Statistics from Twitter – read ’em and weep.

nomakeup I am including a makeup-free selfie with today’s post because I damn well feel like it. I’ve been sick lately from tampered grocery fare and in a lot of pain so I thought it would improve my self-esteem if I did a bona-fide makeup-free selfie.

It’s not actually a true selfie because one of my kids took the picture but it’s completely free of foundation and all that other stuff and not doctored. Some of my may look at these pictures and see a comparatively attractive and healthy, happy looking young woman. Those of you who are more familiar with our story know my kids and I bear the scars of a prolonged torture including repeated fasting, terror and deprivation. I can’t sustain a permanent state of melancholy because it would be detrimental to the mental health of my already stressed, depressed kids! I have to wear a brave face and that does not mean I am anything but horrified with this situation!!!

big eye c

I am going to be 45 in March and hope to be celebrating my birthday in a new home for my family because this apartment is increasingly dilapidated and the bathtub is on the verge of falling through the rotting bathroom floor! The landlord tries to blame it on us but this place needed renovations 10 years ago and everyone who lives here complains he takes years to make the most basic repairs. We can literally see into the downstairs neighbor’s bathroom through a hole around the pipe leading to our bathtub, folks! It’s ridiculous!

Three generations of Canadian women in the Halasz family have never owned a house since we emigrated here as WWII refugees, folks! We are a family of extremely hard-working women and it’s not fair that we are blocked from enjoying the privileges we earn because some filthy rich slave-drivers think we still live in the 17th Century! We owned houses before the war, you know! I am told others receive Ontario Disability while they own real estate and hold jobs!

We’ve got all these stupid Hollywood actors running us through the grinder because a large group of co-conspirators who wanted to get down their pants told them they could marry Bill Gates if they were sexier than us (like that’s a huge challenge). I’ve got Tim Burton and Tom Sito stalking me online and forcing everybody in show business and politics to compare my sex appeal to that of Pamela Anderson, so that’s what motivated the disclosure.

They keep encouraging married actors to lure me online to try and nail me for adultery even though I have been separated from my husband for over 7 years, live like a nun, and would be a divorcee if the government didn’t interfere in my private life. Meanwhile I am marginalized while Melinda Gates tries to reform education- an area I specialize in that she hitherto had absolutely no interest in whatsoever! She told everybody I was a former prostitute- when I was probably the least promiscuous girl in my entire high-school and was involved in a monogamous relationship with my ex-husband from the age of 19, prior to our separation. I would like nothing more than to date other men but I can’t do that while this idiot stalks me and invades my privacy! I feel like a circus freak show- I have been forced to disclose health problems caused directly by the terror and stress we’ve been under to prove I am not enjoying the attention, and that’s not terribly sexy stuff!

I took this one instead of a ‘natural look’ selfie to prove to myself I am still human and not dead yet even though my life has been so surreal since all this started when I endeavored to sell my project online all those years ago. Here is how I looked back when this blog was started. That is my normal everyday makeup. I was emaciated back then from the shock of discovering there were cameras in my home and NASA was abusing satellite technology to invade our home. It’s not an easy thing to live with when you value your privacy as much as I do and I never want to get accustomed to it. You need to have that privacy where you can fart and you can scratch your armpits without wondering how many people were watching or you just lose it!christina

I never discuss my wardrobe with the public like the Royals do- I have more pressing things on my mind. I do not see fashion as my raison d’etre, even if I find it diverting when I am not immersed in my work. I refuse to partake of the culture that paints women as immaculate frivolities. I’m real, damn it, and I refuse to be a cardboard cutout so some idiot with different genitals than I have can feel superior! Genitals are a mere accident of birth, not an excuse to discount other people’s perfectly valid opinions.

WordPress did jack me around a bit when I first began to journal here- there were mysterious programming glitches now and then and for a while I let this blog go to evade persecution, but they are one of the few online services that did not overtly censor my writing and in retrospect I guess that’s somewhere in the realm of honorable.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank other Twitter users who pressured owners there last week to disclose something resembling the true statistics I get on my post traffic. For so long, all my stats online have been ridiculous fake- stats like ‘zero’ when it’s obvious there are actually tens of millions of people reading what I write, judging from the amount of gossip I see everywhere about all this. People who have never been on the receiving end of that mind-screw cannot begin to grasp the level of gut-wrenching frustration it causes to be blacklisted while others around you do as they please. I’ve said many times to my kids it would be easier to lose everything with a bunch of other people and have others to commiserate with than it was for us to go through all that grief with such a profound sense of isolation.

I doubt these stats are accurate- it’s probably only the tip of the iceberg but since my account is private, Twitter wants to avoid a law suit so they are keeping it modest at 17.3K interactions in the last month or so. You see, I have only one follower, my son, and I follow only about 130 people so stats like that are basically an admission that Twitter is letting a ton of people hack my account without my consent. (“Interactions” means hits, or people clicking on my tweets.)

