Letter I sent to Prince Charles May 2009.

[Addendum: It has come to my attention since posting this that the Hamilton, Ontario Chinese-owned grocery store where my family shops, called Nations Fresh Foods, located at the Jackson Square Mall on Main Street, has suffered a power failure and is forced to dump all the perishables on its shelves.]


Thursday, May 21, 2009.

A photo of Christina Halasz-Lane taken around the time this was authored and sent to Balmoral Estates by post.

To: The Prince of Wales

c/o:  The Estates Office

Balmoral Estates


Aberdeenshire AB35 5TB

Tel: (+44) (0) 13397 42534

Fax: (+44) (0) 13397 42271

Email: info@balmoralcastle.com


Your Highness,

Congratulations on your efforts to bring forth sustainable farming standards and draw attention to environmental issues.  These are matters I am interested in myself, and I am grateful for your persistence in our future and that of our children.  It is mind-boggling to say the least that a man in your position is reprimanded by his own people for using jet planes as retribution for these efforts, when they ought to be commended.

I would like to add that I genuinely find your media presence, and that of your charming wife, The Duchess of Cornwall, to be nothing short of inspirational.  You both provide comfort to me in trying times.  Please convey my unconditional respects to Camilla, and tell her that, as frivolous as this might seem, all considered— I think she is just lovely and I absolutely adore her wardrobe.  I do not feel she deserved any of the negative press she received over the years.  She strikes me as very sympathetic.

For your information, organic gardening is one of my most beloved hobbies, and it saddens me that I have been prevented by circumstance from enjoying it for the last two years because my [lazy] neighbors are always jealous of my green thumb.  My little plot that I toiled over three years ago lies barren because I cannot say from one month to the next whether my family will be ejected onto the street for daring to show any interest in our surroundings.  It appears that in our efforts to capitalize from the [orchestrated] ineptitude of others, we have so glamorized every down-to-earth life skill into some unattainable “lifestyle”, that there is no more appreciation for such things among average company.  We are now branded “snobs” by ignoramuses if we stoop to plant a few herbs or vegetables.

I regret I must tell you that I am beyond frustrated by various experiences I am having to date which have transpired since my first efforts to rent in this country since I had my first child.  It appears at present, and for well over 14 years now, that I have attracted the attentions of a group of unscrupulous bullies who stop at nothing to keep me from advancing.  Prior to this, I was mercilessly bullied in the school system, and my self-esteem virtually destroyed for many years as a result.  My family— a good, honest, hard-working family, formerly from Hungary, (who are distant relations of your own on Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’s side), have struggled economically in Canada ever since they immigrated here in WWII, and I regret to say that forces have conspired against us to keep it that way against the best of odds in our favor.

Suffice to say that my Grandmother was always a cultured, educated woman—herself from a very good European family, and that any manners she taught me were never appreciated by my peers.  My own Mother was chewed up and spat out by the school system, and I had a lot of problems coping despite my honor roll status.  When I attended a “feminist” secondary school, I found even the staff were keen to treat me with disfavor, whereas the Catholic primary school I attended at least protected me from any bullies.

I am writing you today because although one might think these types of experiences with bullying and slander would conclude at the primary school level, there appears to be a group of unscrupulous female bullies in charge of the Justice system at the Provincial level— and a series of reluctant male contemporaries who do their bidding under threat of violence.  It appears that this is a problem across North America— and that these women have been abusing their power to manifest some warped social order throughout Canadian Society— all at the provincial level.

What pains me more than anything, is that, by and large, these women who purport to have some superior deserving due to their supposed intellectual abilities, and [presumed] chaste conduct, are largely impoverished in terms of intellect, aptitude and personal conduct— preying more or less transparently and shamelessly on the innocent and vulnerable via their positions in the Justice system and other branches of regional government in such a way as to leverage their financial investments and political interests at the expense of others who may be more deserving.  I say transparently because it is evident to me that they have not between them the wit or intelligence to behave in a covert manner.  In the true spirit of bullies, they are all brawn and little in the brains department.  They are capable of sexual harassment to an extreme against even their own gender, as well as all manner of falsehood and deception.  They are not brighter or more deserving— but hard, and mean, and cruel.  So much for the “feminist” movement or women’s rights or “equality”.

Please read the attached correspondence if you are interested in familiarizing yourself with the history of these complaints as they pertain to my living situation.  For years, my family is prevented from finding employment, and also, I have reason to believe that the estates of my former husband (Aaron’s) deceased Father and Grandmother have been tampered with.  I surmise this by highly suspicious conduct on the part of the executors and other family members ever since their departure.

Both of Aaron’s “feminist”, third-generation Canadian mothers have actively conspired through government ties [by means of gossip in the guise of “concerns”, all of which are pure fabrication] due to their own positions in the provincial system; both in academia and the police bureau, to jealously prevent my family from advancing for their own political reasons.  Meanwhile, they whine to everyone who will listen that we are not allowing them to see their grandchildren— when their every breath betrays the wellbeing of these same children.  I have the impression they would gladly murder me to gain possession of my children— not because they want the children, or love the children, but in the spirit of competition, because I have proven myself superior in the care of children and in my command of the domestic arts.

Informants tell me that Canadian government offices are also obstructing the processing of my divorce application, and my child tax benefit dispersion via some unwarranted audit— with none of my correspondence being acknowledged to date on the subject— in a direct effort to perpetrate financial hardship on us, presumably to prevent me from making any necessary advancements in my children’s publishing corporation— a registered shell company by the name of Glass Mountain Incorporated.

Unwarranted punitive measures are transpiring in the name of  government bureaucracy— and these are calculated to disadvantage me and cut off services to which all citizens of this country are entitled at birth.  As a result, I have done without my C.T.B. payments for over three months now at a time when I am also forced to collect welfare because my ex-husband’s own finances are tampered with so that child support payments are no longer forthcoming.

I am given the distinct impression that this is being done in order to force me into the work force, to give my intellectual property over to my competitors.  Disney, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Nickelodeon— all of these companies and others of the same status, have tried to persuade me to join them through dishonest means.  When I refused to do so— lies were spread about my character, and I was forced to go online and defend my reputation for several years until all of them were duly silenced through an inability to successfully debate their political stances or accusations against me.  Needless to say, this was a major drain on my personal resources.

As it stands, I believe that Apple Computers and their contemporaries may have been hacking into my hard drive for many years in order to steal my intellectual property, as there is an unmistakable chronological thematic overlap between their products and my own endeavors for over twelve years now.  I’ve always been somewhat of a trend setter, and it makes sense that this would translate in terms of my business endeavors.  What is most frightening, is that they would then continually for years on end, deny me employment in an effort to hide their shame— long before I clued into this discernible chain theft behaviors.

To this very day, I am being strong-armed by these same people to become an actress and high-class prostitute in L.A. in order to prevent me from pursuing my children’s publishing venture.  I am told that physically attractive women are incapable of joining the workforce because they are too much of a distraction to these women’s husbands.  Never mind that I am aging from persistent economic abuse, and my health is failing as a direct result of this pervasive mistreatment.  They still insist this is my only talent, somehow.  I never once had problems with promiscuity in coed schools or gyms, and I was an impeccably loyal wife to my ex-husband for over 15 years— running out of doctors offices in spite of much needed medical attention and the like in order to save my virtue.  

