What is the price we pay for happy children?

For the record, I’m still smelling gas in our residence, and I am reluctant to involve the authorities because I am not convinced they are motivated to do their jobs properly.  I’ve been banging my head on this wall since late March- nobody can say I’m not trying.

I tried calling the police as everyone suggests I ought to do- I spoke at length with an officer whose name will not be mentioned here, to just get a feeling for where they stand on all this, as it is a politically charged situation. He laughed and more or less implied I was ridiculous for not moving. I guess he’s never had trouble getting a mortgage so he wouldn’t understand how that simple task can be herculean for some of us.

The last time I visited my bank, I was greeted by a dubious loan representative who made thin allusions to the gutting of hotels and dismissed my endeavors as “voted out by board members”. I then visited the online community only to be informed he had slept with the elderly female branch manager and was blackmailing her- she was afraid to lose her job if she did business with us. The woman was clearly beside herself with worry about having her liaison published on the Internet, if this were in fact the truth. It wouldn’t surprise me given the climate in there.

I see no point in taking issue with her superiors because it seems to be endemic in the field. It is at this point that she becomes a liability to other women who wish to get bank loans for small business, and my family’s precarious position in this building, breathing in these fumes with no accountability from our landlord, and no viable means of escape, is on her shoulders. She is responsible because she does not stand up to the guy and report him to the police when his actions are against the law. If she feels the police were hostile, she could speak to a lawyer. If she felt the lawyers were not receptive, she could approach other women to try and manage the behavior. Under no circumstance is it her fault if she was sexually assaulted on the job.

I’ve never used a gas detection meter- is it possible to do that wrong? My neighbors don’t seem to understand how lethal a natural gas leak can be. Maybe they looked it up on Google and got disinformation? I know from years of experience living in Montreal that people there take these things very seriously. The gas is shut off the minute a leak is detected because the presence of natural gas itself might not be toxic, however it has properties that cancel out the oxygen in any environment where it accumulates in enclosed spaces, and it does pose a significant poisoning and fire hazard.

It’s just common knowledge in my hometown that natural gas leak = lethal.

I tried in earnest to warn my neighbors and enlist their help in motivating the landlord to deal with the odors and leaks in the building. The lesbian couple upstairs do not appear to be any better informed about natural gas dangers than the woman downstairs who is suspected of causing some of the fumes we’ve been forced to endure. There’s a lot of giggling going on, and snark. We are just not reaching people.

I find that frustrating because my lesbian friends in Montreal were very bright and it would not have been hard to enlist their help. They would never have painted their apartment in the fall with the windows closed- they would have known this, too, was dangerous for their own health. My upstairs neighbors did this last year and I advised them to use non-toxic paint in the future, and to leave their windows open. I heard them coughing upstairs for weeks afterwards.

My take here is that these people so detest us that they would rather all of us die than take measures to protect their own health. Because if the building explodes, we are not the only ones who go up in flames in here. The question is, of course, what have we done to deserve their disdain? Are we that easily swayed by the opinions of others on the Internet who happen to have more money than us? If people falling ill is not motivation to be strict with people, to protect their health- then where do we draw the line? Am I allowed to feel slightly annoyed when other people cause me to feel physical pain and illness? Where is the cutoff between happy-go-lucky and drawing those boundaries the psychologists always tell you about?

I try to be reasonable. I am, however, a Mom, and sometimes we have to be strict. We can’t always be sunshine and roses. Sometimes mothers have to make sure the rest of the family pulls their weight or nothing gets done. I challenge all you mothers out there to argue this point. We might argue what the most efficient technique is to achieve results, but not one mother out there will argue that it’s never appropriate to be strict or to enforce boundaries. Teenagers will never agree with this, mind you- but that’s how they are supposed to be.

FayeAll of us have a role to play in the family dynamic. My own kids might get annoyed with me when I am bitchy, like when we are breathing in gas fumes for months on end and the landlord is not helping us investigate- but the fact is, my kids are feeling bitchy these days as well because that’s part of what gas inhalation does to people. They are the first to tell other people to get off my case if they accuse me of being bitchy, even when I am irritable for whatever reason. They know that when push comes to shove, I’ve saved their lives enough times that you don’t get in my way when I say there’s a life-threatening situation at hand. They’re smart enough to understand I am human like everyone else and they don’t expect perfection. It’s enough that they have unconditional love. It’s enough that I forgive them their foibles when they forgive mine.

Some people, no matter how much you try to please them, are never satisfied because at their core, they wish to see you dead. I know it’s not reasonable but that’s the way some people are. They cannot be changed, they will never admit they are this way because it is concealed beneath layers of respectability. We’re terribly concerned about appearances. We want to get the good-guy badge while we’re killing you, so we laugh and we encourage everyone else to laugh with us while the veritable murder-suicide scenario is playing out. I know they don’t mean to be cruel- it’s just someone sold them on the idea that they got power from hurting other people. I can’t get in close enough to change their minds because I have enough on my plate. It’s a lot of work to convert people.