Twitter stats new year 2015

This basically proves I am not a ghost; my “paranoid delusions” are factual observations and I do not have a persecution complex, nor am I “insane” as Dilbert Cartoonist Scott Adams tried to claim after I refused to sell my comic to his publisher- not because they are American per se, but because the representative who approached me online to buy my project freaked me out and gave me the major creeps.


I would like people to try and comprehend that my family’s privacy means everything  to us and I never gave initial consent to have it disregarded. Only once it was already being grossly impeded did I suggest perhaps some of those listening in on short-wave radio might serve as witnesses that we are not the monsters Melinda Gates would have people believe all these years. For many years, she spread the most damaging falsehoods all over the internet through thinly-veiled innuendo while we floundered without community support or government services, and had no idea people even knew who we were. I also didn’t have a clue she existed, or knew that I did. You can’t defend yourself against odds like that.

It has come to light at last that the woman and her husband are employees of Prince Charles and his mother- and this explains why the Crown seems completely impervious to resolving this scenario through proper legal channels. They have no legal right to invade our privacy and they are afraid it might come out if we were to be granted a legal team to defend our rights.

I don’t want to fight with anyone, I don’t wish to rehash anything or explain myself ad anfinitum to people who like to waste others’ time. I’m sick and tired of people presuming themselves upon us and borrowing our thoughts from the privacy of our home as though these are free for the taking. They most certainly are not! If Pope Francis agrees with everything I say he can bloody well do it on my terms instead of treating me like I am a ghost! He can pay us a consultant fee and so can all the other parrots!

Copyright law doesn’t even enter into this picture- it falls under police surveillance law and basically, they are only allowed to intercept radio signals in private domiciles if they can prove they are conducting security exercises. In other words the onus would be on police to prove they invaded our privacy as a means to protect us and I’m not sure all that insult and injury would weigh in favor of such an argument. (This lunacy has been going on in the name of espionage ever since Tesla was killed for the technology.)

It would then lie on police bosses, who would then point fingers at their superiors, and the blame would go all the way up the chain of command until it became evident the Crown was responsible because they knew what transpired and did nothing to put a top to it. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what their excuses are when we are in pain that never lets up for so many years without relief! In view of this rather awkward reality, I feel a sizable monetary settlement is in order to compensate my family for 20 years of living hell, suffering and injury that resulted from the Crown’s criminal negligence and competition law infringements. (For the record, I am following Camilla on Twitter having banned Prince Charles’ anonymous Twitter account for chronic sexual harassment many months ago and I don’t think he is sober enough to discern sexual interest from absolute terror.)

I don’t care where the money comes from. I feel the provinces of Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario owe us because the rental courts failed us so spectacularly and our human rights were denied us. Quebec owes us a special debt because of time I was forced to spend in prison as a young honor student- 6 long months in maximum security prison when they claimed there was no room for me elsewhere after I said I wanted to leave home and sort my thoughts out at the age of 14. I was never arrested, never charged with a crime.

Melinda French, several years my senior, was just bent out of shape because her future husband was a little bit too interested in my life so she saw an opportunity to bend my circumstances in favor of her own prospects. This was when computers were still in their infancy. My old highschool friend Melissa Mundel (front and center), owned an early model Apple computer and we had a few PCs in our computer lab but few of us had them at home. Here I am (pictured far right in the back row) in Montreal’s Trafalgar School for Girls where I won full academic scholarship due to exceptional performance on my entrance exams.


I feel my own prospects were stolen from me by the Quebec Government and they should feel obligated to compensate my Grandmother as well for sabotage that resulted in a tremendous amount of suffering in her life- most recently because employees of the Windsors poured water on the floor beside her bed while she was being treated in hospital for epilepsy.


The Federal Government became complicit in this scandal when PM Harper refused to touch this and ignored my pleas for help, then accepted large sums of money from Bill & Melinda Gates while my son was illegally detained. I’d like to show you all the scars he has on his back from malnutrition and chemical poisoning during his most recent kidnapping and forcible confinement in foster care. Never had a stretch mark in his life prior to this 7 month-long grueling torture the government of Ontario saw fit to  subject us to!  He returned home with flat feet, a curved spine and a cancerous tumor on his uvula and significant psychological trauma we are still working many months later to heal. They went on several vacations while he ran around in shoes that were 2 sizes too small and ripped to ribbons- the Ontario Government gave his foster parents my Child Tax Benefits checks plus a clothing allowance and over $1100 a month while they kept him from us and they probably also claim tax deductions on foster kids.

DSCF3992We are still waiting for a reply from the people in charge of Ontario Disability whom I wrote many months ago, and they are still playing games with our Social Assistance checks and dietary allowance. They owe us tens of thousands of back pay for grocery money they never gave us because the doctors refused to sign the papers we needed to get access to the program for those with allergies and health problems that require more expensive groceries.

Before you accuse us of freeloading on taxpayers because we accept government handouts to survive, please understand we were robbed of our own means to survive while this government fed freely from our intellectual property all these years without pay or acknowledgment. That, and the Hamilton, Ontario municipal government stole our SUV, with a resale value of $10,000. Over 50,000.00 in additional private property was stolen by an old landlord a few years ago. This occurred because the Chair of the Ontario Landlord & Tenant Board is a Chinese immigrant with refugee status who helps the government import class A drugs into the country, which is the reason our enemies were able to blackmail her into blacklisting us no matter how strong our evidence against that landlord for negligence and criminal harassment.