I am totally up in arms with this thoughtless prejudice perpetrated by supposed “feminists”. I’ve even had ambulance attendants physically abuse my four-year-old son after some animal food-poisoned him at a Chinese grocery chain, only to see him wait several hours in a hospital emergency room with a high fever in intense pain while others with minor scrapes and burns went before him.  I am sick and tired of being persecuted, and forced to forgo government services because of other people’s malice.  I have no idea what I ever did to deserve this treatment.  If I seek to defend myself, I am accused of “attacking” people.

I regret to say that at a time when I most need it, I am again unable to find legal representation in any matters of personal import.  I am sexually harassed everywhere I go to an extreme.  As a renter, I am constantly being ejected from my home for no good reason, and it is hurting my children and myself.  I have been assaulted and molested and the police do nothing to help me— also assaulting me when I call them for help— and they choose to add further insult to the records at every given opportunity.  I am alone, and frightened, and powerless to find help.

I have been fending for myself somehow through all this while also recovering from a severe case of stress-inflicted Celiac that made me lame for over two years, while others gossiped that I was “making it all up”.  Don’t ask me where I find the strength.  Most people would have given up long ago.  I can only thank my Grandmother for teaching me the value of family and integrity— however disadvantageous this knowledge may be in such times.  Likewise, my two children, who are home schooled, are stressed, yet somehow, strong enough in spite of all the malice to laugh each day.

But— enough now with these pitiful complaints, as they are taxing on my pride.  Please now allow me to draw your focus to the Chair of the Landlord & Tenant Board of Ontario in my efforts to fully illustrate my concerns.  Dr. Lilian Ma, who holds this position of oversight at this very important regional institution.  This information is copied directly from the following U.R.L. on the web:


  • “Dr. Lilian Ma, B.Sc., Ph.D., LL.B., has been a member of the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada since 1994. 
  • Her 18-year public sector career includes a variety of prestigious positions: member of the Liquor Licence Board of Ontario; chief of the Public Education Division of the Race Relations Directorate of Multiculturalism Canada of the Secretary of State from 1988 to 1989; and commissioner for the Ontario Human Rights Commission from 1986 to 1988. 
  • Dr. Ma has earned a law degree from the University of Toronto (1992), a doctorate in chemistry from Simon Fraser University (1971) and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Hong Kong (1967). Dr. Ma is a member of the Canadian Bar Association and sat on its Racial Equality Implementation Committee from 2000 to 2004. She was a founding director and held several board positions on the Chinese Canadian National Council from 1980 to 1994, and was a founding director of the National Organization of the Immigrant and Visible Minority Women of Canada from 1986 to 1988.”

As I stated above, I am including for your review a series of related correspondence that may assist you in understanding my current circumstances as they relate to my past to present concerns— none of which have been resolved to date because of these prejudices I describe.  The Prime Minister’s Office has yet to acknowledge my existence much less respond to any of the faxes I have sent.  The MPP’s offices have been somewhat responsive, but have not been able to help at all.

Please accept my apologies for the length of the material.  Ordinarily, I do not like to impose myself on others, as I have become self-reliant over the years due to having such circumstances thrust on me at every turn.  But I am beside myself as I attempt to find justice for my family, and feeling drained, and I need help!

Of brand new concern, is the fact that my application with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal was rejected the day after I mistakenly confided in an L.T.B. adjudicator that I had filed with the commission in regards to issues of concern brought about by the same people I was addressing in court that day.  They are, again, using their own bureaucratic constructs to dismantle my claims, and prevent me from finding any justice for fear that I might stabilize my position and gain on them in the marketplace.  We all know that this is beyond illegal in view of anti-competition laws in this country, and yet they do so brazenly because they have got away with it for so long they no longer feel any reservations about showing themselves to be dishonest.

In view of the position Dr.Ma held with the Human Rights Commission, and her failure to correct the influences of Member Shamatutu— the adjudicator whose misconduct I complained previously about to Her Majesty and the office of the Prime Minister, I can only begin to conclude that these women may be abusing their positions in government and internal contacts in order to knowingly obstruct justice.  That they would then claim to be interested in protecting refugees, all the while openly disadvantaging and attacking honest, born citizens of this country— is disturbing to say the very least.  It makes no difference if one is a tireless advocate of multiculturalism, as I am, because this is not a matter of discrimination, and not at all one of race.  All of it is a façade.

Gender factors into it only long enough to disadvantage any paternal element that might seek to protect the maternal forces these women actively obstruct in their facile handling of judicial matters placed I their trust.  Therefore, I assert with conviction that any “Racial Equality” we impose in Canadian hiring standards is being exploited with the intent to leverage economic and political warfare against Canadians— and not by the more desirable members of a given cultural group, I might add.  Many of these people are sloppy and incompetent, and despised by their own subjects.  As one who, like yourself, is keen on the [fascinating] study of foreign cultures, it pains me to have to draw this conclusion.  Diversity is something I feel every nation ought to strive for— but not in a manner that disrupts the fabric of societal health.  I hardly think this socio- economic meddling ought to be tolerated by any democratic country— especially not in the guise of “Justice” of all things.

The individuals I speak of are women who are power hungry, and also less than capable in many respects.  They seek to suppress those who are more refined and capable at the family arts for economic reasons, as they fear any legitimate competition on the market.  They do not, in fact, orchestrate any legitimate or clever form of trompe de concience, but effectively manifest a lack of capability and catastrophic poverty of intellect in their efforts to micromanage the market.  

Since I am attempting to launch a publishing company for children, I have the distinct impression that I am being obstructed by women who have investments with competing corporations— the same corporations that have infringed openly on my intellectual property more than once in recent years. All of it is economically motivated, and stems from an empty hunger for power above all else, presumably because they themselves wanted for maternal influence in their formative years.  If this were not the case, they would have their own valid contributions to make, and would not have to steal their material from me.

Considering that I have been an outspoken online critic of excessive liquor consumption, and also of the tokenistic employment of women and minority groups, I think it is safe to say that Dr.Ma and her contemporaries would not, given their prior associations, even in the best of circumstances, warm to the idea of promoting my venture in any case.  And therefore, she and her contemporaries would have to be possessed of an extraordinary sense of fairness and objectivity if they were to conduct any legitimate legal proceedings as they affect my family.  Unfortunately— and also evidently, this is not the case at all.  If anything, we are dealing with stupid, ignorant, shameful people who think they are above those who are more intelligent— simply because they are willing to cheat and lie their way into positions of power, whereas a more refined, intelligent person would see the pitfalls of such behaviors on a larger societal scale.  (It goes without saying that hindsight and forethought are not generally possessed by arrogant, careless thieves who only think of short-term gains.)

These are people who seek to suppress genuine competition on the market because they are accomplished only at accounting, and not at any cultural facilities.  They promote only their own kind— other unscrupulous females with masculine aptitudes, because they seek to dominate all aspects of society, and eliminate every aspect of competition in their environment as their only means for survival when incompetence prevents any other means.  The greater the weight of this growing cultural poverty and injustice, and administrative abuse, the more aggressive these women must be in their behaviors to maintain their market dominance.  Call them “feminists” if you will— this is clearly about anything but women’s health or safety, and they are anything but feminine.  