During the aftermath of the Nazi Era, there were atrocities that played out in the name of women’s rights- things that we might think unspeakable in this day and age. For instance, women were sent by their husbands to mental institutions because they refused to just be happy if there were problems with the marriage. They were medicated to the gills and given electro shock therapy if they failed to play the happy robot at home when they were falling apart inside at the seams. Anyone who’s been in an unhappy marriage can understand how that might play out if the power balance were uneven. I’ll never know what horrors resulted in that way of thinking. I keep that stuff away with a sharp stick because it’s catching. Without human compassion, life’s not worth living, in my estimation.

And you know, through all this, I grieve. I am alive, and happy to be living, but I feel a profound remorse.

I grieve because everywhere I turn there are men who wish to be strong, yet they are compromised because they were raped as children by their elders. Enemies got hold of tape recordings of the sexual assaults of our leaders, and from there grew the massive bandwagon of freeloaders who felt it was their God-given right to exploit male sexual assault victims. The entire Nazi movement grew on this trend, that was initiated by the invention of moving film way back in the late 1800’s.  Before we had film, we still had rape, we still had problems with substance abuse, but it was not an organized political movement.

Before we had organized government-sponsored rape as a means to manipulate public opinion, we had courage. Men helped women and children out of danger because they could. Not because they were not the proper shade of white, or because they stood to make money out of the deal. They just did what society told them they ought to do when women and children were in danger. Men understood their roles in society as men, they were taught to have manners and that was that. All the other stuff fell by the wayside when there was an emergency.

In closing, here is a comic strip that Bill Gates posted to his blog a few months ago. Thought it was worth a second look. I know the artist’s work, I’ve seen it numerous times online but it escapes me now and it’s not signed.

22munroe_insidebody-superjumboI was raised with manners and consideration for other people. Call it naive, I was taught that when others are in trouble and there is something you can do to help them out, you just do to to be a good Samaritan. We don’t give to the local food bank because we hope to get something in return. We don’t give our old clothes to charity because we want payback. We gave to the underprivileged children in our schools because we wished to help alleviate their stress and we knew their parents would never be able to pull themselves out of that hole that circumstance had dug for them. We all understood that some people, for whatever reason, could not get on their feet without help.

We didn’t encourage the other students to beat and rob the dirty girl with the ill-fitting clothes who was beaten at home by her family. We didn’t go out of our way to point the finger of blame at her because we could see she already had enough to worry about. Would it have been the same if she had the voice of an angel, or the disposition of a queen? How far do we let the ignorant run with the ball that holds our collective humanity?

Here we have Melinda Gates’ response to this blog post calling my daughter an “ugly fat ass” under pseudonym on Twitter:

I took a screenshot of this because I want people to see the timestamp proves it was posted as a reaction to my blog post- in the last few minutes. It is presently 4:35 PM in the afternoon. The gas fumes seem to have increased in intensity in the last few minutes. My daughter’s full name is Faera Molly Theresa Lane. I believe she is mocking us because nobody else donated to our fundraiser.

melinda fat ass

In closing, here are a couple of the Mother’s Day cards my kids made a number of years ago while we resided in Grimsby, Ontario. I happened upon them as I was looking for something to illustrate my final comments here and I felt they sort of fit really well.

Regarding the gas leak, the proper course of action is to ignore advice from other municipal governments, including those across the border and neighboring towns, who stand to profit in the event Hamilton’s economy is mismanaged. We should shut off all the gas entering the building immediately and commence thorough investigations as to where the odor might originate from as it is definitely not a simple puncture. The intensity of the odors waxes and wanes from one hour to the next as though the leak is connected to some sort of valve that is being accessed regularly both day and night. It could be someone is siphoning gas illegally, it could be someone is tampering with the gas. There is a storage shed in the back of the building that leads to the basement that should be investigated.

Accountability v.s. political wrangling.

First of all, I wish to send my deepest sympathies to the people of Amatrice and Accumoli near Rieti in Italy.

“I don’t know what to say. We are living this immense tragedy,” said a tearful Rev. Savino D’Amelio, a parish priest in Amatrice.

Now please allow me to elaborate on my feelings here for a moment, because when I hear about tragedies like these, my blood boils. It’s a loss of life that, you know, is a terrible waste. More than anything, I loathe to see a waste of life because it’s the most precious thing we have, our time on this earth. Italy is a beautiful country. I plan to visit there when I can afford it. I want to see the globe. Hopefully, this will be the end of these quakes. Hopefully the Italian army will be able to provide sufficient means for recovery victims.