DSCF3975.jpgWe’re still living in a sub-par slum in an apartment that’s too small and denied the most basic services, and we’re still living in terror- biding our time between poisonings and various forms of bureaucratic persecution. I’m still having the terms of my former marriage dictated by bureaucracy. You can see how swollen my face and arms are in this new Christmas portrait- I don’t sleep much these days from moral exhaustion and worry, and the kids and I have regular discussions about how to stave off that feeling of utter futility that makes suicide seem like a viable lifestyle decision. I honestly don’t know how we made it through this far under such an insane amount of inhuman stress!

I didn’t ask for any of this and when I spoke to people when I first arrived online, I did not mean for my words to be interpreted the way they were. If I had known what was going on I would have found some other way to help people- a way that did not place my loved ones and I in such jeopardy! I still cannot believe others were so foolish as to think for a passing second that we might sacrifice so many years of our lives to the cause of complete strangers who apparently have no idea the meaning of human compassion!

I’m not asking for anything I have not earned in terms of executive pay from the various companies who profited as a direct result of the insane work schedule thrust upon me. Our suffering at the hands of government is a separate matter and ought to be properly addressed in order to help us recover from the indignity of losing our lives and autonomy for so long. It’s never going to be a reality show. It’s always going to be a very surreal and painful part of our lives that ought never have happened! All those years spent in such misery will never be returned. My children’s childhoods were stolen and so was mine so it’s the least people can do is to quit taking advantage of loopholes to sustain this inhuman torture!

We can’t recover if we are not properly compensated and in order to do this we need retroactive compensation that pays us what we ought to have made throughout this exploitative scenario. We should never have been targeted in the first place and it’s time we saw more than just talk from our leaders. We are sick and tired of being exploited by greedy politicians who wish to win elections yet do nothing to address the issues underlying our family’s economic struggles. We were well on our way to success when we were brutally sabotaged in total breech of competition agreements between Canada, Britain and the USA. We must see a complete about-face in the behavior of Canadian and US bureaucrats in favor of financial stability for our family so we can regain our health and sense of security on a permanent basis!

Evidence of bribes Gates family paid Mastercard to cancel my credit

cropped-11gates_billmelinda_600.jpgSome of you will recall the matter of an issue of fraud and harassment I suffered at the hands of Canadian Tire Mastercard last year. I chronicled the abuses in a letter and re-posted it recently here because my credit status still has not been resolved.

yogaThere is a lot of talk presently about fixing my family’s human rights status, however as I understand it, Ina Fried, Melinda Gates & Hillary Clinton still feel they have a right to blow millions of our tax dollars on gigolos while clean-living people are forcibly kept out of education. These women are apologists for the use of highly illegal competition tactics that masquerade as “National Security”, and ought to be labeled “domestic terrorists” if our newspapers were not run by frauds.

Here is proof of allegations against the Gates for tampering in my personal finances in breech of international competition law:


We can’t leave the fate of the world to the Gateses and the Zuckerbergs |

Last year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced an $11 million grant to — wait for it — MasterCard.

Source: We can’t leave the fate of the world to the Gateses and the Zuckerbergs |

Comments under,”Trudeau wants alternative to first past the post”.


I left a comment this morning under a Maclean’s article on Justin Trudeau here.


“Trudeau got in on my back when I tried to use his mother as an example when I said my own mother was persecuted for being a religious conservative as a Canadian student in the 1960’s. My family immigrated from Eastern Europe- Hungary to be exact, where things were not so modernized. Prince Charles’ influence on Canadian culture is extremely left-wing and when our mothers were young, the British Invasion had just begun so there was pressure on youth to be a certain way and if they did not fit they were outcast.

The problem is Justin is not like us- has fundamentally different values. This is evident because I would never risk public humiliation by plagiarizing someone whose family is a victim of covert anti-competition tactics, and this is precisely what Trudeau is doing, although he vehemently denies it- and even the fact that we exist and are screaming out for help all over the Internet while our rights are repeatedly violated by government employees.

I read his anonymous comments below made earlier in the day and it would seem he has got hold of my son’s report card, is spreading malicious lies about his academic performance to try and justify sustaining an unwholesome agenda in Canadian schools that targets students and results in sabotage of Canada’s economy on the world stage.

My son was kidnapped by the Ontario government on numerous occasions throughout his childhood because we were alienated from family and that made us a target for unscrupulousness intra-governmental elements who engage in human trafficking of others when and if they think they can get away with it. He was home educated his whole life and while they detained him, he attended 3 different public Ontario high-schools in the space of 5 months and due to health problems caused by criminal negligence in these foster homes they held him in, his attendance was sporadic. This was a violation of my son’s rights and our rights as his family to choose his method of education and an abuse of the foster care system that is publicly funded as a means to protect abused kids, not in order to enforce a communist agenda on Canadian business people.