The Arts are suffering horribly as a result, and so is the quality of education across the board.  Children are malnourished and soul-starved. As a patron of the Arts, and a lifelong artist, I am certain that you feel, as I do, that this is nothing less than tragic.  I can no longer bear to watch stage productions put on here in Toronto, and CBC Radio programming has gone downhill.  Additionally, parents are taxed beyond their capabilities.

There is no tolerance for the housewife in this society; she is brutalized from every angle.  The Mother is treated as less than refuse—even by other Mothers who have lost their instincts because of commitments to the “feminist” ideal; having squandered the most critical bonding years of their childrens’ infancies for a paycheck.  There is an increasing focus on some Spartan physical ideal, with no knowledge of nutrition or self-discipline to sustain it, because our young people’s bodies are seen as disposable commodities.

We reward males to turn a blind eye with images of compromised, depressed young women who are butchered and starved beyond recognition while those of us over the age of 45 are made to feel like we are useless.  Our kindergarten and primary school children are, as a direct result of this insanity, diagnosed with all spectrum of mental illness so we can fill our coffers with their sickness.  We rob ourselves all of healthful marriages, and confuse our gender instincts.  We discard our elderly, failing to learn from their experiences, and thus we repeat the mistakes of our father’s fathers.

A decreased quality of youthful discipline and academic standards is promoted focus as these women seek to sponge our youth of any hope for happy family lives in their adulthood by tapping into their primal urges as young as possible for the sole sake of sales and market exploitation.  Students are saddled with education debt while school administrators milk all the educational values out of their programs, and increase their own earnings.

Those who fall into political disfavor during their academic days are stalked throughout their lives by their Alma Mater, who also have ties in regional government, and are prevented from advancing economically. All of this the result of a handful of government people who think to impose their “intellect” on those of lesser merit.  All of it packaged in the form of “fun”— cancer, mental illness, all manner of misery; all of it sold to us as “fun”.

And this is o.k. with five percent of the population who perpetrate and enforce this fiasco, knowing they would otherwise never be advanced themselves because nobody would marry them except for their pocket books on account of their cruel characters.

I have no idea what you can do to help me, Your Esteemed Highness— I can only tell you that I would be a considerable relief to finally find effective legal representation, as I am certain that the scope of legal infractions committed by these poor idiots is worth a considerable fortune, even by Your Highness’ standards.  At any rate, I can assure you that I am having anything but “fun” as I attempt to self-represent and I am greatly in need of some kind of help as much as I loathe to admit it.  I am fed up beyond words and inclined to simply walk in there and scold the entire lot of them!

After a lifetime of dire poverty, I was finally able to afford some modest furniture and clothing last year due to whatever dispersions were granted from my ex-husband’s relatives estate.  I slept on the floor for many years so that my children could have beds and their own rooms.  I fear losing all my possessions at any given moment as I trudge through Ontario Divisional court in ongoing attempts to appeal an utterly ludicrous eviction.  I have not the resources left even to put my belongings into storage should these “Justices” rule against me at the Divisional Court again this month, and they know this because their agents are everywhere— working as managers even in our financial institutions, and privy to our most personal information.  I am unable to get any kind of credit or mortgage or loan as a result.  I am accused of fraud and tax evasion and calls are not returned since I went on welfare last month while clerks scold me for not working a night job.

Three Divisional Court Justices at Osgoode Hall reserved judgment on the 13th of May, 2009, when I attempted to defend my right to appeal despite a minor bureaucratic error I committed while my children were forcibly confined in foster care.  I am able to do nothing but sleep all week in order to escape this suffocating feeling of mental paralysis and emotional exhaustion as I await the decision of this three judge panel which they attempted to deny me even though this is my legal right, as is my right to appeal any decision made by the Landlord and Tenant Board.  You see, I am being penalized for not having a law degree, and for daring to complain about being mistreated.  Facts are shamelessly skewed, and head-games are played.  All of it is utterly shameless and disgraceful.

I get the distinct impression I am also being penalized for not compromising my virtue on behalf of the men in certain circles; i.e. members of Regional and Federal government— as I have been openly hounded online for years now as complete strangers try to procure compromising photos of me even after I informed them that the harassment was negatively impacting my health and reputation.  Having never attended co-ed high school or college, I can only tell you that I am completely unable to manage this sort of behavior, having no experience whatsoever with any of it— having always been a teacher’s pet and inclined to flatly ignore it in elementary school, or else run to the teachers for protection if it ever became unmanageable.  Only this is, sadly, not an option on the Internet when the behaviors are generated by the misconduct of government employees who have clout because they have good credit and salaried income.  Thankfully, we are reigning in the credit agencies, but I do not think this can help me with my living situation, and all this court action is exhausting my will to live.  I just do not have that much fight in me.  Not all of us are cut out to fight all our lives, and this is why I much prefer to work with children.

I sincerely hope this letter finds you all in very good spirits, and fine health, and please tell your brother that I am glad he and his wife are well and that his little children are both darling.  I am also glad to see that your two lovely sons are thriving despite any hardships your family survived on account of any callous media attention.  Ironically, I think I have some idea what it feels like to be on the receiving end of all that malice when it is simply not deserved.


Warm Regards and Best Wishes to You All,


Mrs. Christina Claire Marie Lane


28 Hazelwood Ave.

Grimsby, Ont.

L3M 1K2


Why I can never forgive Pam Anderson.


Just in case some of you missed this the first time I posted it.

Originally posted on Onlyjustwords:

Daemon & Stormy My son Daemon’s selfie with our Weimaraner named Stormy in Grimsby, Ontario when he was still a young boy. Those involved in the defamation agenda made the most appalling comments about this image, accusing me of pimping off my son because he wore his bath robe for the picture. Always calculated attacks of a sexual nature directed at us in order that local sex trade workers, johns and pimps & local organized crime would hurt us.

I have been doing investigative reporting for a number of years now to try and discern what was going on because it’s been evident to me since my early adulthood that I’ve been treated in a less than favorable manner by various government agencies for reasons I could not discern. When I endeavored to sell a project of mine by networking with other professionals in the online community, there were many informants who attempted…

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The day they arrested my next door neighbor.

B1aUAPUIcAAcCPRI’m the sort of woman who likes to mind my own business as a general rule, so ordinarily I am blissfully ignorant of goings on around me in my neighborhood. Yesterday, however, my daughter happened to look out the window just before lunch, right in time to catch our next-door neighbor’s husband being hauled off in a police car wearing handcuffs.

Now I do not know much about these people other than the obvious. Aaron says her husband sometimes writes for Fangoria, I think he said it was. They’ve got 2 boys, one of whom is a young adult and the other appears to be in elementary school. They never say hi and appear shy to make eye contact presumably because of what their parents say to them about us, yet we’ve always tried to be friendly.

I bought a little hanging Mexican bird candle holder with holes and a hook on top, and 2 toy cars from his wife the year we moved into the building. One of the miniature vehicles was a green olive oil truck with, “Corleone” written on the side- the other was a bright red British-style double-decker bus. (She has a garage sale on the front lawn every so often and I thought I would be neighborly to buy something.)