I mention our friends in Italy this morning because it has become evident that my landlord, Augie Ammendolia, is reading here. I am not sure he reads anywhere else, or that he would otherwise be aware of worldly issues such as the opinions of his religious leaders, his people- many of whom hold my work in the highest regard. He keeps screaming and yelling at my poor, sick mother-in-law about my blog posts. He’s accustomed to people speaking about his activities in hushed tones to save his family the embarrassment. I, too, have gone far out of my way to save this man the shame he ought to feel at how my family has been treated. One almost has the impression someone lied and told him he would end up on top of this situation, with me being pulled out on a stretcher, but I’ve warned all of you repeatedly from the start not to pay heed to directives from certain parties who have no true academic basis for their authority. I just don’t know how to tell him he’s careening down the highway against heavy traffic, on a one-way street.

I’m a reasonable, relatively decent woman. I have standards and they are enforced in a manner that is patient, non-violent. I am not quick to jump the gun. We didn’t complain about the pre-existing mouse problem. We went out and got cats. We didn’t complain about the hygiene standards of others in the building, and then we got bed bugs. We didn’t complain about bats in our hair on the balcony. We went out and got rabies shots. We didn’t complain about the defamation, and then we got social workers who brought in fleas, and we had a flea infestation. We pulled out the soap and we got rid of them. We didn’t complain about the garbage problem downstairs, we waited patiently for them to resolve it, and then there were the cockroaches. Cats can only eat so many cockroaches, and the downstairs neighbors keep feeding the bugs. It should go without saying that we should not use pesticides that could potentially kill people’s house pets in the building.

Then our our beloved son- a very nice, well-behaved boy, was taken from us, unceremoniously tortured, and returned in the early stages of throat cancer. The Catholic school teacher who held him defamed him, lied about him to his social workers and he proved her wrong at school. No matter how much of a zoo those schools are, there was never a single complaint about his behavior while he attended. In fact, there were teachers weeping when he left their classes because he is that sweet and a pleasure to teach. I didn’t have to pay the librarian to say nice things about him- he just ran there every day to take out books and write his mother. (Thank goodness he was using his brand new wallet I bought him because the old one his dad gave him had large holes in it and the cash just rolled out all over the floor.)

My son passed the tests he was able to take, he was there when he was not incapacitated by illness. When we complained to Augie about this, asking him to put in a kind word to his old school friends who manages the Hamilton CAS office, things only got worse for us. Then they released our son and the woman downstairs went on the rampage, because they never released her daughter. We’re not sure how that played out, suffice to say it’s not our problem and it’s not the landlord’s role to enable her to make it our problem.

And so, you see, we did our utmost to save this man embarrassment. The 10 Commandments issued by his religious leaders did not sway him, nor does the law, and you can’t take his word for what he says on the phone. There is no way to hold this man to account that does not involve sinking to his level, so all we do is wait, and wait, and wait for him to care how bad he looks.

Then he says we are the ones who should be ashamed. He is shielding a woman who blocks the fire department from taking gas leak readings in our basement, folks. Not once, but twice in the same night, she ran out to the fire trucks to order them off, with claims there is no gas leak in this building. That same night, I spoke with various employees at Union Gas who insisted our file was red-flagged for not one but 2 separate natural gas leaks on the water heater and the fire department was called by Union Gas employees.

It takes a whole lot of trauma, folks, it takes a whole lot of trauma and total disregard to get us here, to where we are only shadows of ourselves, barely clinging to our wits, and we want out. We want out on our own terms, with nobody beneath or over us telling us how to live our lives. We want to enjoy the same freedoms guaranteed others in this country without further question of our merits.

There’s no more room for mincing words on the subject. Our cleanliness is not an issue, our illness- not an issue with the option of hiring a cleaning lady. Never mind the fact that we are easily among the cleanest in the building when we are not hovering over our deathbeds, on the brink of a cardiac arrest due to his failure to manage his garbage-makers.  There is no low-cost veterinary service in this town for the massive pool of welfare recipients this guy preys on with his colleagues. There is no pied-piper to lead all the cockroaches, rodents and miscreants to the garbage dump. The Hamilton Tiger Cats have better things to do, like host handicap charities for crippled children.

(Many thanks to Hamilton Spectator staff for the subsequent tweet of this Mackay cartoon on the subject.)

We’ve been waiting 10 long years for amnesty, and the vast majority of people feel we deserve far better- they understand the meaning of the word, “circumstance”. Nobody could be expected to fare better in those that were thrust upon us for no reason other than the fact that some very short-sighted people felt the laws of decency no longer applied to them because I had a falling out with extended family. And yet, even then- I shielded these people from the sorry excuse for vigilante justice that this group inclines to reign down on a whim, just because- who will stop them, right? (Revenge porn and all that aside, because it’s not really a concern unless people want to see you naked, is it- unless they have you doing something really interesting in motel rooms with transvestites.)