Daemon’s report card is not a reflection of his grade average, it reflects his attendance record. To my knowledge his scores ranged from A- to C+ on his tests and he had at least a B+ average so comments below calling him a “stupid clam” are baseless, cowardly defamation. My son began to count money well at the tender age of 2 and he is a very intelligent, competent young intellectual. I feel Charles had my son’s education disrupted because he could not control his political advisers and many of these men are disreputable, or at least ought to be if the truth came out about them.

My understanding is that a Recode employee who used to work for Microsoft- by the name of Ina Fried, is the main reason I am kept in this state. She appears to be a Vatican hacker spy, is transsexual with extremely liberal sexual politics, a child-predator and my understanding is that she has dirt on every politician in the Commonwealth, threatens to disclose dirt to the media if my family is released from captivity.

We are forced to reside in a weakened state in an apartment building owned by a Mafia slumlord in Hamilton, Ontario named Augie Amendolia. We have health problems that doctors refuse to treat and we are not given access to Ontario Disability even though we are in fact disabled, so we cannot afford to leave Hamilton which is an extremely impoverished, poorly-managed city filled with corruption. Ina Fried’s friend, Melinda Gates, went so far as to bribe Mastercard to have my credit card revoked!

We suffered a long series of evictions before this that happened in complete disregard of the law as a result of this scenario ever since my son was born and as I understand it, the Mafia feel they own children of noble heritage who are not spoken for by extended family, and see me as an impediment to their access to my son as a sex toy. I’ve spoken to my son about this agenda, he has no interest in associating with my landlord or anyone like him, and feels as persecuted as his sister and I. We need the public’s help to make Justin Trudeau and Governor General Johnston to order the Canadian Army to force Ontario law enforcement to arrest those responsible for my son’s kidnapping and repeated poisoning while illegally detained in foster care throughout his formative years. Pope Francis does nothing to reign in his collaborators.

It is vital that President Obama be brought to justice for refusing to give my family political amnesty during this horrible ordeal simply because I exercised my family’s legal right to choose a private method of education. We are being used as tools by those who strive to obtain votes in elections, I have been plagiarized by a series of politicians and religious leaders, which is embarrassing to extremes, and we are exhausted, frightened, disparaged by the way we are treated! I am painted as some sort of extremist because I do not adhere to Catholic doctrine and the fact is there are plenty of successful Atheists in the business world. We have religious freedom and freedom of expression rights in this country and we deserve to enjoy the same rights as everyone else even if billionaires are willing to bribe politicians to mistreat and blacklist us for no reason whatsoever other than to breech international competition law.

Here is a bog entry I wrote summarizing my experiences in Canada with government corruption: Our harrowing experience with Ontario child protective services. ”



Here is a picture of Ina Fried obtained through a Google search- she has me blocked from reading her Twitter stream however nearly all her tweets are thinly-veiled directives about blacklisting us and she is sexually obsessed with my 16 year-old son- stalks him online. I feel this woman is criminally insane and I am pleading with law enforcement in her area to please arrest her for proliferating child pornography as many of good character have alleged her involvement in the largest child porn distribution ring on the Internet.

Dive Into Mobile, Ina Fried

Our harrowing experience with Ontario child protective services.

We’re reviewing some of the notes I took while Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Liberals held my son hostage so they could steal my business out from under us.


I’ve got a new image header at the top of this blog. It features my son Daemon Donald Johnathan Lane as a young primary school-aged boy in our Grimsby rental, playing video games on my desktop system. Mostly, my kids used cd roms during their computer time; once a year on his birthday, my son was allowed to play online video games. Some of you will think this is overly strict— yet as an educator with twenty-one years of experience in the field (I successfully raised and taught two literate, reasonably polite, intelligent and capable children at home), I have noted a significant correlation to the use of video games and my son’s ability to focus on academic subjects. That’s how my son was made and it doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. Part of the benefit of small class sizes is you can focus on the individual’s temperament. My son’s schedule looked…

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Still no reply from Canadian Tire Bank Ombudsman to my letter:

Some of you may recall issues I had with my credit card while my family was under siege by Ontario’s Libtard Wynne Government’s cronies. I found out why I was mistreated by Canadian Tire Mastercard today when I read the following Globe and Mail article: The world shouldn’t have to rely on the kindness of Bill Gates |


I have uploaded the letter, dated Monday, March 30th, 2015, to my Google Drive account as evidence.

Monday, March 30, 2015.


To: Ombudsman

Canadian Tire Bank

3475 Superior Court

Oakville, Ontario L6L 0C6


Tel: 1-800-464-9166, ext. 39583

Fax: (905) 465-6033


Re: Credit Card Reinstatement

Dear Canadian Tire Ombudsman,

I have been a satisfied customer of yours for many years now and until recently I had no complaints. I regret to say in the past 3 months I hesitated to make deposits as painful health issues made dealing with politically-motivated harassment by Canadian Tire Bank employees impossible. I waited to regain the strength to face the issue then I called and there was further verbal assault, threats made by an employee, this time even more harsh and traumatic. I have spoken with the authorities about obtaining phone records as evidence if my complaint is not properly addressed…

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Letter I sent to Prince Charles May 2009.