In subsequent years I have peered out the window and seen other things for sale, such as a large, shabby, carved wooden throne upholstered in red velvet, various children’s toys and DVDs. I never returned to make further purchases because she just didn’t seem to like us and I am not one to make gestures when they are not reciprocated. She looked stone-faced at me when I smiled and paid for the garage sale stuff, and had a grabby, gruff manner and I think most would agree those are not good signs for a future friendship.

We are still not on a name-by-name basis with these people after living across the hall from them for over 4 years and our interactions with them have grown increasingly unsavory ever since we declined an invitation to a horror film fest with her husband and his friends. We didn’t feel relations were warm enough to warrant chummy behavior with them because if it went sour we would have to pass them in the hall and it might get awkward so we kept a comfortable distance to see how it played out.

A while ago, they got a little orange tabby cat and it kept escaping into the corridor when they left in the morning. My daughter and I took it upon ourselves to buy a disposable litter box and some cat food, to make a cat toy and play with the critter in our residence until they returned home in the evening. We thought we were being neighborly. We had tried several times to knock at their door to see if they were home and there was no reply. I thought we were doing them a favor but the response we got was extremely hostile. The wife called us, “weird” and never thanked us so we were not sure how to respond.

For months now, the wife is always there when we go downstairs to wash our laundry, and she gets surly with my daughter whenever we get to the machines first. I’m talking dirty looks, verbal assault, cat turds left in our washing machine, our machine turned off mid-cycle on numerous occasions… It almost seems suspicious how frequently she does her laundry at the exact same time that we do given there are over 30 people sharing 2 machines in this apartment complex. What are the chances of that? We haven’t accused them of anything we just try to maintain a polite distance until we can get out of here.

The police were here about their elder son a few months ago, and we heard them ask the mother what kind of drugs he was on, but never pried into the matter further. Yesterday, when they came to arrest the father, it was not evident what he had done- we assumed it was due to his cyber-activities as it has been evident for some time these people are invading our privacy along with many other neighbors in the vicinity.

I am not a gossip nor do I wish to engage the others who pry into our business so this is only an assumption: it is entirely possible these people are ardent fans of the celebrities who push kiddy porn and nuclear proliferation as a means to obstruct my family’s human rights on behalf of their private clients. The hostilities would certainly suggest as much given how polite we are and how they respond that.

Law enforcement are presently saying this citizen’s group that manipulate our access to services are members of ISIS and responsible for attacks such as the ones on Paris the other day. I know for a fact it is they who caused my son and our family dog all that anguish and suffering- with their abuse of Internet privileges to spread malicious gossip that is based on fantasy, peer pressure from affluent bullies and mass hypnosis techniques gone awry.

I feel it is necessary to give some background as to how we ended up in this God-forsaken town and on social assistance in spite of our many graces and talents. My father-in-law, who was SVP and head real estate lawyer for Tim Horton’s doughnuts, passed on a number of years ago from lymphoma and left his son money so we could establish ourselves in business and no longer live vulnerable to this group.

What we received from Alfred Lane’s estate was a quarter of a million dollars but I understand his will set out the bulk of his multi-million dollar estate for us out of contempt for his extremely abusive wife who never missed a chance to neglect Aaron- his son from his first marriage. The will we saw was a suspicious template copied directly from a law textbook and not at all personalized- Alfred Lane was a fastidious man who who was himself a lawyer so there is no possible way he could have been so sloppy.

alf2Also notice here how his widow, Mary-Elizabeth Lane, failed to mention either mine or my children’s names in the obituary- which proves she had a pronounced bias towards us. We frequently went without the most basic things such as clothing and furniture after we were married because she used tensions between herself and Aaron’s birth mother as an excuse to neglect us while her own daughters from Alf’s second marriage were spoiled rotten and indulged with every material thing. (She has 2 daughters and they were each given their very own Lexus 4 by 4 vehicles to drive to high school while we schlepped it on the bus to buy groceries with a toddler and young child.)

Faera Lane (7) and Daemon Lane (2) in the family’s Burnaby, BC residence.

I endeavored to document this scenario on my blog, because the legal community were biased in favor of this woman on account of her loose sexual politics and status as retired teacher with the Ontario Protestant School Board, and I was hoping to get political support as the law was repeatedly violated. Melinda Gates and her lackeys used nude pics of Pamela Anderson and blackmail of public officials who use prostitutes as a means to obstruct our access to justice.

As a result, the locals got a new stadium paid for by Tim Hortons while my family languished here under an inhuman amount of duress.  Meanwhile, local government officials broke the law with impunity as a means to pressure us to agree to things beyond our comfort zone, using any and all means to hurt us including every branch of government and business we interact with.

If you look at her most recent tweets, you will see Melinda Gates uses the name “Layne” in an anonymous comment under her own account, while her husband, Bill Gates uses the name “Munro” in his tweet stream. It is in direct chronological response to tweets in my private stream that describe thinly-veiled idle threats made against my mother-in-law over the course of the last few years in plain view of law enforcement, to try and justify the theft of my family’s inheritance orchestrated though these people.

Mary-Elizabeth Lane’s maiden name was Munro, for those of you who do not know the story. This suggests these people have an interest in suppressing our finances for some malignant reason which I feel has made itself evident by now after all these years of struggle while they mercilessly pull strings to bribe prime ministers, doctors and lord knows who else so we cannot defend our interests. The whole time we fought with child protection to return our son who repeatedly said he wanted only to return home, we were denied a lawyer to defend us and all of our evidence was ignored by court officials and judges.

Of late I have begun to issue mirrored threats against these people in plain language and expletives in a bid to counter the thinly-veiled extortion they direct my way. I have dealt with repeated sexual advances from these people online over the years and the toll on our health and finances of their behavior is incalculable. The outrage I feel is immeasurable and the threats and demands made against us are far more vulgar than what I issue in reply, which is fueled by righteous indignation and utter disgust for their low down business practices. If all this is my imagination, then so be it however I am not the only one who seems to think it is not.

Melinda Evidence

bill gates evidence

There is a group of locals in Hamilton, Ontario who presently feel it is their right to cut our welfare payments if we refuse to push our son into the sex trade and our welfare agent, whose name is Danielle Lake, appears to agree it is her right to challenge our human rights on this basis. It is ridiculous after all we have suffered at the hands of this government in the name of ‘social justice for all’ that anyone could question our right to have our rent and basic expenses covered while we sort out this mess.

Days after I discussed my Child Tax Benefits with Ms.Blake on the phone the other week, we were sent suspicious documents from the tax office that claimed we had received payments for rent discounts we never got, and they demanded we return the money we never got because we never provided rent receipts in 2009.

My son, Daemon Lane (16), pictured here in the family’s 2 bedroom residence in Hamilton Ontario, was subject to repeated intrusion and illegal apprehension throughout his formative years by Ontario child welfare offices because ISIS members felt we were arrogant to try and sidestep bullying in public school. I have evidence to prove there was attempted homicide on numerous occasions by those who detained him, in addition to sexual assault motives in his illegal apprehension. I understand Melinda Gates and Hillary Clinton as well as others from this group feel they have carte blanche to pressure poor women to sell their sons into sexual bondage for covert purposes and it is for this reason we are trapped in this ghetto slum to apply pressure on us. He is a great kid and deserves respectful treatment from this government!