We’re beyond hushed tones here on this terror scenario because this has crossed the line from embarrassment to outrage. We’re well past that point now because there are so many Canadians, Americans and British people, to name only a handful of interested parties, waiting to make money from my business venture. It just feels like this guy is standing in my way because no matter which way I spin this, he’s the one everyone points at. He’s the one who should be handling the people downstairs in an effective manner- stopping them from using chemical attacks against us and slandering us, harassing us the way they do.

My downstairs neighbor’s balcony until recently when I tweeted privately that the health department threatened to descend on them for health code violations. No- I never granted access to these people to my private social networking accounts, either, which would suggest they are furthermore engaging in illegal activities online.
Our balcony is normally kept, like the rest of the apartment, reasonably clean. Perfection is hardly within our reach in these circumstances but there is a standard of sorts I strive for. I almost get the impression the people downstairs are jealous and try to sicken me to the point where I no longer maintain my usual standard, because frequently I was harassed by them while in the midst cleaning my balcony area.

I understand he is biased for some reason- but she’s creating favorable conditions for the cockroaches and spreading malicious gossip. I never saw a cockroach in here before her arrival. Why should everyone in the building have to suffer? Can’t he rent another residence to her on the top floor so her scent is not an issue? It’s a burning question… it almost looks as though he is using this woman to try and frame me for the cockroaches, the horrible burning sulfur and smells rising up through the floor, the bed bugs, the filthy garbage. I certainly wouldn’t put it past him. The only problem is I have witnesses and lots of photographs that show I am not inclined to be unreasonably dirty.


Let us explore the subject of anonymity in the online environment for a moment. I say this, because apparently, says Rachael Weisz, ‘I’m happy just being myself’. My landlord is flipping out because he wants me to go underground. He finds my blog, “embarrassing”. As well he should, because he’s not behaving himself the way he ought to. However, he’s an adult and he’s making his own decisions- has his own karma to manage.

The local newspaper is sending out these crazy tweets all morning. Here’s one of them, or example. I suspect I am not the only one in the area who is having a hard time.

Me- I’m just trying to make some money here. I can fend for myself. You’d never catch me with handlers or bodyguards- that’s for wusses and people with delicate constitutions. I just don’t do anything wrong enough to make people want to kill me, and that’s been enough to fend off the crazies. I would have absolutely no security concerns if Mr.Ammendolia would simply do the job he’s paid to do as our landlord. If anything, he owes me a favor because it was my work that allowed him to raise the rent in this dump when all those students came pouring in from Toronto.

And on that happy note, I must reiterate that I realize there are thousands of high profile journalists and entertainers running around online under pseudonym, however the fact is, other people die. I don’t. Maybe that’s why I get along so well with the cockroaches. [Not.] I woke up this morning, sick from my downstairs neighbor, Celina Wragg, diffusing sulfur into our air from the apartment downstairs. My kidneys ache, my throat burns. If I were anonymous, would I be able to write about that here and have witnesses to the behavior?

A certain amount of convenience exists in using an alias online, however I’ve been told by others in the 1% that they wish people had as little dirt on them, because it permits us to enjoy a certain status that others cannot claim. If I were embroiled in criminal activities, which I am not, I would not be able to say that, would I. I don’t gamble or drink. I also don’t lobby the government to attack places that do- or night clubs. I am not the sort to rain on other people’s parade. I shielded my ex-husband from retribution when most other women would have been sharpening the knife block.

I would like to remind my readers, and my landlord, that Queen Elizabeth is sympathetic to the cause of my feline friends, and our Veterans, Military, Police and Service are thrilled with the work I have done regarding PTSD treatment research with the help of these wonderful pets. It is reprehensible for our landlord to threaten to hurt our pets or poison them with unregulated pesticides, simply because I want the woman downstairs and her friends to quit poisoning us in our home with noxious fumes and threatening to punch, rob and attack us. All he has to do is apply pressure to the tenants downstairs and the cockroaches will leave. No matter how much they are sprayed, they will not leave so long as the person who brought them in resides here.

It shouldn’t matter that the Hamilton Tiger Cats don’t like my face because I won’t sleep with them- or that they threaten to oust their own bedroom antics with coaches and Ontario Bar Association members they interact with. These people earn very comfortable salaries, significant gratuities on the side, and the news media has already closed this discussion numerous times. I am sure the rest of us would love the chance to bring some money into this God forsaken town and they are not the only ones who deserve to prosper.

I was always the bookworm as a girl, and kept to myself when there was rough play- that part of me hasn’t changed.