[Addendum: It has come to my attention since posting this that the Hamilton, Ontario Chinese-owned grocery store where my family shops, called Nations Fresh Foods, located at the Jackson Square Mall on Main Street, has suffered a power failure and is forced to dump all the perishables on its shelves.]


Thursday, May 21, 2009.

A photo of Christina Halasz-Lane taken around the time this was authored and sent to Balmoral Estates by post.

To: The Prince of Wales

c/o:  The Estates Office

Balmoral Estates


Aberdeenshire AB35 5TB

Tel: (+44) (0) 13397 42534

Fax: (+44) (0) 13397 42271



Your Highness,

Congratulations on your efforts to bring forth sustainable farming standards and draw attention to environmental issues.  These are matters I am interested in myself, and I am grateful for your persistence in our future and that of our children.  It is mind-boggling to say the least that a man in your position is reprimanded by his own people for using jet planes as retribution for these efforts, when they ought to be commended.

I would like to add that I genuinely find your media presence, and that of your charming wife, The Duchess of Cornwall, to be nothing short of inspirational.  You both provide comfort to me in trying times.  Please convey my unconditional respects to Camilla, and tell her that, as frivolous as this might seem, all considered— I think she is just lovely and I absolutely adore her wardrobe.  I do not feel she deserved any of the negative press she received over the years.  She strikes me as very sympathetic.

For your information, organic gardening is one of my most beloved hobbies, and it saddens me that I have been prevented by circumstance from enjoying it for the last two years because my [lazy] neighbors are always jealous of my green thumb.  My little plot that I toiled over three years ago lies barren because I cannot say from one month to the next whether my family will be ejected onto the street for daring to show any interest in our surroundings.  It appears that in our efforts to capitalize from the [orchestrated] ineptitude of others, we have so glamorized every down-to-earth life skill into some unattainable “lifestyle”, that there is no more appreciation for such things among average company.  We are now branded “snobs” by ignoramuses if we stoop to plant a few herbs or vegetables.

I regret I must tell you that I am beyond frustrated by various experiences I am having to date which have transpired since my first efforts to rent in this country since I had my first child.  It appears at present, and for well over 14 years now, that I have attracted the attentions of a group of unscrupulous bullies who stop at nothing to keep me from advancing.  Prior to this, I was mercilessly bullied in the school system, and my self-esteem virtually destroyed for many years as a result.  My family— a good, honest, hard-working family, formerly from Hungary, (who are distant relations of your own on Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’s side), have struggled economically in Canada ever since they immigrated here in WWII, and I regret to say that forces have conspired against us to keep it that way against the best of odds in our favor.

Suffice to say that my Grandmother was always a cultured, educated woman—herself from a very good European family, and that any manners she taught me were never appreciated by my peers.  My own Mother was chewed up and spat out by the school system, and I had a lot of problems coping despite my honor roll status.  When I attended a “feminist” secondary school, I found even the staff were keen to treat me with disfavor, whereas the Catholic primary school I attended at least protected me from any bullies.

I am writing you today because although one might think these types of experiences with bullying and slander would conclude at the primary school level, there appears to be a group of unscrupulous female bullies in charge of the Justice system at the Provincial level— and a series of reluctant male contemporaries who do their bidding under threat of violence.  It appears that this is a problem across North America— and that these women have been abusing their power to manifest some warped social order throughout Canadian Society— all at the provincial level.

What pains me more than anything, is that, by and large, these women who purport to have some superior deserving due to their supposed intellectual abilities, and [presumed] chaste conduct, are largely impoverished in terms of intellect, aptitude and personal conduct— preying more or less transparently and shamelessly on the innocent and vulnerable via their positions in the Justice system and other branches of regional government in such a way as to leverage their financial investments and political interests at the expense of others who may be more deserving.  I say transparently because it is evident to me that they have not between them the wit or intelligence to behave in a covert manner.  In the true spirit of bullies, they are all brawn and little in the brains department.  They are capable of sexual harassment to an extreme against even their own gender, as well as all manner of falsehood and deception.  They are not brighter or more deserving— but hard, and mean, and cruel.  So much for the “feminist” movement or women’s rights or “equality”.

Please read the attached correspondence if you are interested in familiarizing yourself with the history of these complaints as they pertain to my living situation.  For years, my family is prevented from finding employment, and also, I have reason to believe that the estates of my former husband (Aaron’s) deceased Father and Grandmother have been tampered with.  I surmise this by highly suspicious conduct on the part of the executors and other family members ever since their departure.

Both of Aaron’s “feminist”, third-generation Canadian mothers have actively conspired through government ties [by means of gossip in the guise of “concerns”, all of which are pure fabrication] due to their own positions in the provincial system; both in academia and the police bureau, to jealously prevent my family from advancing for their own political reasons.  Meanwhile, they whine to everyone who will listen that we are not allowing them to see their grandchildren— when their every breath betrays the wellbeing of these same children.  I have the impression they would gladly murder me to gain possession of my children— not because they want the children, or love the children, but in the spirit of competition, because I have proven myself superior in the care of children and in my command of the domestic arts.