I know our new welfare agent was involved because she has implied on numerous occasions over the telephone that she is involved in this group. The law enforcement community, who are observing my telephone calls, are the ones who pointed out how suspicious her choice of words frequently are when discussing my family’s finances. For example, the last time I spoke with our welfare agent, I complained about our income tax forms being tampered with by Canada Post employees because they never made it to their destination after a local volunteer completed them.

During this discussion, I ordered her to tell her friends at the post office to release my income tax forms as though they had never been intercepted. She never once objected to my suggestion that it was an organized attack and she was involved. It was within the week that I received letters from Revenue Canada informing me my tax returns had been received, requesting monies returned that they had never paid out. It had been months since they were filed and no record of receipt was acknowledged, and a phone call to Canada Post revealed a culture of obvious hostility towards me that would suggest complicity in some sort of conspiracy to block my tax filing.

In other words, someone had to literally write up false documents, place them on my file and tamper with the electronic notes on my file. If anyone looks suspicious of collaboration with the government people responsible for this criminal harassment, it’s these neighbors. They are the ones who would feel comfortable telling others lies about us from a comfortable distance as we do not quite fit in here. For one thing, very few people in the area like the decorative arts or care much about their appearance. It’s not got a great reputation for education standards and it’s a major area for crime.

They also intervened in my family’s Ontario Disability application- we had unexplained hostility from doctor’s secretaries who seemed to have pre-formulated opinions about what we did and did not “deserve” and our actual health status was not an issue in this decision process.

These people also impose their ideologies through the manipulation of the real-estate market. They decide who gets to view the good rentals, who gets the mortgage loans. I hear them mocking us outside like it’s a reality show- others in the area who appear to have no difficulty buying themselves groceries while we frequently fast between welfare checks.

I outclass my neighbors by a long-shot and I am forced to lower my standards as a means to survive in this town. It’s not to say I feel no sympathy for Hamilton folks- it’s just I’m from Montreal, where people have a little class. Hamilton, Ontario is a very depressed area.

pinterest tattooThe other day, I pinned this picture (left) to my Pinterest account under the “style” heading because I felt it was time to say something about it. My understanding is this same group of women and their gay male counterparts have a silent agenda to victimize other women through the school and social services systems- this includes child protection, welfare, disability and tax payment offices, organized sports, immigration and other areas where they can abuse power, including suicide hotlines and women’s shelters.

There is a large network of them who exploit access to Internet privileges as a means to round up their victims, who are then denied jobs in any field outside of fashion and the sex trade, which frequently overlap once a young person is pressured by model agencies to do their clients favors. In other words, they have grown more efficient in these human trafficking activities since the Internet went mainstream than they were previously.

Christina.jpgI considered modeling in my youth and the guys in the business told me straight off the bat that I would not be happy because it was frequently a front for prostitution. I guess they got the shit-kicker vibe and my status as a somewhat physically disabled intellectual kind of spoke for itself. I never feared for my safety in my home town- people thought I was pretty but I didn’t have to worry about racial prejudice and that sort of thing there and I am extremely home sick ever since we left when my son was only 6 months old.

SANDALSMy family is under siege not because I am easy prey for this group- far from it, I was always reserved in my sexual politics compared to most of my same-aged peers. I wore a pretty dress for special occasions and otherwise I dressed like everyone else. I wore socks with sandals and was never terribly concerned with fashion until high school. I was not outcast, but frequently found more in common with adults than others my age in school.

Part of the problem was that while my Canadian peers were raised on liberal access to TV and pop culture, my noble-minded Hungarian grandmother chose to encourage an atmosphere of restraint in our home. She was a refined, well educated

Grandma (late 70’s) with my daughter, Faera Lane (5), in her old Montreal apartment, visits with her great-grandchildren.

young woman. She has Jewish blood and I understand she is the product of an extramarital liaison between my Great-Grandmother, Josephine Kiss-a spunky, delightful woman whom I miss very much since her passing- and a Jewish merchant local to her village. She told me she spent time in a wealthy household for many months in her youth so the family of her real father could acquaint her with the ways of the affluent, but she missed her mother and brother too much so she returned to live with them.

Grandmother (15) at the Kiss residence in Hungary before WWII bombs caused her evacuation in a few years.

Perhaps it is for this reason she always had a penchant for the garment industry. My grandmother married into the affluent Halasz family and they were doctors and professionals on that side. It is thanks to her values and folk wisdom that I was an honor student, but class tensions in the region make it difficult to draw this distinction ever since communism was thrust on the region.

Before she married Szandor Halasz at 19, she was employed in the town’s most exclusive boutique as a window dresser. She was the belle of her village and I am sure had it not been for WWII she would have led an idyllic life in Budapest. He was then swept off to war and landed in the hands of Russian troops, who starved and tortured him.

Her son, my uncle, Gabor Halasz, married a commoner, also an Hungarian immigrant, and they never stopped fighting among themselves, she and my Grandma- so as a result she is badly neglected by her son and his wife in her old age and my finances make it impossible to intervene much to my chagrin. Not a day passes when I do not feel despair for Nagymama’s circumstances, as she worked so hard her whole life to provide a stable life in my formative years and deserves far better.

Her daughter-in-law neglects her because she was always envious of my Grandmother’s immaculate appearance- she neglects to buy my geriatric Grandmother proper undergarments or style her hair so she can say she was never beautiful! She fails to intervene when Grandma is robbed and abused in her old age home! I am worried sick about her and it is an immense stress on me on top of everything else I am forced to endure.

My grandmother never did my work for me, she just made sure I ate and slept well, took excellent care within her means so that I could succeed of my own accord. She was promoted from makeup clerk to the accounting office at Eaton’s department store because her boss felt her performance was exemplary.

My academic career was equally exceptional and I never struggled with my school lessons growing up. The sad thing is she then faced racism in the accounting department and was pushed out of her job by those who felt betrayed because she befriended an African woman in her office.

My Grandma, who shielded me from every indignity as best she could, never recovered emotionally from her loss as she had hoped to secure her pension through Eaton’s, which was pushed out of business and shut down not long afterwards. It was the same problem I had at school- racism and ignorance trumped literacy and refinement. I now understand that child sex predators plotted to ruin her finances so they could have access to me when I hit adolescence- and it is a shame they are not reigned in here in Canada.

My performance at 13 while attending Montreal’s McGill University’s summer school for the gifted and talented was top notch- I outperformed kids who had 100% math scores in logic and problem-solving skills. I was accepted to Montreal’s exclusive Trafalgar Secondary School for Girls on full scholarship based on my math grades and I excelled throughout school in language arts, fine arts and geometry. It’s very rare that someone so proficient with numbers and logic will excel in Arts but I was the best singer and the top artists in the entire school. I was also a gifted comedienne and athlete, although my health made careers in these fields inaccessible.

These same elements who sabotaged our well-being sought to deprive me of prospects and to destroy my academic career out of class envy simply because they could- because the Hungarian community is not as strong in Canada as it might be. We are a nation of elitists who incline towards snobbery and it is most unfortunate for us when it would be preferable to form a united front.