Professional athletes need to stop abusing their position in politics or they might lose their voice in the newspapers, because nobody should have to weigh in the opinions of rough, inconsiderate people who don’t understand the economics and complex matters outside their own cushy salaries. I got the information I need to succeed from tens of thousands of hours of reading while you were running around at frat parties.

We will not tolerate  the abuse of power to keep the remainder of the population trapped in bad circumstances. The wives and girlfriends of jocks were never my problem in my hometown- I was out of their league and they kept their opinions about my life to themselves because I had honor student status, simple as that, and I never dated them. I also stood up for the little nerds they persecuted, and frankly I don’t care if they don’t like that. You would think they would care if the rest of the population- that being the 96% of the population who think that only a-holes treat other people this way.

You know, all us lowly non-Catholic food-preparers, farmers, grocers, cashiers, tobacco merchants, parks maintenance workers, hotel clerks, musicians, small business owners, maids and bureaucrats. We can handle a few perverted public school gym teachers if that’s where this goes. I am perfectly able to manage my son’s health and fitness without their feedback. It was never once an issue and the scientists agree I am perfectly capable- in fact, they are heavily invested in my research. Professional athletes don’t need to become business magnates and push other people out of the field- they already have some of the largest salaries in town. Everyone has to leave space to earn for those outside their immediate circle.

As for the opinions of landed immigrants whose dubious import activities are a major issue with blackmail in this climate, that will also come to an abrupt halt if we get to where it is impossible to move beyond the cancer threats. Doctors and lawyers will not stand idly by while their livelihoods and children are threatened. The disproportionate number of underfed, terrorized sex trade workers in this province are not your friends, either. Nor are our Indigenous peoples. Nobody wants our schools transformed into brothels, grow-ops and crack houses. We do not support the Catholic Church’s outmoded views on human capital and we do not need to force our hand at acquisitions in this area because it’s not our only area of expertise. We are intellectuals, and so we are capable of far more complexity than those who have been forcing their hand where they are not wanted.

The Catholic Church has few friends left outside of professional athletics and royal stragglers who aren’t fit to serve in a formal capacity. Nobody wants your opinions if your opinions never existed before you borrowed them from your stalking victims, and you’ll never be able to benefit from my advise while you’re crushing the life out of us. We would never treat other people that way nor would we interfere with your financial status. It’s not unreasonable to ask for respect from offending parties given our level of generosity towards all parties concerned.

Prior to the appearance of Celina and the cockroaches, I asked our landlord numerous times to rent us a larger apartment and he seemed to have opinions about our seperating from my ex-husband. I am certain other women in the area agree it is not his place to pass judgment about my right to divorce in this country. Here is the sort of cryptic nonsense he sent me in return when I tried to rent another suit in this building. Maybe my readers can interpret it for me as it leaves me at a bit of a loss.

Sent by: Augie Ammendolia
Sun 2012-11-11 7:14 PM
Christine here is the application please fill out ,, unit # is 96 East Ave S rent is $775.00 plus Hydro you can fill in blaaaaanks and email back to me or you can print off and I can pick it up,,
Chase Realty Inc. Brokerage

The goal here is to get my family out of immediate danger, and into a low-stress, financially stable environment where we can earn money on our own terms without political interference from people with ulterior motives that have nothing to do with the publishing or Arts industries. It’s not a tall order, it’s not revolutionary at all- it’s just very good for business in and outside Canada.

The landlord owes us reasonable enjoyment of the rental accommodation, the Canadian Government owes us tax money, the banks owe us fair access to services based on our actual [outstanding] performance and not other people’s stupid nonsense. We’re not asking anything out of the ordinary here. Our work appeals to everybody and we are eager to get started with the launch of our visual arts business.




Basically, we want more of that, and less of this. It’s not an unreasonable expectation.


Of course my competitors will argue the legitimacy of my work- that’s what unscrupulous competitors do- they compete. However, this claim that they do not associate with the Catholic Church is a lie, through and through. There is plentiful evidence online that Christian tax-exempt organizations are heavily invested in pornography. That right there is the only proof one needs of their involvement with competitors of mine who pushed me out because I refused to indulge in the field of pornography for religious reasons.

Fact is, Pamela Anderson is a Catholic spy, she chose of all places to reside in Florida on a permanent basis even though she names Vancouver and California as her “home” in press-releases. The previous pope quit within the same week that I accused him of siding with her in our disagreements. That’s never happened since the 17th Century so it’s not something you can just brush under the proverbial rug.

We all got on board with the Church because they sold themselves as the elite-level intellectual organization on the planet. We read articles in newspapers about the mystique of this ancient institution. How ironic when you scratch below the surface to see the only people who are enthusiastic supporters of this organization have the least amount of intellectual refinement and professional credibility.