Informants tell me that Canadian government offices are also obstructing the processing of my divorce application, and my child tax benefit dispersion via some unwarranted audit— with none of my correspondence being acknowledged to date on the subject— in a direct effort to perpetrate financial hardship on us, presumably to prevent me from making any necessary advancements in my children’s publishing corporation— a registered shell company by the name of Glass Mountain Incorporated.

Unwarranted punitive measures are transpiring in the name of  government bureaucracy— and these are calculated to disadvantage me and cut off services to which all citizens of this country are entitled at birth.  As a result, I have done without my C.T.B. payments for over three months now at a time when I am also forced to collect welfare because my ex-husband’s own finances are tampered with so that child support payments are no longer forthcoming.

I am given the distinct impression that this is being done in order to force me into the work force, to give my intellectual property over to my competitors.  Disney, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Nickelodeon— all of these companies and others of the same status, have tried to persuade me to join them through dishonest means.  When I refused to do so— lies were spread about my character, and I was forced to go online and defend my reputation for several years until all of them were duly silenced through an inability to successfully debate their political stances or accusations against me.  Needless to say, this was a major drain on my personal resources.

As it stands, I believe that Apple Computers and their contemporaries may have been hacking into my hard drive for many years in order to steal my intellectual property, as there is an unmistakable chronological thematic overlap between their products and my own endeavors for over twelve years now.  I’ve always been somewhat of a trend setter, and it makes sense that this would translate in terms of my business endeavors.  What is most frightening, is that they would then continually for years on end, deny me employment in an effort to hide their shame— long before I clued into this discernible chain theft behaviors.

To this very day, I am being strong-armed by these same people to become an actress and high-class prostitute in L.A. in order to prevent me from pursuing my children’s publishing venture.  I am told that physically attractive women are incapable of joining the workforce because they are too much of a distraction to these women’s husbands.  Never mind that I am aging from persistent economic abuse, and my health is failing as a direct result of this pervasive mistreatment.  They still insist this is my only talent, somehow.  I never once had problems with promiscuity in coed schools or gyms, and I was an impeccably loyal wife to my ex-husband for over 15 years— running out of doctors offices in spite of much needed medical attention and the like in order to save my virtue.  

I am totally up in arms with this thoughtless prejudice perpetrated by supposed “feminists”. I’ve even had ambulance attendants physically abuse my four-year-old son after some animal food-poisoned him at a Chinese grocery chain, only to see him wait several hours in a hospital emergency room with a high fever in intense pain while others with minor scrapes and burns went before him.  I am sick and tired of being persecuted, and forced to forgo government services because of other people’s malice.  I have no idea what I ever did to deserve this treatment.  If I seek to defend myself, I am accused of “attacking” people.

I regret to say that at a time when I most need it, I am again unable to find legal representation in any matters of personal import.  I am sexually harassed everywhere I go to an extreme.  As a renter, I am constantly being ejected from my home for no good reason, and it is hurting my children and myself.  I have been assaulted and molested and the police do nothing to help me— also assaulting me when I call them for help— and they choose to add further insult to the records at every given opportunity.  I am alone, and frightened, and powerless to find help.

I have been fending for myself somehow through all this while also recovering from a severe case of stress-inflicted Celiac that made me lame for over two years, while others gossiped that I was “making it all up”.  Don’t ask me where I find the strength.  Most people would have given up long ago.  I can only thank my Grandmother for teaching me the value of family and integrity— however disadvantageous this knowledge may be in such times.  Likewise, my two children, who are home schooled, are stressed, yet somehow, strong enough in spite of all the malice to laugh each day.

But— enough now with these pitiful complaints, as they are taxing on my pride.  Please now allow me to draw your focus to the Chair of the Landlord & Tenant Board of Ontario in my efforts to fully illustrate my concerns.  Dr. Lilian Ma, who holds this position of oversight at this very important regional institution.  This information is copied directly from the following U.R.L. on the web:

  • “Dr. Lilian Ma, B.Sc., Ph.D., LL.B., has been a member of the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada since 1994. 
  • Her 18-year public sector career includes a variety of prestigious positions: member of the Liquor Licence Board of Ontario; chief of the Public Education Division of the Race Relations Directorate of Multiculturalism Canada of the Secretary of State from 1988 to 1989; and commissioner for the Ontario Human Rights Commission from 1986 to 1988. 
  • Dr. Ma has earned a law degree from the University of Toronto (1992), a doctorate in chemistry from Simon Fraser University (1971) and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Hong Kong (1967). Dr. Ma is a member of the Canadian Bar Association and sat on its Racial Equality Implementation Committee from 2000 to 2004. She was a founding director and held several board positions on the Chinese Canadian National Council from 1980 to 1994, and was a founding director of the National Organization of the Immigrant and Visible Minority Women of Canada from 1986 to 1988.”

