-royalists dreamed up this scenario as a “test” of my family’s fortitude. Whispers by the neighbors and dear-in-headlights responses of sympathy and shock from other women of the same class would strongly suggest this is the case.

I can’t make people care about one another- about their own kids, much less a total stranger they’ve never met with different values than them. I can’t lead from behind if it’s a leader you want. I can’t create kid-friendly material with a heap of violent child-predators on my back. I can’t even fucking breathe in the sardine can of a home I shell out $795.00 a month to live in.

And it’s notjust me, is it. There are 18 units in this building, each unit with an average of 2 or 3 residents. Some of them are most likely child-predators, heavy users of pornography, and have values quite opposite my own- and still I do not see people coming to their rescue- so it’s not a political thing, is it. It just goes to show you how foolish large groups of people can be. We’re by and large no better than lambs to the slaughter due to the appalling, systematic erosion of our quality of education. This dumbing down agenda has disarmed us and made us people incapable recognising a life-or-death emergency much less defending ourselves against the most obvious, totally vulnerable of attackers. Heck- I’m not even sure the average reader in this building is making it through to the end of these blog entries.

Furthermore, the economics of this thing are also absurd because all of the money is going overseas- or across the border, and yet some of us derive a pathetic sense of belonging just from the notion that we belong to a large, conspiratorial group of abusive people. Sometimes, people are not even standing at the lineup for the community trough and still they support an agenda that undermines their own health and safety just for the chance to hate in a safe group.

In closing, I wish to thank whomever it was in the immediate neighborhood who screamed out, drunk, at the top of their lungs, “They’ve got heart palpitations, God damn it! I’m going to tell her- I don’t care!!!”

There is no reason why you should not tell me if there is evidence that could save everyone in this building. I will tell you solemnly, sir- if only there were more like you. You can do it anonymously if you are frightened, you can slip evidence into our mailbox and be done with all these horrors.

Union Gas Corruption Probe imminent.

788 OK folks- this is getting more than a little bit frightening. I had someone step in off the street last night and asked him if he could smell gas in the hallway of our apartment building. He said he could smell nothing but odors from the rugs and after 5 minutes the lack of oxygen in the building made him want to faint… 
For those of you who aren’t yet aware, one of the effects of natural gas is to leach all of the oxygen out of a room and leave it filled with carbon dioxide, making people sick and weak with stress on their heart and cardiovascular, causing strokes, heart attacks and respiratory illness like pneumonia. It is a lethal gas, even at low levels, make no mistake. I was told that they were targeting my daughter and I because our scoliosis would make us more susceptible to these things, because Melinda Gates wishes to force my son into her bed and has never accepted no for an answer from anyone in her life.

In fact all of the men sexually harassing me are closet cases with an eye for little boys and clearly feel the child protection system exists to help them get access to fresh meat from people too poor to afford lawyers. The irony here is, of course, that this is the grandson of a prominent corporate lawyer which makes this some demented form of cannibalism. You would think there might be some sense of fraternity or regard for their own kind. I understand they have been infiltrated by Microsoft while all of this transpired, on my time and against my son’s better judgment.

I must report that the neighbors’ health is also visibly deteriorating- the woman across the hall- her face is badly swollen. The woman downstairs has begun to wander around, delirious, in her bath robe outside her residence. The Willoughby family- our dubious caretakers- are acting increasingly odd- taken to sitting on the porch in the dark with blank stares on their faces like zombies. They, too- appear increasingly frail and sick.

Here is a bit about the history of Union Gas from its company website.