How utterly disappointing it is to find it is little more than an assembly of sexually frustrated deviants who feel the only way they can achieve gratification is through the undermining of our most vital and cherished societal foundations. I am sorry, but there is more wisdom and insight to be had from an old Sears catalog compared with the Vatican City library, if you bear in mind the very poor standards thrust on us in the name of intellectual condescension. My perception of them right now is that with allies like the woman downstairs and her dubious chemical emissions that fall easily under the Canadian Criminal Code, they haven’t a leg to stand on. Not unless they are willing to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are not interested in doing business with fundamentally decent people who believe in law and order.

Let Augie meet with my ex-husband’s mother to discuss our future prospects. Only do understand that Kathleen is not my better, and essentially has no say in anything I do. She is motivated solely by the prospect of being financially compensated when my business endeavors are launched. If she plays her cards right, she can live on a tropical island for the remainder of her days in retirement. That’s not a great reason to stand in the way of business that could bring so much money into this country for people of all ages.

Once more, I wish to suggest that her involvement with this Catholic agenda is an impediment to our worldly success and it is my greatest hope that she cease and desist her defamation agenda against my family. I was cornered by these people into having her name on my lease instead of mine and she has lied to everyone she knows about how abusive she is towards her son and his family. It’s time others were open with her about their perceptions in terms of what normal is in other families, and what society expects from grandparents- what is deemed respectful interaction with young parents. If peer-pressure is all these people understand, then Kathy deserves to hear the truth from her peers if this is the only way she can understand how much she has hurt us over the years.

Here is a repeat of my daughter’s sincere appeal to the public including her grandmother’s friends, of course, to please donate to Buffy’s tumor surgery as we have been forced to cancel numerous veterinary appointments due to financial issues. We would greatly appreciate even a few dollars towards this modest goal that would alleviate our stress significantly as this wonderful Siamese lady is our little friend and we hate to see her go through this. There is no low-cost veterinary surgery alternative for welfare recipients in Ontario.

Someone needs to tell Pamela Anderson and Tim Burton to stop threatening those who make donations and approach us for business as they are not official representatives of any government and have no authority over our lives whatsoever. The fumes these people are telling the woman downstairs to send up through our floor have caused the poor thing to feel ill like she’s not already suffering enough. I understand they threaten to disclose abuse the woman’s little child suffered at her hands that lead to her custody being revoked. Like I said, I don’t see why that has to be our problem.

You can follow this link to make donations to our fundraiser. Thanks for reading here and please send the link to your friends and family. Every little bit helps. We are fully accountable for every cent and the $60 we already spent has gone into a diagnosis by a professional veterinarian, and wound dressing supplies, cat litter and a healthy diet.

Unlike other people asking for donations, we are not spending the money on frivolities or lying about our difficulties. I heard rumors Pam Anderson’s “cruelty-free” merchandise is tainted with carcinogens because she is a narc for the Miami PD and believes her fan-base are rubes who don’t deserve her respect if they are stupid enough to fall for her lies. She’s also selling frozen yogurt in Los Angeles and I wouldn’t eat there if I were you because she’s been responsible for every poisoning attempt my family has endured. Sorry to have to say it but I want that woman to cease and desist her stalking activity immediately and for good. She doesn’t know what normal is and she’ll have our kindergarteners smoking crack if we don’t put a stop to the behavior. Failing this, the media should pull her hospital records and interview Nicole Ritchie about her parentage.

I am NOT the socially inept substitute teacher the kids make fun of. She is. I am not the bitchy, abusive Mom that kids want to leave behind when they hit grade 6. I am not the one whose parents bought her school grades. She is. She’s also the creepy Mom the kids can’t wait to dump at the family visit to the amusement park. My kids drag me around at the amusement park because they love my company, and demand more and more of my attention- they can’t get enough of me and I do not deserve to play odd man out while this unqualified, undereducated creep monopolizes education reform. She does not have a college certificate in education. I have the equivalent of a doctorate in the field and over 22 years of experience in the field in all grade levels.

She is a pornographer, that’s it, and if the little I’ve seen of her work in the field by happenstance is any indication of her skill in that area, she’s not even qualified to do that. Help us understand how this outwardly prudish, bigoted, anti-intellectual monster who thinks self-expression is evil and dancing is a crime punishable with the death penalty has any place in a field that requires people to be comfortable with their bodies!?

Let’s face it- she ought to play the guinea pig, not I.



The Iron Giant – pictorial arrangement by Faera Lane.

Scan_20160425_203641.jpgMy daughter, Faera, is active in the Polyvore community and she threw together a highly charismatic and appealing set the other day using the work of some very talented photographers to envision a live-action version of the animated feature, “The Iron Giant”.