As I stated above, I am including for your review a series of related correspondence that may assist you in understanding my current circumstances as they relate to my past to present concerns— none of which have been resolved to date because of these prejudices I describe.  The Prime Minister’s Office has yet to acknowledge my existence much less respond to any of the faxes I have sent.  The MPP’s offices have been somewhat responsive, but have not been able to help at all.

Please accept my apologies for the length of the material.  Ordinarily, I do not like to impose myself on others, as I have become self-reliant over the years due to having such circumstances thrust on me at every turn.  But I am beside myself as I attempt to find justice for my family, and feeling drained, and I need help!

Of brand new concern, is the fact that my application with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal was rejected the day after I mistakenly confided in an L.T.B. adjudicator that I had filed with the commission in regards to issues of concern brought about by the same people I was addressing in court that day.  They are, again, using their own bureaucratic constructs to dismantle my claims, and prevent me from finding any justice for fear that I might stabilize my position and gain on them in the marketplace.  We all know that this is beyond illegal in view of anti-competition laws in this country, and yet they do so brazenly because they have got away with it for so long they no longer feel any reservations about showing themselves to be dishonest.

In view of the position Dr.Ma held with the Human Rights Commission, and her failure to correct the influences of Member Shamatutu— the adjudicator whose misconduct I complained previously about to Her Majesty and the office of the Prime Minister, I can only begin to conclude that these women may be abusing their positions in government and internal contacts in order to knowingly obstruct justice.  That they would then claim to be interested in protecting refugees, all the while openly disadvantaging and attacking honest, born citizens of this country— is disturbing to say the very least.  It makes no difference if one is a tireless advocate of multiculturalism, as I am, because this is not a matter of discrimination, and not at all one of race.  All of it is a façade.

Gender factors into it only long enough to disadvantage any paternal element that might seek to protect the maternal forces these women actively obstruct in their facile handling of judicial matters placed I their trust.  Therefore, I assert with conviction that any “Racial Equality” we impose in Canadian hiring standards is being exploited with the intent to leverage economic and political warfare against Canadians— and not by the more desirable members of a given cultural group, I might add.  Many of these people are sloppy and incompetent, and despised by their own subjects.  As one who, like yourself, is keen on the [fascinating] study of foreign cultures, it pains me to have to draw this conclusion.  Diversity is something I feel every nation ought to strive for— but not in a manner that disrupts the fabric of societal health.  I hardly think this socio- economic meddling ought to be tolerated by any democratic country— especially not in the guise of “Justice” of all things.

The individuals I speak of are women who are power hungry, and also less than capable in many respects.  They seek to suppress those who are more refined and capable at the family arts for economic reasons, as they fear any legitimate competition on the market.  They do not, in fact, orchestrate any legitimate or clever form of trompe de concience, but effectively manifest a lack of capability and catastrophic poverty of intellect in their efforts to micromanage the market.  

Since I am attempting to launch a publishing company for children, I have the distinct impression that I am being obstructed by women who have investments with competing corporations— the same corporations that have infringed openly on my intellectual property more than once in recent years. All of it is economically motivated, and stems from an empty hunger for power above all else, presumably because they themselves wanted for maternal influence in their formative years.  If this were not the case, they would have their own valid contributions to make, and would not have to steal their material from me.

Considering that I have been an outspoken online critic of excessive liquor consumption, and also of the tokenistic employment of women and minority groups, I think it is safe to say that Dr.Ma and her contemporaries would not, given their prior associations, even in the best of circumstances, warm to the idea of promoting my venture in any case.  And therefore, she and her contemporaries would have to be possessed of an extraordinary sense of fairness and objectivity if they were to conduct any legitimate legal proceedings as they affect my family.  Unfortunately— and also evidently, this is not the case at all.  If anything, we are dealing with stupid, ignorant, shameful people who think they are above those who are more intelligent— simply because they are willing to cheat and lie their way into positions of power, whereas a more refined, intelligent person would see the pitfalls of such behaviors on a larger societal scale.  (It goes without saying that hindsight and forethought are not generally possessed by arrogant, careless thieves who only think of short-term gains.)

These are people who seek to suppress genuine competition on the market because they are accomplished only at accounting, and not at any cultural facilities.  They promote only their own kind— other unscrupulous females with masculine aptitudes, because they seek to dominate all aspects of society, and eliminate every aspect of competition in their environment as their only means for survival when incompetence prevents any other means.  The greater the weight of this growing cultural poverty and injustice, and administrative abuse, the more aggressive these women must be in their behaviors to maintain their market dominance.  Call them “feminists” if you will— this is clearly about anything but women’s health or safety, and they are anything but feminine.  

The Arts are suffering horribly as a result, and so is the quality of education across the board.  Children are malnourished and soul-starved. As a patron of the Arts, and a lifelong artist, I am certain that you feel, as I do, that this is nothing less than tragic.  I can no longer bear to watch stage productions put on here in Toronto, and CBC Radio programming has gone downhill.  Additionally, parents are taxed beyond their capabilities.

There is no tolerance for the housewife in this society; she is brutalized from every angle.  The Mother is treated as less than refuse—even by other Mothers who have lost their instincts because of commitments to the “feminist” ideal; having squandered the most critical bonding years of their childrens’ infancies for a paycheck.  There is an increasing focus on some Spartan physical ideal, with no knowledge of nutrition or self-discipline to sustain it, because our young people’s bodies are seen as disposable commodities.