  • Union Gas’ growing storage and transmission business offers premium storage and transportation services to customers at the Dawn Hub, the largest underground storage facility in Canada and one of the largest in North America. It offers customers an important link in the movement of natural gas from Western Canadian and U.S. supply basins to markets in central Canada and the northeast U.S. Union Gas, one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 2016, is a Spectra Energy (NYSE: SE) company with assets of $7.2 billion and approximately 2,300 employees.
  • On January 1, 1999, Union Gas transferred its retail merchandise programs, including equipment sales, rentals, financing and appliance service programs, to an unregulated energy services affiliate, Union Energy. Union Gas continued to provide safe, reliable and economical delivery of natural gas to customers. In an increasingly competitive energy marketplace, the company has concentrated its efforts on providing high-value energy delivery services to meet the changing needs of customers, including energy retail marketers.
  • With Duke Energy’s March 2002 purchase of Westcoast Energy, Union Gas became a Duke Energy company. Duke Energy is a diversified energy company with a portfolio of natural gas and electric businesses, both regulated and unregulated, and an affiliated real estate company headquartered in Charlotte, N.C..
  • On January 1, 2007, Duke Energy spun-off its natural gas business including Union Gas, into a new publicly traded company named Spectra Energy Corp.
  • Based in Houston, Texas, the company operates in the United States and Canada approximately 21,000 miles of transmission pipeline, more than 300 billion cubic feet of storage, as well as natural gas gathering and processing, natural gas liquids operations and local distribution assets.

I also had difficulties with Enbridge, another local gas company. Their employees behaved in a paranoid manner and said things that were highly irregular when I called them for a reality check to see if they were also in the loop. We are not serviced by them, we are serviced by Union Gas, but they were also behaving strangely. People said they were afraid of being fired if they were helpful when I first reported a gas odor in May of 2016.

Since then, I have only had success from UN-affiliated employees, primarily of the Chinese variety- the first gas leak was reported when I got a representative with a Chinese accent on the phone at the emergency leak detection unit, and it is noteworthy that the workman hired by our landlord also appears to be Chinese. All of the white people are reporting zero maintenance issues or gas leak readings. The are all acting suspicious, shifty, paranoid, even angry.

Now I’m not sure what’s going in exactly but I have managed to piece together some interesting observations that cannot be refuted by any sentient, civilized person.

First of all, natural gas is an odorless gas- it has no odor so gas companies are Melinda Gates has paid the local managers of Union Gas millions of dollars to omit or severely reduce the volume of the chemical (they normally use something called mercaptan) that is added to natural gas to make it smell and therefore easier to detect. Many people describe the odor of this additive as similar to rotten eggs.  Without the added odor, one can feel the effects of the gas but cannot detect it in the air through one’s sense of smell. I can, but I am one of the rare sensitives who is able to do so.

The effects of natural gas, according to various nurses in Toronto, are extremely lethal, and several different nurses told me that our symptoms match up with the diagnostic manual on natural gas exposure symptoms. You can hear for yourselves.

Evidently, Union gas has been around for a very long time, so they would have pipes underneath this building that are capped off and no longer lead to the boiler or any other natural gas appliance. They might possible be underground for all we know. They also have the ability to turn on and off the gas inside our homes that leads to these inactive pipes over long distances if they install a remote-control device to these pipes.

The installation of such sabotage could easily be done during an unsupervised maintenance call by any qualified technician. Then someone with illegal access to the interior of our home could watch and listen to see whether it ought to be shut off or turned on. They might turn it off when a technician repairs a tiny pin hole leak, then turn it back on immediately when he leaves, for instance. Or someone with a cell phone could easily take long-distance directives. Because the pipes lead to nowhere and are capped off, added natural gas pressure would cause them to leak into our residence from the basement, and they might even have holes drilled in them to enable this leakage.

It’s only a theory, but chances are it’s worth further investigation, given people’s lives are at stake. I heard rumors that technicians are frequently bribed to hush up the quiet gassing of old age homes, daycares and the houses of targets such as gay people and other “undesirables” like lawyers, doctors, immigrants and eccentrics with little in the way of mechanical knowledge. I can’t imagine what their motives might be. I do know that they could then alter the price of meter readings to conceal any discrepancies in consumption.

I understand that Pamela Anderson- the supposedly Canadian slash Californian yet actual Florida resident, has dirt on every top-level politician there is on the planet because she has slept with all of them and wears undergarments armed with hidden cameras or else the people she works for have access to hidden cameras in the hotels they own shares in where she meets her clients. It is said she has been using her sons since infancy to lure in pricey gay marks and hiding behind Melinda Gates to avoid retribution. I even heard that Scarlett Johannson slept with President Obama while he campaigned for the presidency and she volunteered for his campaign- she has a lot of clout in New York with her micromanaging Jewish mother.