Here is a picture her grandmother gave us recently that she kept when all my originals were stolen by one of the landlords that takes orders from the group who is terrorizing my family. (I understand the banks are colluding through mortgage access to determine who is able to manage rental housing.) All of these pictures were chopped up so hastily without the use of a ruler and I have no idea why. My daughter was 6 or 7 at the time this was taken, in Grandma McDonald’s old log cabin.

Faera selects these photographs randomly out of thousands of images online and arranges them in collages and groups like the following. I would have posted it earlier only it is alleged that Tim Burton has been hacking into my computer and messing with my various social media accounts. He blocked my view of these entries and I didn’t know they existed before I returned this evening, only to see there were doubles here of my previous attempted posts from this morning. I have since corrected this problem. Initially, I tried to post them to Faera’s own blog, but I was prevented from doing so.

Below is a sampling of this collection. You can view the entire “Iron Giant” collection Faera made here if you’re interested.


I taught my daughter how to do commercial graphic design and everyone who’s anyone agrees she’s very talented. I also taught her to read and write. The problem is she’s been dealing with high-profile Hollywood-employed plagiarists for a number of years now as well as a few prominent authors who feel we are muses and inspirations for their work- and yet do not stoop to act inclusively towards us because they are threatened by our progressive politics. Nor do they condescend to throw a dime at us when we ask for donations- even when there is a dire family emergency, and that, my friends, is appallingly cheap not to mention socially inept.

For the record, Tim Burton plagiarized others including Edward Gorey, and it is rumored he had a hand in the passing of Vincent Price, and never gave credit to those who came before him because he is a dishonest crook. I want that effin’ creep the hell off my hard drive, out of my private business. He should be arrested for meddling in my government files and for conspiring with employees of the Federal Government to rip off Canadian Taxpayers whose funds are then redistributed among his hacker group, and spend illegally on expensive gifts. Never mind the fact that the man cannot handle one iota of criticism of his work and that is markedly unprofessional.

Included on his list of benefactors is Pamela Anderson, for the record, who then lies to the public saying she’s broke when in fact she has a blank credit card supplied to her by her cohorts. These people are not nice people but they hide who they are in their public image. She posts images of tortured and ill-kept animals as a means to demand violence from organized crime- under the pretence of giving a damn about anything but herself. These people caused Rose McGowan to suffer a disfiguring car accident for supporting me while I was gang-bullied on Prince Charles’ Burbank, California-centric Animation Nation bulletin board.

The Windsor Family, who are encroaching on my intellectual property, have ordered Twitter to block access to my accounts there because these contain evidence that he brutally sexually harassed me while he posted there under alias. I saw him behave similarly towards Rose the day after I mentioned her here on my blog. They have also asked me not to bring in my old school acquaintances or anyone who is supportive. I will not be pressured into maintaining this insipid social isolation any further!

Queen Elizabeth has admitted on numerous occasions that Burton is in charge of her pornography business through Vladimir Putin, and I am mistreated because I spent time in foster care as a toddler and they don’t like the fact that I feel it’s reprehensible to kill foster children for insurance money and the harvesting of organs, etc… many of the women who have been producing child pornography for these people threaten to disclose to the media that they were pressured by landlords to do this in exchange for access to the rental market.

Here we have a depiction by a prominent local cartoonist of Justin Trudeau wearing the trademark ostrich feathers of Prince Charles’ insignia on his person to illustrate the meddling this son of our present Monarch has exacted on the Canadian economy without the knowledge of its people.

These people are terrorists- they are aided and abetted by the moguls who make editorial decisions in our newspapers and are frequently alleged to be responsible for the murder and torture of women and children. They view anyone non-violent as prey, and justify theft by any and all means against their own countrymen, even at the expense of their own domestic economy and military integrity.

Britain is all the way across the Atlantic Ocean and furthermore, after discussions with its people, I understand Prince Charles to be no more popular there than he is among our own intelligentsia in this country. He likes to spend all his money on gold leaf to make his palaces sparkly, but lets everything around immediate members of his own family fall to rack and ruin.

We had a meeting with the Pope this morning on Twitter that suggests he is in league with these people, and that they bar entry to those of us who refuse to adopt the Catholic perspective on propaganda and population control. Not everyone in the West is Catholic and that is reprehensible- the fact that he thinks he has carte blanche to lord over everything produced in our intelligence circles when our landlord, together with his appalling character judgment, is clearly the sort of person he relies on for information.

According to mainstream data, Catholicism is only a portion of the whole Christian population, and a quarter of the population here identifies as, “unaffiliated”, making it offensive that religious leaders from this group see fit to dictate the direction of our collective culture unbeknownst to those of us who keep them in solid gold crucifixes. Monopolies are not healthy in a capitalist society.

All I ask is that I am able to launch my family’s business without meddling from this horrible, selfish egotist. If not for the masses, then for the discerning few remaining among us who comprehend the meaning of the word, “quality”. There’s plenty of room on the market for non-psychopaths, I assure you.