I feel the point here is that Grandma would not suffer had others with deplorable standards who made their fortune from the proliferation of child-pornography money-laundering not interfered in the allotment of my husband’s portion of his father’s estate. It is a gross miscarriage of justice that a respectable, hard-working Canadian senior citizen must suffer because of it.

I was so ill from being lead poisoned by an ISIS collaborator just prior to the passing of Alfred that I could not take her in- I spent the next 3 years living from the proceeds, recovering from lead poisoning that resulted in crippling pain in my hips, and trying to establish myself in business so I could support her. This was sabotaged when ISIS members in Ontario made malicious calls to child protection services and my son was under siege as a result.

melinda evidence 1We are persecuted in Ontario because of how corrupt the government is here, and because I am an honest, law-abiding woman. Melinda Gates and her employees can call me a “rat” all they please- the fact is my definition of “rat” is someone who abuses spy technology meant for national security purposes and peers without consent into people’s bedrooms and threatens to disclose their sexual orientation and other personal things in the mainstream news as a means to force them to do business with you that they do not want to be involved with.

A “rat” is someone who builds a career on your back by pretending they want to marry you, then back-stabs you, driving you to an early grave. A “rat” is someone who has a young honor student locked in maximum security prison for smoking in the school washroom when she is on the verge of suicide because a jealous adult drove her to it.

A “rat” is not someone who expects their family to enjoy the same human rights as everyone else in the country, including high-level white-collar criminals and inciters of terrorist attacks on thousands of innocent civilians, and complains in public when their lives are threatened because they refuse to sleep with you! I am not the one who called the cops on my neighbor- I have no idea why the cops were there- we joked that he was arrested by the fashion police because of his 1980’s haircut but I still felt bad for them if only because I know what a terrifying experience this can be though no fault of my own. A “rat” is someone who would tell everyone online you have the occasional toke like it’s a crime against humanity.

I do not dress to attract male attention since I had my kids and I am always drawing firm boundaries around our persons when people make lewd advances. This by no means suggests that I believe those who dress provocatively deserve to be brutalized but ISIS members inevitably do.

This outfit is typical of what I wear to shop for groceries in the fall here in Hamilton. You’ll never catch me teetering around in stiletto heels because I have health problems that make this impossible. I don’t get much more dressed up than this these days because there is just no point to even try, and my daughter is the same way. We’re the sort who wear comfy shoes and clothing.

chris hamilton

Therefore, I think it’s pretty safe to say we fit into the “duck” category, and the only reason I am persecuted is because I believe we ought to build our careers based on a combination of factors including aptitude and emotional quotient (EQ) in addition to IQ.

I did a fairly good job raising and educating my brood in spite of insurmountable odds heaped against us and as a result they do not have problems with substance abuse and that sort of thing. They are reasonably well read well-behaved and I have a right to be proud that I evaded the ignorance factory as a means to achieve this when it would have been so much easier to simply follow the herd.

melinda evidence II
Melinda Gates selected a fancy outfit complete with rabbit fur for this occasion- yet has the audacity to reign down death sentences on others for being “vain”.

I do not believe women who are miserable in the sex trade deserve to be forced into it if they are more happy as waitresses or shop-keepers. I do not believe the elite are entitled to “extras” from star athletes just because they have the means to apply pressure on people beneath their income bracket.

In other words, I am not a bigot, and I am not a fascist. I believe people have a right to choose their field of study, their line of work and if human resources offices were not filled to the brim with members of this ISIS group, people would look differently at those they hire. They ought to make it about job performance and one’s capacity to follow orders well instead of complicity with this terrorist agenda that bombs rock concerts and bars because people are angry at their own children whom they failed to raise with any self-respect.

I never asked those who persecute us to behave the way they do with impunity on the world stage, and the fact that they are not ashamed that everyone knows what they have done to us in the name of selfish economic gain just blows my mind. When you stop caring about even the most basic illusion of propriety it seems you no longer deserve the shelter of the law because you do, effectually, “rat”out everyone else who followed in your footsteps for the sake of some vain competition with a woman who poses absolutely no threat to you until you make it your life’s work to invade her private business like an errant intestinal worm.

A “rat” would know all of the next door neighbor’s business- she would make friends with hackers who steal other people’s email passwords and hand around outside other people’s doors, intercept radio signals inside our homes and tell everybody when we pass wind in our bedrooms at night. A “rat” would have spies at the post office intercept and open the mail of her targets- she would force landlords to hide micro-cameras in rentals then tell the world they are hideous without clothes on.

We are presently all 4 of us, that is my ex-husband, my kids and I suffering from severe poisoning symptoms. This group of women endeavored to tell our upstairs neighbor- a silly young girl, I might add, with little grasp of common sense, to paint her apartment in November when the temperature outside is frequently below zero.

The kids and I suffer from MCS. Even a normal amount of exposure to chemical fumes makes us very sick and they know it because I have blogged extensively on the subject for all to see. Aaron got sick because someone sold him contaminated pepperoni pizza he bought up the street the other day.

My son in the weeks after his return home after being held against the law in foster care- as he recovered from a malignant tumor that grew on his uvula at the back of his throat. They forced him to attend 3 strange high schools in a sickened state. Daemon is still not himself after so many months of recovery due to the resulting PTSD an we will never forgive those responsible.

We’re not just a little bit under the weather, I’m talking 3 days of high fever, respiratory infection, night terrors, heart tremors, dizzy spells, seizures, strep throat, migraine headaches and noses that run copiously. We are forced to leave our windows wide open and freeze in order to recover and it is almost winter. I could, in fact, invoke section 265 of the Canadian Criminal Code, and press charges against our upstairs neighbor if I should decide to do so.

She did it immediately after someone I follow on Pinterest criticized her, so one has the impression it was a vengeful act for perceived criticism. It was accompanied by loud commercial rap music and I have never before heard that coming from this girl’s apartment. The same day, this was published to Melinda Gates’ Twitter stream.melinda gates evidenceIII

It’s common knowledge that people paint in the summer because one must ventilate and some cursory research would have shown her it is a very bad idea to paint in an apartment building without the consent of neighbors who are also exposed to fumes. Everybody knows my son came home from foster care in the beginning stages of throat cancer a year and a half ago- so it was that much more offensive an attack on my family’s health given his health history. I am absolutely positive this girl upstairs knows full well about my internet presence and would understand my son’s health is at risk from this behavior!

I didn’t ask for this abuse, my kids didn’t ask for it- nor did my ex-husband. Someone out there whom we would otherwise never know exists took it upon herself to bestow this blessing upon us through the grape vine and I feel the evidence trail she has left in her wake is obvious enough by now to warrant her arrest and detainment pending the confiscation of her cell phone and Internet records. I will not rest until Melinda Gates is clapped in irons- that’s all I know.




Video of father explaining Paris attacks to son goes viral


LONDON (AP) — A father’s heartwarming explanation to his son about the Paris terror attacks is electrifying social media, with more than 29 million views on Facebook alone.

The video shows an interview conducted Sunday by a reporter for France’s Le Petit Journal at Place de La Republique in Paris, where people are laying flowers and lighting candles to honor the 129 victims killed in the attacks.

In the video, preschooler Brandon Le tells reporter Martin Weill the attacks on Friday night were conducted by “bad guys” who were “not very nice.” He then expresses fear that his family will be forced to move, although his father, Angel Le, reassures him.