My old psychologist told me a very prolific prostitute can sleep with several clients in a day – one at every meal, and then another overnight. She can, if she wants to squeeze in even more clients, live exclusively in hotels and visit 10 rooms a day if business men and women’s schedules are coordinated by corrupt secretaries who are involved in her crime network. This would certainly explain why I am ignored by their secretaries even after I have proven I am a reputable woman, yet these prostitutes are able to reach them. They sleep with men from around the globe- men and women of every nationality, and the high-class ones restrict themselves to the fabulously wealthy.

In this manner, undesirables who infiltrate their employee network could control everything their bosses do from what they eat while on business travel, to whom they bump into in the hotel bar or restaurant. They could abuse infiltrated human resources offices to block entry to anyone who is not in on this conspiracy. With phone tapping, and what with the popular use of cell phone technology this is increasingly centralized and simple, they could even tell third parties what restaurants these men and women bosses frequent, which would explain why some of them choose to eat exclusively at McDonald’s when they travel.

I’m just taking a stab at this because I am trying to piece together the little bits of the puzzle the guys have fed me over the years so I can save my family from death by gas inhalation. I have been told that several of these prostitutes have been deliberately arrested at protest rallies so they could infiltrate police groups by enabling gang rape or sexual favors in exchange for freedom while in custody. One in particular, a prominent celebrity and screen siren who just divorced her husband, has been blackmailing museums and elite art dealers for insurance fraud schemes she caught wind of through inebriated wealthy clients in handcuffs and leather.

I heard that celebrities with small children were pressured to sexually abuse them for Melinda Gates’ political and economic agenda or they would never get acting roles so it could be this is what she is alluding to in her lawsuit threats.

Check out these posts by Prince Philip about Angelina Jolie just prior to her reported divorce from Brad Pitt:

And then in sequence, the following Tweet:

Then after that:

Prince Philip is one of my greatest friends and I appreciate his efforts to help me move beyond this horrible blockage that has prevented my family from entering the field for so long. I have often envied Queen Elizabeth, only the age difference would be absurd. We can criticize Royals until we are blue in the face but the reality is normal people are just as greedy only not as well educated so they are not ready to rule themselves even if this would be the ideal scenario. If in fact they were, someone else in this God forsaken building would have tried to put a stop to this gas leak conspiracy by now, given how we are not the only ones feeling ill because of it. Thank you for your courage, it is much appreciated, old pal.

This whole thing with the natural gas, I understand, is an elaborate stock market manipulation scheme. Most likely whenever I mention it, morons run out and buy stocks. It is worth mention that celebrities do not have anything near the clout we as unacclaimed Royals have- they rely on falsified news reports and posts by their own celebrity peer group with anonymous names online to create the illusion of public support, so they use us to sell their scheme while we suffer in here. They can sell box office and concert tickets but nobody cares about their opinions in business matters. They feel animosity towards artists with well-rounded educations and skill sets so they feel justified in harming us and blocking our access to legal services.

At present, stock prices for natural gas are at a high for the year of 2016. These unscrupulous women plan to crash the stock market after these and other stocks rise high enough and introduce free medicine and energy. They want to keep selling us cancer-laden consumer products and maintain this heavy pollution agenda, though. They also want to keep selling your kids more and more class A drugs and messing with the school curricula to keep people stupid.

READ: Natural Gas Is Near Its 2016 High: Key Stocks for Investors: http://marketrealist.com/2016/09/natural-gas-near-2016-high-key-stocks-investors/  I’m getting a lot of strange articles about “asparagus pee” when I search “some people can smell natural gas without additives”, and they’re not talking about us, either.

Some of you may recall I mentioned Rose McGowan on this blog not long ago. She disclosed to me this week that an explosion which featured prominently in the news, occurred close to the street she was at in NYC. She never mentioned if she was traveling for work or renting an apartment in the area. Maybe you caught this in your Twitter feed:

The irony here is, of course, that the ones who scream loudest about Church corruption are the thickest with the Catholic Church. I just want to clear up any doubts that the Church has been instrumental in the orchestration and support of Melinda Gates’ crazy bullshit. It has also come to my attention that the reason certain regions of the world never experience earthquakes or large scale natural disasters, is that they are areas where a high volume of Melinda Gates’ money is stored- and laundered- in offshore accounts- namely Russia, Italy, Germany, Britain and India. It is also noteworthy that although the Seattle Area and also San Francisco have a lot of tectonic plate lines, they rarely see large scale seismic activity.