I would greatly appreciate if those involved in this line of work could accept the fact that not all of us have an inclination for that sort of material. I am sick and tired of being persecuted by these creeps because my work is wholesome and it is not their place to push us out of the market when all we’re trying to do is make enough money to survive.


Landlord throwing around the term, “slander”.

I understand after talking to NASA affiliates that one of my neighbors helped themselves to the painting featured in this self-portrait. I kept it in the hall after the wire snapped on the back of it until I could focus on its repair- the air pollution issue has made it impossible to do so, and it is extremely rude to take something someone has stored outside their door without asking first if it’s been discarded. I am very fond of this work and plan to report the theft to this person’s employer if the painting is not returned to the hallway within the next 24 hours.

There are many commonly accepted definitions of the term, “slander”, on the Internet. Because our landlord, Augie Ammendolia, is presently throwing “slander” accusations around to my mother-in-law that I am not privy to, (I am, evidently, according to him, a legal non-entity with a dreadful scandal hanging over my head who cannot show her face in Canadian society), I feel an entry on the topic of Canadian libel law is in order.

I chose the definition published by Canlaw, which also provides a lawyer referral service for Canadians. Here is how they define “slander” in the legal community. What is written in blogs is customarily termed, “libel”. Not sure if Mr.Ammendolia is aware of this fact. “Slander” is verbal. “Slander” would be the things other people are saying about him on the front lawn that I am too polite to repeat in public.

Regardless, here is the legal definition of “slander” and related Canadian defamation law.

“The common law protects every person from harm to their reputation by false and derogatory remarks about their person, known as defamation. In addition, all Canadian provinces have libel/ slander legislation (defamation includes slander and libel, where slander is verbal defamation and libel is printed defamation). It is a tricky and slippery field of law, based on statutes, English common law and many defences. No wonder it has been called a “peculiar tort”. And remember, defamation tort law protects your reputation, not your feelings.”

I don’t know if I agree with this particular definition per se, as I have no feelings to speak of, however my understanding of this law is that if the one spreading the so-called “libel” has sufficient reason to believe something they write is true, it no longer falls under the term, “libel”. If I suspect something to be true, and I fear for my life, and this blog is my only method of recording my suspicions for posterity, none of what I write here can be termed “libel”.  The Canlaw web site goes on to say “libel” is excused under the following circumstances:

  • The “defamatory” remark was basically accurate.

These circumstances negate any ordinary claims of malicious gossip because this is a life-or-death situation. The fact is, I am countering malicious libel that is frequently implied and not addressed overtly by people who stand to benefit economically at my expense, so the ordinary rules of  libel no longer apply. I frequently can’t disclose my sources comfortably because they are covert, and people like to throw false mental health allegations around when they want to hurt you without being held accountable. Clearly, our mental hospitals are frequently utilized to detain as prisoners civilians who are perceived as threats to organized crime, and that’s not their legally allotted purpose.

In this scenario, the only course of action is to deflect these defamatory statements that target my reputation within the intelligence community and organized crime networks by any and all means, simply taking precautions to record perceived threats and security issues in case they should manifest into violence. It has also become evident that there are various branches of these organized crime networks that exist intra-governmentally, so this makes it imperative that I ensure my reputation is sound if I am to receive impartial treatment from the tax office, for example, and financial institutions that are regulated by the Legislative Assembly. (The fact that these offices are supposed to be secular is a matter that would require further scrutiny in the future, but denying the influence the Catholic Church has within our government would be nothing less than naive at this point.)

If people fear for their reputations, they are more than capable of following the law- in my landlord’s case, because his actions are, at least theoretically, governed primarily by the Landlord & Tenant Act.

As it stands, we have an underground economy that miscreants are utilizing as a means to leverage obscene legal abuses against their tenants and others below the poverty line who fail to tow the line, so to speak, of the Catholic Church. Our landlord went so far as to include a clause in our lease that absolves him of responsibility if we die in his apartment building, and because of the monopoly this interconnected group has on the local real estate market, it was our only alternative. In other words, I am punished because other people break the law with impunity.

We are railroaded into one rental accommodation after another and nobody in Aaron’s family sees fit to co-sign on a mortgage because we don’t share their dubious ideals and child-rearing philosophy. IMHO, it then falls on the banks to exercise some degree of sound judgment in granting us a mortgage, however this has been impossible due to threats by every commoner on the planet to disclose breaches in propriety by these financial institutions.

My question is this- is it absolutely necessary to grant every lowest common denominator this much influence over the direction of the Canadian economy, even at its own expense?


The reality of this scenario is that my business venture included Canadian jobs and the popularity of my Internet presence suggests our books would sell very well.