“Oh don’t worry. We don’t need to move out. France is our home,” the father tells his son.

Brandon offers a quick reply. “But there’s bad guys daddy.”

“Yes, but there’s bad guys everywhere,” the father replies.

“They have guns. They can shoot us because they’re really, really mean daddy.”

With his arm around his son, the father refers to the crowd at the square, and says, “It’s OK. They might have guns, but we have flowers.”

Brandon was not easily persuaded. “But flowers don’t do anything. They’re for, they’re for…”

“Of course they do. Look. Everyone is putting flowers,” the father says.


“It’s to fight against guns,” the father explains.

“It’s to protect?” Brandon asks.


“And the candles too?”

“It’s to remember the people who are gone yesterday.”

Social media seized upon the master class in parenting, and with translations of the child’s words appearing in English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Norwegian.

Thoughts on Paris terrorist attacks:

I feel it is critical that the public have access to this comment I attempted to make in the CBC news stream, where terrorist instigators are permitted to spread disinformation in the name of Canadian security. I have been very vocal here today about the role news reporters have in a massive stock market manipulation scheme and I feel it is the reason my comment is being filtered from the CBC web site. I am worried I may have motivated Quebec terrorists who target my family to organize these attacks in Paris when I told them I am getting political support from women in France who agree they are sexually violent deviants.

For years now Quebec politicians have been threatening to release nude photos of me in the press without the appropriate release forms and the encroachment on my family’s finances has been significant- our human rights violated in a manner that is malignant. Most recently, someone at the tax office has created falsified documents on my file that claim I was paid money for rent receipts I never provided and I owe them money- I am sure my readers will recall a few years ago when I complained online of their refusal to honor my lease as evidence of rent payment, and failure to provide the appropriate tax rebates. It is what prompted my post earlier today and I feel my writing could never be perceived as inciting violence on any level. I go out of my way to diffuse extremism and there is no way anyone can claim I wish something like this on others when I am so very opposed to war and violence.

I feel if our police were cleaned out and child pornographers gotten rid of, attacks like these would be thwarted and it is the incompetence caused by adherents of this economy who create these scenarios for selfish reasons, frequently as a means to cover up their crimes and create diversions when attention is drawn to their activities. People are saying Justin Trudeau is a closet conservative- I don’t think these men have beliefs at all- I worry the only thing that drives them is their desire to pursue illicit sex with prostitutes at airports and anything outside of that goal besides stock market profits is a diversion tactic.

[I have just read that Japan has simultaneously suffered attacks from nuclear submarines and is presently on tsunami alert. I am praying for the victims of these senseless attacks and hope those responsible will be brought to justice immediately!]

censorship CBC

cbc censorsip 2

Thoughts on. “Ask the Rabbi: ‘Role of women in community’”.

2009_0126CEFI began to type my reply in the comments section underneath this article by Rabbi Yitschak Schochet about the role of materialism in society and its relation to family values. I then decided to write a new entry here because it got so long I felt it deserved its own post.

I think the notion that you can have diversity so long as you are “under the radar” is quite accurate. A local lawyer made this observation a few years ago when she admitted to me that she so abhors the school system and opted to teach her kids at home. She didn’t want to make waves and draw the ire of those who persecuted us so she declined my request for representation in family court when my son was in mortal danger at the hands of corrupt officials in our government. In doing so- perhaps she lacked insight- she made the home-school community weaker, when she had the opportunity to fortify our ranks. Shortsightedness is the hallmark of selfishness and it is this very quality that causes us to alienate our loved ones and ruin our economic prospects.

She had enough wisdom to opt out of the ignorance factory but did it for all the wrong reasons. She chose to align herself with other lesbians when her place was to support her fellow mothers regardless of their sexual orientation. She based this choice on peer pressure instead of a proper regard for the law and that is never a wise decision for someone to make when the law is their bread and butter. It is not old fashioned to think the law must be upheld because a breakdown of law and order results in a lawless society that caters to no one. The idea that only gay women have human rights cannot be debated successfully in the court of public opinion, so these women opt to censor other women in the name of righteousness and the result is the increase of corruption in the school system and government for everyone including gay women, crippled women, short and tall women- all women suffer when justice is relegated to a single group under false pretexts.

People are simple creatures- we are easily duped into false perceptions of privilege and respond willingly to cues of affluence. Those of us who have never struggled invariably side with others who give the appearance of material gain whether or not we agree with their politics because the bigger picture, such as what is healthy and worthwhile in life, will evade us in the glamour of fool’s gold. A rich woman flashes her proliferation of multi-million-dollar jewelry and we sheepishly side with her whether or not it is to our own economic or social advantage. Whether we suffer as a result of our foolishness will never be factored into the equation so long as our egotism is appeased and we have the false illusion of peer acceptance.

We are born into privilege, afraid to fall and we sell our souls to stay in the fold at all costs. This is why the Bible refers to us as a flock of sheep. We band together because we believe there is strength in numbers, and even when the wolf in sheep’s clothing is revealed to us, we stay with the shepherd because we don’t know any other way to be. It is proof that we need leaders to guide us, and also proof that competent leaders are few and far between. No shepherd can profit from a sickly, compromised herd that is picked off by predators. Our perception of what is normal and socially acceptable is dictated by cultural forces such as the media and school environment we are raised in- few of us have the good fortune to truly learn our value system from family.

Politicians are selected for their complicity in stock market fraud and not for their school grades, leadership skills or respect for the law, although it seems so many of them are selected from the ranks of the legal profession. They feel entitled because they were sold on the idea that law school would be a ticket to wealth and influence- the law itself becomes secondary to personal gain long after they have achieved a level of affluence the average person can only dream of. From the start, we are guided by peer pressure and fashion trends while the most fundamental aspect of who we are is readily discarded, leaving us vulnerable to false idols and misguided role models. We sacrifice our kids to cancer and drug abuse willingly in exchange for prestige because that is the template we are sold in law school. We are taught that promiscuity trumps everything else and a fling with a hooker comes before the health and safety of our wife and children. By the time we realize what a terrible deal that was, it’s too late- we have alienated all those who ever mattered in life. This is what I mean by fool’s gold. Patriotism can never exist in a culture that throws out wife and children in favor of promiscuity for profit, and then we bemoan our compromised borders and national identity; the loss of our culture.

Then there are those of us who have struggled more than their fair share who, when given a chance to get ahead at the expense of others, also justify the cash grab as, “the way it is” without taking initiative to support people who would prevent others suffering injustice as we did. We too are just sheep with little in the way of moral direction outside the idea of economic gain. How can it be blameworthy to betray our fellow man when society teaches us this is the only way to advance? It is easier to believe a convenient lie than it is to hold to account corrupt leadership that hurts people we claim to want to help. It is easier to lie to ourselves than it is to step outside the herd and see for ourselves the results our behavior has on those we profess to help. Even when we hurt ourselves, and our own beloved ones, we err on the side of the money and eagerly believe whatever lie allows us to take the easy way out. We lie to ourselves until our kids end up in the hospital, on hard drugs, and we are diagnosed with cancer, and then we blame it on happenstance when it was our own folly that got us there.