Of course, all this is just speculation, however we have seen time and time again that my wild speculation frequently results in ideas for mainstream reporters. It would be very nice if I could get paid before I am forced to make further disclosures. This gas thing is, after all, a life or death situation for over 18 different residences in this building, many of them housing 3 or more people.

As well, it would please me greatly to invite all you prominent New York banking families to approach us by formal written invitation if in fact you intend to do business with us, because these anonymous social networking accounts filled with paintings, however tasteful and expensive, of half-naked women, are not the civilized, respectable way to express yourselves to business prospects.

And finally, last but not least, Justin Trudeau has, it is rumored, accepted billions in bribe money from Melinda Gates to suppress my family’s escape from the gas leak in the way of illegal economic oppression. I understand that in exchange, Justin has promised to black out Bell Canada phone records that disclose extensive evidence against her as a domestic terrorist and enabler of crimes against humanity.

He seems to implicate the Chinese in this scandal between the lines of this recent monologue that tries so hard to draw levity from some very serious crimes. (Contrary to popular belief, it is not politically correct to gas nursery schools.) Nobody ever asked him what his grade average was. PM of Canada is not an hereditary role and it’s not possible to question the merits of the monarchy while this post mortem nepotism. At least hereditary monarchies can, if so inclined, seek to promote from among their ranks those who are educated and qualified to take charge and not simply stuff their pockets at the expense of taxpayers. Farmers, likewise, have shown themselves to be no more considerate of their fellow man than anyone else, as they have driven much of this policy forward that results in my present circumstances.

I understand he has been very forward with some little blond assistants who’ve interned at his office and do not take kindly to the insinuated material in this monologue. I’ve also dealt with some saucy, immature behavior from him on prominent newspaper message boards that I do not appreciate. He is simply not qualified for this position and seems to think himself a court jester, but the people, by and large, are not laughing. He has the comportment of a cheesy door-to-door vacuum salesman.

In closing, I would like to extend my very strong desire for the elementary school bus driver outside my downstairs neighbor’s window to find another place to park each weekday morning and run his engine for half an hour because we in this building are already sick enough, thank-you-very much.

I’ve exhausted all our options- Kathleen, the rubbernecker- my MIL, both my uncles, have washed their hands of this and left us to die here. All of them Catholics. The landlord could not care less because he gets insurance money if the place explodes. He keeps trying to evict me for mentioning the gas leak because he is covering for the other Catholics at Union Gas who caused this in the first place. (The previous pope quit within the week when I pointed out the fact that he was in league with Pamela Anderson.)

His real estate gang have priced us out of all the decent rentals so we are forced to deal with this chit hole or another one where there are undoubtedly orchestrated gas leaks or some other health issue. We’re quite literally struggling for air even with the windows open and we are sick, exhausted- this is, like it or not, a life-or-death situation, so unless those enabling it to continue have a life in prison wish for homicide enablement, I strongly recommend this matter be dealt with swiftly and with force. 

What motivated yesterday’s blog entry?


Some of you recall the pictures I showed of my planters behind this apartment building. Yesterday, when I looked out my window, there was this white stuff in my planter and also the same stuff dripped all over the landing under the fire escape.


What I should have done after I documented this vandalism, was to buy another bag of dirt and dump the contaminated dirt into the compost bin. Instead, because I wanted to keep my little rocks, I scooped out the dirt around the toxic spill in a plastic container, and ran cold water over it in the tub.

I managed to salvage my rocks but in the process I inhaled all this noxious stuff- still have not identified it. Could have been some sort of industrial-strength deodorizer. it had a strong odor as though it were meant to get rid of other odors. It was a strong sort of artificial pine stench.

All day long, and into the evening, my lungs burned and my spine ached- in fact I had aches all over my body and in the evening I began to experience chest congestion as my lungs tried to dislodge the microscopic particles I had breathed in.