We reward males to turn a blind eye with images of compromised, depressed young women who are butchered and starved beyond recognition while those of us over the age of 45 are made to feel like we are useless.  Our kindergarten and primary school children are, as a direct result of this insanity, diagnosed with all spectrum of mental illness so we can fill our coffers with their sickness.  We rob ourselves all of healthful marriages, and confuse our gender instincts.  We discard our elderly, failing to learn from their experiences, and thus we repeat the mistakes of our father’s fathers.

A decreased quality of youthful discipline and academic standards is promoted focus as these women seek to sponge our youth of any hope for happy family lives in their adulthood by tapping into their primal urges as young as possible for the sole sake of sales and market exploitation.  Students are saddled with education debt while school administrators milk all the educational values out of their programs, and increase their own earnings.

Those who fall into political disfavor during their academic days are stalked throughout their lives by their Alma Mater, who also have ties in regional government, and are prevented from advancing economically. All of this the result of a handful of government people who think to impose their “intellect” on those of lesser merit.  All of it packaged in the form of “fun”— cancer, mental illness, all manner of misery; all of it sold to us as “fun”.

And this is o.k. with five percent of the population who perpetrate and enforce this fiasco, knowing they would otherwise never be advanced themselves because nobody would marry them except for their pocket books on account of their cruel characters.

I have no idea what you can do to help me, Your Esteemed Highness— I can only tell you that I would be a considerable relief to finally find effective legal representation, as I am certain that the scope of legal infractions committed by these poor idiots is worth a considerable fortune, even by Your Highness’ standards.  At any rate, I can assure you that I am having anything but “fun” as I attempt to self-represent and I am greatly in need of some kind of help as much as I loathe to admit it.  I am fed up beyond words and inclined to simply walk in there and scold the entire lot of them!

After a lifetime of dire poverty, I was finally able to afford some modest furniture and clothing last year due to whatever dispersions were granted from my ex-husband’s relatives estate.  I slept on the floor for many years so that my children could have beds and their own rooms.  I fear losing all my possessions at any given moment as I trudge through Ontario Divisional court in ongoing attempts to appeal an utterly ludicrous eviction.  I have not the resources left even to put my belongings into storage should these “Justices” rule against me at the Divisional Court again this month, and they know this because their agents are everywhere— working as managers even in our financial institutions, and privy to our most personal information.  I am unable to get any kind of credit or mortgage or loan as a result.  I am accused of fraud and tax evasion and calls are not returned since I went on welfare last month while clerks scold me for not working a night job.

Three Divisional Court Justices at Osgoode Hall reserved judgment on the 13th of May, 2009, when I attempted to defend my right to appeal despite a minor bureaucratic error I committed while my children were forcibly confined in foster care.  I am able to do nothing but sleep all week in order to escape this suffocating feeling of mental paralysis and emotional exhaustion as I await the decision of this three judge panel which they attempted to deny me even though this is my legal right, as is my right to appeal any decision made by the Landlord and Tenant Board.  You see, I am being penalized for not having a law degree, and for daring to complain about being mistreated.  Facts are shamelessly skewed, and head-games are played.  All of it is utterly shameless and disgraceful.

I get the distinct impression I am also being penalized for not compromising my virtue on behalf of the men in certain circles; i.e. members of Regional and Federal government— as I have been openly hounded online for years now as complete strangers try to procure compromising photos of me even after I informed them that the harassment was negatively impacting my health and reputation.  Having never attended co-ed high school or college, I can only tell you that I am completely unable to manage this sort of behavior, having no experience whatsoever with any of it— having always been a teacher’s pet and inclined to flatly ignore it in elementary school, or else run to the teachers for protection if it ever became unmanageable.  Only this is, sadly, not an option on the Internet when the behaviors are generated by the misconduct of government employees who have clout because they have good credit and salaried income.  Thankfully, we are reigning in the credit agencies, but I do not think this can help me with my living situation, and all this court action is exhausting my will to live.  I just do not have that much fight in me.  Not all of us are cut out to fight all our lives, and this is why I much prefer to work with children.

I sincerely hope this letter finds you all in very good spirits, and fine health, and please tell your brother that I am glad he and his wife are well and that his little children are both darling.  I am also glad to see that your two lovely sons are thriving despite any hardships your family survived on account of any callous media attention.  Ironically, I think I have some idea what it feels like to be on the receiving end of all that malice when it is simply not deserved.


Warm Regards and Best Wishes to You All,


Mrs. Christina Claire Marie Lane


28 Hazelwood Ave.

Grimsby, Ont.

L3M 1K2


Why I can never forgive Pam Anderson.

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I have been doing investigative reporting for a number of years now to try and discern what was going on because it’s been evident to me since my early adulthood that I’ve been treated in a less than favorable manner by various government agencies for reasons I could not discern. When I endeavored to sell a project of mine by networking with other professionals in the online community, there were many informants who attempted…

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