We are not solitary creatures- we need one another to prosper and create affluence, yet all but very few of us have the gene that gives us the insight necessary to see beyond the material world. It is not blameworthy in the average person, this selfishness- in fact it is to be anticipated and fully realized because creature comforts do offer a certain quality of life and help us to avoid anguish and illness. A bed and roof are, for example, material comforts, as are food and clothing.

Asceticism is not the ambition of the average soul and it never need be. It is enough that we have sober ideals and value the happiness of those we love. Our health and happiness are trumped by excess when we never learn the importance of selflessness and sacrifice towards those we love. We lead wanton lives of excess when our souls are never satiated with the love of our parents as infants- although this can never be evident to us as it might be to those who were well nourished in our formative days. This leads to greed and sexual excess and avarice- and never to understanding our own motives. It is a need that can never be satiated through carnal knowledge, yet we seek to fulfill it the only way we know how- the way society has programmed us to seek nurture and emotional fulfillment- through promiscuity.

Our need to self-decorate is an integral part of our procreative life, and a healthy sexuality grows from this, however ideally those who guide our soul lives should have some semblance of compassion for those who are outcast and victims of harsh circumstances and I do not see this happening in a world where predators take the place of humanitarians. Yes, it is the role of the mother to nourish her infants with sweet milk- yet for so long we were taught this was dirty and only animals did this. We were taught this by barren, bitter women who were envious of our proximity to our loved ones as they were outcast. They hid behind the cloak of respectability, behind Church doctrine and self-righteousness and we believed them because behind them we saw the glimmer of fool’s gold. We now remember how vital it is that we properly nourish our infants with milk and enough flesh-to flesh contact to satiate their need for that fleeting sense of security we all must feel if we are to know the meaning of trust in others. Generations from now this insanity that passes for organized religion will be little more than a bed time story we tell our kids to keep them from harm’s way.

No flattery- no false prophets or material excess can replace the comfort and joy of a lifetime of proximity to people who share our genetic heritage and in whose best interests lie our very own. No organized religion; no fool’s gold can replace the wisdom handed down from mother to daughter, from father to son- the love that in its essence is the manifestation of survival, and if we are fortunate, the prosperity that follows wise council. Only through gentleness and affection; respect for life can we achieve the fulfillment or our deepest desires. Only through the ardent delineation of healthful boundaries can we achieve youth and joy- qualities that make every material thing in life worthwhile. Only through the proper acknowledgment of lawfulness and propriety can we achieve these goals and there is no shortcut, no easy fix to replace them.

The flip side of this is that nobody can survive without a level playing field that enables people to have the most basic comforts which permit the attainment of enlightened satisfaction. Without shelter from the elements, without nourishment and basic medical care, it makes no difference how hard one works and how wise one is- one can never know joy or comfort. Anyone who tries to say otherwise is a liar- it is for this reason the notion of sacrifice without reward is a false attainment and must never be promoted by organized faith. I am not a strict religious person- but it is for this reason I still adhere to the 10 Commandments as best I can.

Here they are for those of you who never learned them or else have forgotten what they might be:

The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:2-17 NKJV)
1 “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me.
2 “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My Commandments.
3 “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.
4 “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.
5 “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.
6 “You shall not murder.
7 “You shall not commit adultery.
8 “You shall not steal.
9 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
10 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”

There has to be some notion of justice and fairness in society if there is to be civilized behavior. Evil and vice will come of their own necessity and do not ever need to be manufactured by those who stand in judgment of others. The universe provides ample opportunity for evil to prosper and for those who consider themselves to be worthy of leadership to actively engage in defiance of these most basic tenets of decency is for them to defecate in the pool of knowledge intended to benefit all mankind. It is the justification of a diseased mind that makes such corruption necessary and there is no possible logical reason for its existence as an organized part of our economy provided there is sound leadership and adherence to the letter of law.

‘Thou shalt not kill’ is number one on my list of commandments to follow and no matter how we spin it, we do in fact engage in the killing of other people when we deny them the most basic comforts; when we pollute their environment with caustic chemicals and additives and sell them on the idea that it is weak to care about health and safety. I do not mean to say society owes people a free education- far from this, it would be impossible for teachers to live if it were so. But the idea that we deprive people of services that everyone else has free access to as a means to enforce a sex trafficking agenda, and the idea that we penalize other people for consumerism when we ourselves are drowning in material excess- these things I feel are beyond the reach of reason.

The idea that schools are little more than breeding grounds for institutionalized ignorance, prostitution, sexual and substance abuse is born not from economic reason, but stupidity and avarice. If the people who sell you on this notion flash their fool’s gold in your face and you are fleeced into buying the lie that only your neighbor will be adversely affected, it is because we are weak from lies sold us that stealing from other people is the answer to our problems in a climate where we are prevented from finding our moral center that we suffer these policies and none of us are spared the ravages resulting of this diseased thinking.

Public institutions work because we have collective faith in them- we trust that when we place something in the mailbox, employees will follow the law and it will reach its destination no matter what skin color we are; no matter how much we weigh or how much money we have. Same thing goes for our tax offices and courts- we trust government employed accountants to follow the law and treat all tax payers with equal respect no matter who they are. We place blind faith in telecommunications companies and entrust our privacy to police because we believe in collective human rights. These institutions do not work when we meander from right to wrong on a given day depending on what we read in the newspaper- by people who are morally and legally obliged to remain non-biased and impartial regardless of their stock market investments and sexual politics. We rely on reporters not to take the law into their own hands but to compel police to do their jobs properly. We rely on the school system to supervise our children and keep them from harm’s way, yet they incline to leverage the physically strong against the weak in the name of social justice, thus creating an environment where intellectualism is undervalued and athletics are disproportionately compensated; an environment where criminals and cops can no longer be distinguished from one another.

When we make the choice to breech trust for one person for no matter what reason, we then begin a pattern of behavior that eventually disadvantages an increasingly larger portion of the population until we no longer warrant the salaries we warn on tax dollars because the only people who benefit from the sustaining of these offices are such a tiny percentage of the population. When we buy lies from those in charge that allow us to believe it is to our collective advantage to destroy these institutions that rely solely on trust and goodwill to function, we cut off our own hands and feet in the name of failure and sabotage our own people for the sake of our own eventual detriment and little more.

I encourage my readers to set boundaries in their own lives that drive home the message to the Darwinian among us who would promote ideals that segregate people according to hidden beliefs and practices that are not in accordance to their own projected ideals in the public eye, and are not in accordance with our laws. It is in the shadows that evil can prosper- under the veil of decency. I do not stand in judgment of others because they have different priorities, or because they are misguided- I stand in judgment of those who would hurt others who do not share their views and lifestyle habits because they are ashamed of their true selves. When rapists of little boys are the only ones permitted to enter leadership roles; when those who promote sexual assault culture in public office are enabled to hide behind our police and courts, there is no hope for justice in our society. All of us have the power to promote justice by calling people on the truth and holding corrupt officials to account for their false ideals.

We cannot afford to live the politically correct lie- and must learn to call things as we see them if we are to tear off the mask of betrayal used to fleece us. It is not easy to show courage but if we are to enjoy the freedoms our grandparents and great grandparents sacrificed their very lives for, we have no choice but to call people out on hypocrisy and contempt for the laws of common decency and respect for one’s fellow human being.