We suspect it was Bob, the building manager, or someone from his family who did this, and nobody could argue it wasn’t deliberate. The plant it was poured over is rapidly dying. It was a lavish, wonderful thing prior to this event. I’m  hurt and do not understand these people. We tried being civil but they read things online and succumb to foul influences who interpret things far differently than they were intended. I suspect they may suffer from a case of severe vitamin B deficiency, and this can make people act paranoid and psychotic.

Some people have no clue what it means to take responsibility for their own behavior so they spend their lives pointing fingers at other people and scapegoating. I never bothered to show this to the landlord because he just doesn’t care how we are treated and he says everything is our fault, turns tables and sided with people who wrong us. I guess it’s convenient for him to do it that way because having standards costs money.

Yesterday I sent Augie an email that went, “WHAT PART OF, I SMELL GAS AND IT’S MAKING US SICK DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!” I did this because he ignores emails I send him that inform him there is a natural gas leak making us sick. He is obsessed with discussing a cockroach problem that was caused by the woman downstairs whom he defends as though he is her lawyer.

Let me show you, for instance the condition of the composting bins outside while he levels all the odor complaints at our family and we are probably the cleanest tenants in the building. (There is a hose attachment and faucet beside the bins however it is not properly rigged for water and runs dry and I have never seen anyone use a hose in the 5 years we’ve live here.)

dscf4797This morning, the kids and I saw this vehicle outside our window. The same one we saw parked outside the front last time I blogged that we felt the gas leak smell was resolved and then sabotaged yet again.

Then, within 10 minutes after we noticed the van was gone, the smell of natural gas completely enveloped the building as though a large plume was released, and we have been smelling natural gas anew ever since. The guy fixed it, then someone, most likely Bob or one of his kin, smashed it open again. It’s the only possible explanation. The landlord got his repair receipt and he’s assuming nobody will believe us when we say we smell gas.

As a side note, Ginger gave birth to a baby boy yesterday and thankfully it was strong and healthy. We had her hold it in for an extra week to be sure it could survive the air quality issues. He’s super cute and also a redhead like his mother.s1273790

However, it looks like Melinda Gates wishes ill on the little thing because of what is insinuated in her most recent tweet about newborns.

I’ve been talking to people about what’s been going on with her and they are saying that since I have approached her bold-faced online and she simply ignores me, that’s an admission of guilt. She’s obviously aware of the adverse effect her influence is having on those in our vicinity, and of the attacks leveled at us due to the way her writing is interpreted. She would have to be Internet illiterate or in a coma not to notice. If she were innocent, she would sue for defamation. If they were to subpoena her Internet records, we would see thousands of hits to our accounts over the years as she stalks my kids and I online- I have no doubt. My bet is she’s sweating bricks.

Those of you who are familiar with the background here will also understand the relevance of this post by someone named Tara from Toronto:

And how this ties in with the following scandal that originated in St.Catharines Ontario, among others:

Some would justify being an accessory to crime with the notion that bad things happen, whether or not one profits from them. A sort of existential shrug of the shoulders that insists people are rotten and nothing can be done to change this. They might say crime would be worse if they were not on the fringes, encouraging their own special brand of homicide orchestration through suggestible third parties- all the while simultaneously dumbing down the general public to make people increasingly easy to manipulate and mislead.

I say the line gets crossed when one moves from quietly observing criminals from a safe distance, to literally threatening people’s lives repeatedly over a course of their entire lifetimes, to gain compliance with crimes that represent a significant portion of our profits. I’d also hazard a guess that it is an extreme crime all on its own to observe violent rape/murder scenarios transpire, and sit passively by while video tapes of these are sold to the highest bidder.

No idea if it is true, however I am told the motive behind the natural gas leaks is to force us to leave our windows open as we gasp for air so the contract killer hired by Melinda Gates to ax murder us in our sleep will not have difficulty entering our residence. That doesn’t appear to be on the agenda.

On a separate note, I’m getting request for these screen shots of 3 frames from our award-winning short film, “Dr.Voodoo’s Hair-Raising Adventure”. Sorry about the quality- higher quality files were hijacked by Google Drive.


I also have an objective witness who says he smelled a strong natural gas odor in the building a few minutes ago- it is presently 11:30PM on Wednesday, September 21st, 2013.