Melinda Gates Controls U.S. Nuclear Weapons; Threatens to Deploy Against Africa for Speaking Out Against Russian Human Trafficking Agenda


A group of international diplomats, politicians, royals, professionals, financiers, bankers, law enforcement agencies and intellectuals in the online intelligence community who meet on a daily basis at my online community to discuss current events have reached an impasse in negotiations with Russia in talks about African economic independence. For weeks, political representatives from Africa have joined my online community to discuss global economic reform and today the subject arose of fraudulent banking practices by Melinda Gates and her female cohorts who work throughout the international political sphere.

Presently, it is said that Melinda Gates, the wife of Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, is controlling access to American nuclear arms through U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and the post 9-11 Patriot-Act enabled Department of Homeland Security with bribes paid to high-ranking Pentagon officials. Because members of the accounting community threaten to disclose the hotel and travel expenses of Melinda Gates and her political proteges, many of them prominent on the Forbes List of 100 Most Powerful Women of 2015, Mrs.Gates is backed into a proverbial corner and has no alternate means to conceal her political affiliations. Informants suggest newspapers are bribed to suppress this information as it could be highly damaging to the reputations of many leading ladies in global politics, and also certain men who bill the taxpayers with expensive miniature hobby and fashion pursuits.

Mrs.Gates’ excuse for implied nuclear weapons threats made today on her Twitter account in the guise of false concerns about women’s menstrual issues in the Developing World, are motivated exclusively by the fact that bowing to international political pressure, Canadian bankers are apologizing this week for oversights and errors made on my accounts. Russia’s Vladamir Poutin claims he is receptive to economic reform and does not support any military activity against Africans, who, in turn, express interest in working with the Glass Mountain Corporation, of which I am founder and president, to further education standards across the continent.

Further coverage of the story will follow if necessary as further developments evolve…

The Crown, the Sovereign, and Elizabeth II


A Twitter acquaintance from the University of Ottawa has published this article on the subject of our Crown’s legal ties here in Canada:

Originally posted on Philippe Lagassé:

My twitter friend Kimberlee asked if I could outline how I understand the difference between the Crown, the Sovereign, and the monarch as a natural person.

Here’s my take. I welcome constructive comments.

The Crown is the repository of sovereign authority. As such, it serves as our concept of the Canadian state. It also serves as the ultimate source of executive authority, legislative authority, and judicial authority in Canada. While a few commentators have argued that the Crown simply means ‘the Government’, this is too simplistic. The government conducts its affairs as a servant of the Crown as the executive power; accordingly, it is wrong to conflate the government and the Crown. Similarly, Parliament is, formally speaking, a body assembled by the Crown to pass legislation and fund the government. This is also why the Crown is part of Parliament: to give its assent to bills that have passed the…

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Canada Post warns Canadians about Fraud Scam

Canada Post is warning Canadians to be aware of a recent scam in which some individuals are receiving a letter fraudulently using the Canada Post logo and identified as coming from Canada Post.

The letter asks the receiver to secretly pose as a customer sending funds via MoneyGram to help determine the performance level of MoneyGram International service at Canada Post or Shoppers Drug Mart outlets.

This letter is not from Canada Post and Canadians should not respond to this fraudulent solicitation.

Canada Post Security and Investigation Services are investigating this matter and have notified the proper law enforcement authorities.

For information about this and other fraud scams, visit

To report deceptive telemarketing activity, visit

For information on the recent Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) warning regarding a CRA letter scam, visit:

All Canadians should be vigilant when reviewing unsolicited material by mail that asks them to divulge any of their personal information, or seeks their participation in any monetary transactions. Fraud schemes such as this are commonly characterized by the following:

  • You are hired on the basis of an email or phone call, without any personal interview or background checks. That’s not how legitimate companies operate.
  • You are asked to help process payments by depositing checks or money orders intended for their company into your bank account. You send them the money and you keep the extra as your ‘pay.’ Real companies never operate in this manner.
  • You are asked to be a “mystery shopper”. You send funds from a check or money order to ‘test’ a money transfer service or buy several small items at a store and send the rest of the money back to them. Legitimate companies would never ask you to use a money transfer or delivery service to send cash to them or anywhere else, for any purpose.

L’ex-entrepreneur Lino Zambito plaide coupable à six chefs d’accusation

13 mai. 2015 par La Presse Canadienne

SAINT-JÉRÔME, Qc – L’ex-entrepreneur Lino Zambito a plaidé coupable, mercredi matin, à six chefs d’accusation au palais de justice de Saint-Jérôme.

Le témoin-vedette de la Commission Charbonneau a reconnu sa culpabilité à des accusations de fraude, de complot et de corruption.

Il pourrait connaître sa sentence le 29 septembre prochain.

(Collaboration: Julie-Christine Gagnon, Cogeco nouvelles)

I’m No Scientist, So Lemme Tell You A Thing Or Two About Science

If you are in elementary school, “stupid” is not a monicker you want to throw around. It will inevitably lead to fisticuffs, tears, possibly a trip to the principal’s office. If you happen to be Forrest Gump’s mother, you may react even more violently. To any sane person, this might seem to be the logical, if unpleasant consequence of being labeled as someone who doesn’t get it. And then there are politicians. Amongst whom, in case you haven’t noticed, stupidity is is a winning strategy. We choose our leaders not based on their competence in economic policy or their understanding of global affairs but on their likeability, hair quality, religious beliefs and other weighty stuff. That might be excusable, especially given what we know about the dominance of the intuitive “System 1” part of our brain, but we cannot allow it when the environment is at stake.

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